Chapter 013

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Rumbling echoed in the stone room.

Li Xiuchen’s body hit the wall, along with the flying rubble. The wall didn’t stop him at all, but he was beside himself with pain. Every bone in his body seemed to be pulverized from head to foot. His ribs were at the very least, broken in four places. If he was an ordinary person, he would probably be dead by now.

Not only that, but the powerful oppressive aura kept Li Xiuchen’s feet firmly rooted to the ground, making him unable to budge.

At this moment, screaming desire still boiled inside Li Xiuchen’s chest, but he didn’t care about that anymore. He struggled to lift his head and finally saw clearly who the arrival was.

The person’s body was handsome and graceful in his white changpao. His black hair was brilliant, and there was a golden light that was faintly discernible around his entire body. The eight-petaled golden lotus on his forehead blossomed into countless rays of lights, burning so brightly no one could look directly at it.

Li Xiuchen’s teeth trembled. He had already known who this person was, but all along he did not dare believe why he showed up here.

Xuan Lingzi coldly regarded the sorry-looking Li Xiuchen on the ground without any trace of sadness nor joy, or even the wrath he had just displayed. Instead, he looked at Li Xiuchen like he wasn’t a living thing, making the latter tremble and only wish to move, as this person could kill him without the slightest hesitation.

“Just now, did you use those two hands to touch my disciple’s clothes?”

His low and cold voice resounded calmly.

For a while now, Li Xiuchen was aching as well as suffering from the poison of desire, so much that he could not utter a word, so naturally there was no reply.

However, Xuan Lingzi had no desire to hear his answer and only raised his hand apathetically. In an instant, a golden sword-light flashed and the spiritual energy directly burst through Li Xiuchen’s palms!


Li Xiuchen’s eyes were leaking tears out of pain, mucus also overflowing down his face. He looked at the aloof honored senior in front of him with fright. The other person said indifferently, “Just now, did you use those two eyes to look at my disciple’s body?”


Tears of pain flowed from Li Xiuchen’s eyes. Even the dark thunder roaring fiercely in the skies above could not stop Xuan Lingzi’s movements. Xuan Lingzi pressed two fingers together, the golden sword-light still flowing between them. His narrow phoenix eyes stared quietly at his utterly defeated body.

Xuan Lingzi said, “Just now, did you, Li Xiuchen, want to fight my disciple again?”

The sword-light between Xuan Lingzi’s fingers erupted. He narrowed his eyes and pointed his fingers at Li Xiuchen. At this moment, Li Xiuchen’s eyes were closed as he rolled about in agony. He could not understand why this person, who should’ve been his master, would suddenly want to kill him, even so much that every word he spoke dripped with hatred.

He watched as that sword-light was about to meet his body, while the sound of thunder in the skies grew even fiercer. In an instant, a silver bolt of lightning rumbled from the sky as it cleaved the air, and struck towards Xuan Lingzi!

The level of this lightning was not something that Luo Jianqing could summon before. It was so thick that it surpassed the size of the stone room, and silver snakes swam around it. Such lightning made people think of a frightening thought – that it was a lightning tribulation (1) that could wipe out an almighty Calamity Passage cultivator!

After the bolt of silver lightning came down, Xuan Lingzi raised his hand to block it.

And after that, there was a bolt of red lightning that looked like it could topple the heavens and wipe out the earth!

No more than thirty-six reckless bolts of lightning struck down. Even though Xuan Lingzi’s face became gradually paler, he again turned his hand to block a bolt of purple lightning. Storm clouds rolled in the skies, like another lightning tribulation was going to drop. However, Xuan Lingzi’s pupils shrunk as he said angrily, “I’ve already given up to this degree, do you really think you can stop me?!”

The storm clouds were silent for a moment, but lingered and did not disperse. They continued to spiral around the skies of the remnants.

