Chapter 032—Turtle

Old Man Fai was a regular customer of ‘Happy Aquarium’. Even more, he was great friends with the owner Old Man Kin.

He would always buy turtles every time he came to the store. No matter what breed they were or what habits they had, he would buy them as long as they were turtles. 

One day, Old Man Kin bought a batch of turtles. He called Old Man Fai and told him about the new arrivals as usual. Old Man Fai came, and he couldn’t help but to reveal a disappointing look on his face when he saw that they were all small turtles.

Why this look? Old Man Kin wondered. This also turned into a maze of doubts in his mind. 

After six months, Old Man Fai had an accident, and had lost mobility in his lower half of his body. Despite this, he still visited ‘Happy Aquarium’, just that he now needed  Old Man Kin to bring the turtles to his place. Old Man Kin delightfully accepted his request. After all, they were really good friends! 

Old Man Kin went upstairs. Yet, instead of the stink of pets, he could smell the stench of blood. Old Man Fai came to the door, and invited him inside for a chat. A lively conversation went on between them. Deep down though, Old Man Kin really wanted to ask him about the turtles. ‘Why are there only small ones, but no big ones?’ But he was too embarrassed to ask such a question. Ultimately, this was Old Man Fai’s private matter.

From that day onwards, Old Man Kin really wanted to solve this mystery. So one day, he decided to visit Old Man Fai’s place. Nobody came to the door that day, and he was dispirited. Coincidentally, there was a bag full of rubbish in front of the door. It stank and was heavy. Curiosity filled his head, and Old Man Kin sneakily took the bag away.

When he reached home, he was shocked to see that inside the bag were headless corpses of large turtles. Fear surged up his mind. After he had calmed himself down, he called the police. After looking into the case, it was confirmed that Old Man Fai bit and ate the heads of those turtles while they had been alive. He claimed that doing so could prolong his life.

Old Man Kin instantly became a hero. Sadly though, he was crestfallen as he believed he had sent so many lives to their demise with his own hands and felt guilty about it. In the end, he sold ‘Happy Aquarium’ and lived the rest of his days peacefully.


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