Chapter 026—Wolf. Man. Tree. Hill.


It was a warm day. Sunshine overflowed the land with brightness. Under the big tree up on the hill, a wolf was waiting for him to come. He was once its enemy and its owner. But now he was a heartless monster who had abandoned it. Never mind. The wolf was willing to wait. It longed for him to give its head little pats, give it water to drink, and give it scraps of food to eat.


The man came on a scorching summer day. His face was stern. Not a word came out from his mouth when he inspected the wolf’s corpse. He confirmed that it had starved to death, the wolf who had once been his hunting tool. It was only then did he untie the chain tethered between the wolf’s neck and the tree trunk. He hastily buried the body of the wolf under the tree and left without turning his head back. Don’t blame him for being cold-blooded; why did the wolf have to kill his wife and children?


The root of the tree had already wreathed around the remains of millions. The wolf who had starved to death, the woman and the boy who had been bitten to death, the rabbit who had died of old age, the nestling who had died on impact from falling off its nest… Lonely deaths, painful deaths, peaceful deaths, unexplained deaths… All of them would rot and transform into nutritions for the tree. The tree was overjoyed because of its good health, turning a blind eye to the deaths of many. 


The hill was emotionless. It did not shed tears for the wolf, nor did it bear hatred against the man or feel happy for the tree. Joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hatred, desire. ’Tis nothing but a dream. Looming amongst reality, illusions met their ends in the very minds of many. Why must you keep them in mind?


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