Chapter 015—A Statue Full Of Fuss

Every day, I do nothing but sit here. It was annoying, almost unpleasant.

Kneeling and worshipping me, countless male and female followers tell me about their trivial matters: praying, repenting and making wishes. They look at me with hopeful eyes, before offering incense sticks on the offerings cauldron made out of bronze and blissfully putting in a few more banknotes into the donation box as a final touch. With smiles on their faces, they then leave.  

As if I would bless these imbeciles!

If I stung your eyes with incense daily, would you give me your blessings? They aren’t even good incense sticks! They are those of poor quality with a lot of chemicals, almost smoking the souls out of me! I’m fed up with this! Just to clear things up, I’m not disgusted with cheap stuff, but could you all please show me some sincerity? You use essential oils of the expensive and premium kind to soothe your minds at home, whereas I’m forced to use these incense sticks that reek and produce thick clouds of smoke! I don’t ask for much, but I only want the same one you use as well.

Feeling reluctant? Thinking that it’s too much to spend on? Don’t forget that you’re asking me for help! Still not willing to do so? Then don’t be surprised with why your wishes never come true.

I am not a narrow-minded fellow and will not harbour grudges only because of a few joss sticks. Despite this, as the saying goes, ‘a straw shows which way the wind blows’, I found that you people have always tried to save efforts in tiny, little details of your issues, never mind taking a longer view for bigger projects. Don’t blame me for speaking my mind. In fact, your behaviour gets on my nerves. Asking for more luck in finding wealth, romance, and career all day long, yet you never spend any time or thoughts on ‘solving the actual problem’.

Wealth can be gained by working, by saving up, or by earning more and spending less at the same time. Don’t waste a penny. For seeking love, take a good look at yourself, then go out and see how people of the modern world are like. Don’t read too many romantic novels and watch too many romantic movies. They’re all made up, so as to numb the heart temporarily. As for your career, invest money on your work rather than spending a fortune on buying luck from me. Use it for buying supplies and tools, employee benefits and advertising… There is so much to do with your money. Don’t waste it on feng shui or worshipping. 

You aren’t actually determined enough to solve problems, are you? Or do you really think that I would be bribed by merely a few joss sticks?

As a joss (not the actual god itself), I’m glad everyone puts their trust in me so well. Yet, I beg of you, would you please use your heads? The world would have been perfect long ago if dreams could come true just by worshipping. You are the only ones who can make the world a better place and make your lives complete! Offering me more sacrifices and oil is not as effective as facing your own lives head-on and taking it seriously.

By telling you all this with sincerity and earnesty, I hope you remember the most important thing…

I really hate shoddy incense sticks that are full of chemicals!!!


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