The dense, dark clouds could be seen from anywhere in the 300 li of the Yi Tian Mountains. Countless ordinary people crouched on the ground, praying endlessly as they begged the heavens not to punish them. And in Yi Tian Sect, three Core Formation honored elders were all present, looking at the storm clouds that were spreading over hundreds of li with astonishment.

The second elder said, alarmed, “Is an almighty Calamity Passage cultivator going through a lightning tribulation?”

The great elder shook his head. “Even if it was Sir Xuan Lingzi of those days, it was said that he had only come across storm clouds that spanned across 811 li, and eighty-one lightning tribulations. In this world, is there still anyone that can surpass Tai Hua Mountain’s honored senior? It must be a holy vision that the demon realm will riot!”

The third elder suddenly remembered, “Senior brother, could it be True Lord Beidou’s remnants…”

“Nonsense! They are nothing more than a Nascent Soul’s remnants. How could it trigger this kind of vision?”

For a moment, ordinary people everywhere kneeled on the ground and prayed, while countless cultivators never stopped talking.

And inside those remnants, Xuan Lingzi’s emotionless and handsome face was unchanging as he silently raised his head to look at the skies. His sword-light did not stop until the very end. He raised a foot to kick Li Xiuchen to the corner, then reached out and extracted a white light from his forehead.

“Forget what happened. I will spare your life today.”

His face pained, Li Xiuchen struggled for another moment, then finally lost consciousness. His face was deep red. The poison of desire had already transformed into a purple thread of demon mist, incessantly scattering inside his body. But he did not wake, no matter how much the poison wrecked his body.

Xuan Lingzi, no longer paying attention to that person, turned around and looked towards his disciple coolly, but when he caught sight of the other person, he suddenly startled.


Xuan Lingzi hurried forward and took Luo Jianqing’s hand, sending pure spiritual energy to him.

Luo Jianqing’s cheeks were flushed, and he had been breathing heavily for a while. When he received spiritual energy all of a sudden, he suddenly had the strength to move. As a result the poison of desire in his body he had been suppressing all along, immediately took over that refreshing source and he flipped over the other person, pressing him down.

Xuan Lingzi stared blankly at this scene.

Luo Jianqing sat on top of his body, his eyes drooping as he looked at him with blurry vision.

Those lips that called out “Master” in the past were now red with dripping blood, an alluring red. His beautiful eyes were shining with liquid, clothes in a disorderly mess, and his pretty, frail collarbone was exposed.

Luo Jianqing slowly opened his eyes, looking at the person he was pressing down. When he saw his face, he was not surprised in the least. He only laughed hoarsely and murmured in a low voice, “Is this… another illusion? Illusion, illusion… mn…”

A low and vague groan came from his throat. Luo Jianqing restrained himself and slowly looked down at his body, moving closer to the face of the person below him. With a complicated look, he gazed at his face, his line of sight moving from his indifferent eyes all the way to his thin lips. Finally, he suddenly lowered his head and kissed him.

Xuan Lingzi’s eyes shrunk.

Luo Jianqing’s warm, moist breath pressed up to the other person. He closed his eyes and sincerely kissed the person below him. Their lips rubbed against each other, gently nipping and licking. Originally he wanted to pry open the other’s teeth, but surprisingly the other person tightly locked his jaws, refusing to open even an inch.

They kissed for ages. Luo Jianqing raised his head and looked at the noble Sir Xuan Lingzi, whose facial expression still hadn’t changed as he looked at him indifferently. Only his red, swollen lips revealed what had happened earlier.

Luo Jianqing was not angry or humiliated at all. His master ought to be like this forever, unable to move for him.

The peerless, exceptional great senior brother of Tai Hua Mountain laughed lowly. He seemed to be laughing yet crying at the same time. He had been restraining the poison of desire in his body up until the very end. He rubbed at his own clothes, handling his lust himself. His lower body had been as hard as iron, pressing rigidly against Xuan Lingzi’s stomach. Yet he still remained entangling himself, refusing to take the initiative.

Earlier, Luo Jianqing’s belt had been pulled off by Li Xiuchen. But now, after he tore it off, his clothes were dishevelled, exposing much of his snow-white skin to the open air. His entire skin was a faint shade of pink, resembling the most beautiful white jade on earth, so beautiful that it could take one’s breath away.

Luo Jianqing sat on top of Xuan Lingzi’s body, unable to control himself as he fondled his own body.

He didn’t notice the eyes of the person below him getting darker and darker, darker and darker. Xuan Lingzi watched Luo Jianqing caressing his own chest for two minutes. His eyes narrowed and he suddenly turned over, pressing Luo Jianqing under his body. He looked at his disciple with a complicated look. After a long time, he finally pulled Luo Jianqing’s hand.

Luo Jianqing looked at him blankly, eyes filled with lust.

Xuan Lingzi’s expression was tranquil as he quietly looked at his lower body. His ice-cold lips were boiling hot on his body, kissing every inch of his skin. Finally, he stopped at Luo Jianqing’s left shoulder. He kissed him delicately, sucking until it left behind an alluring red. At last, he raised his head and looked at his disciple, trapped in lust and unable to free himself.

When Xuan Lingzi moved, Luo Jianqing was panting ceaselessly. He looked at him with watery eyes, a slight pain in his voice as he murmured, “Master, heh heh, Master… oh…”

Hot lips pressed down, sealing whatever words Luo Jianqing would’ve said next.

His cold tongue broke past his burning lips, lapping at every inch of scalding skin in his mouth, sucking his full lips with smacks. Luo Jianqing involuntarily let out a moan. He passionately embraced the person above him, bringing him close, wishing the other person would stroke and caress him.

But Xuan Lingzi was not only kissing him.

They kissed greedily and wantonly, as if the feelings that were repressed for so many years were all set free. He bit and nibbled at those soft lips, lapping at those sweet fluids, making his serious and restrained disciple cry out unbearably.

Xuan Lingzi caressed Luo Jianqing’s hair and pulled out the green jade hairpin. In a flash, three thousand strands of black hair fanned out. The black hair in the middle of his heart-stirringly beautiful face was especially alluring. Xuan Lingzi looked down at this scene, then kissed him even more tenderly.

He softly kissed him for a very long time, then finally stopped.

Luo Jianqing shuddered as he held him, bringing his bare chest close. But Xuan Lingzi’s gaze was still peaceful, not moved in the slightest.

After a short period of time, Xuan Lingzi lowered his head and kissed those lips again. This time, a pale red light shone where his lips pressed. Luo Jianqing’s entire body was rigid, laying limp on the stone to let the other kiss him. The red light became brighter and brighter. After some time had passed, the heat on Luo Jianqing’s skin gradually faded away, and his fair skin returned to its jade-white color.

The truth was that the flickering red light was between Xuan Lingzi’s forehead. By the time the red light between the two people’s lips disappeared, Xuan Lingzi immediately released Luo Jianqing. As if he didn’t want to wait a second longer, he placed his sleeping disciple on the ground after taking care of that poison of desire inside him.

Xuan Lingzi tidied up his clothes. Noble and cold, not a single hair out of place, like nothing had ever happened. He conscientiously put every single article of clothing back on Luo Jianqing, his expression cold as if he was really merely taking care of his own disciple, without any other kind of affection.

After everything was done, he slowly got up and looked at the praying mat of the stone room.

Xuan Lingzi’s eyes narrowed, and said in an ice-cold voice, “Since you have already watched us for so long, why are you still hiding? You disgrace my disciple’s honor, slander him and call him a demon, setting up that demon fox to possess his body – you best prepare to properly apologize!”

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some notes:

  • tribulation (1): I looked this up and apparently in cultivation novels, the heavens throw a bunch of shit at you to prevent you from becoming immortal. They also exist in the Bible (kind of)