Chapter 009—The Formula to Success

Blindy the fly loved singing. He sang day after day, night after night, dreaming that he would become a singer one day, dedicating his singing on stage, earning countless rounds of applause. 

The villagers all sneered at him for his delusion of bathing in glory from his abysmal singing. How ridiculous! Their ugly smiles were entirely within reach of his compound eyes, branded onto his fragile little heart.

Blindy went home and whined to his mother about what happened. She rubbed her hands together and gave him a warm hug, saying, ‘Dreams are filled with blood and tears.’

Her words were a mystery to Blindy, and he didn’t understand a word of it. In fact, neither did Blindy’s mother. The message was a slogan from a snippet of an advertisement played by a huge speaker in the market during her morning stroll. She said it just to shut Blindy up and stop him from interrupting her from putting on hand cream.

At night, Blindy lay on his small bed, blankly staring at the argent moon and chewing over his mother’s words earlier. The meaning behind was over his head, profound enough to make he who was cold-blooded shed a few tears.

Did his eyes deceive him? Did his tears affect his vision? Seeing heaps of leaflets falling from the sky, as spectacular as snow fluttering in the moonlit night, he picked one up. Oh! It was a chance given by God! It was an ensemble recruitment leaflet! 

Dawn came. After saying his goodbyes to his mother, Blindy left home and went out to see the world without any hesitation. No success, no coming back! Blindy’s mother watched her son’s departure with tears. Finally! I don’t have to hear his voice ever again…

Toiling away day and night, Blindy hurried on his journey and finally arrived at the recruitment point. There were thousands of contestants who were all very skilled. Yet, Blindly was convinced that he was the strongest among all of them.

After a few elimination rounds, Blindy finally made it to the finals where he had to sing in front of the boss. Facing the high and mighty boss, it was hard not to be nervous. Yet still, as a brilliant performer, he held on to his professionalism and dignity, and gave a stunning performance with his unique voice. 

The song ended as he added with confidence, ‘I am the world’s only fly who can attract the most attention in the shortest amount of time!’

Blindy’s words moved the boss to tears.

A few days later, Blindy returned home. There was food, water, and a parade of ants as his servants… The villagers called him ‘Big Bro Blindy’, queueing up for his autograph. 

Our place gave birth to a big star!

Blindy was no longer who he used to be. He pointed at the open field near him and announced the good news. ‘My hometown will be the first stop of my world tour. I hope that everyone will take your time out and attend the free show tonight. Let’s hope that all future shows will go on smoothly!’ The ant parade transferred materials, tools, and equipment to and fro under the searing heat of the sun, making sure to finish setting up the stage and curtains before dusk came.

The tent attracted a lot of attention from the villagers even before they could enter it. Made of a silver-coloured material, it was handled with meticulous care, soft but firm, making it soundproof and fireproof, also keeping out wind and rain. Among waves of cheers and praises, the tent shone brightly under the moonlight, transforming into the dream house in their minds.

It was almost time. Blindy’s family and friends proudly strode into the tent under the gazes of green-eyed villagers and sat in the area near the stage. Blindy’s mother, with a halo-like accessory on her head, was even offered to sit at the best viewing seat!

All lights went out, apart from one spotlight focusing on Blindy. With the aid of strong acoustics, his voice reached every corner of the tent, covering up all other noises.

The song ended, and Big Bro Blindy was visibly moved. He then said his motto out loud, ‘Dreams are filled with blood and tears.’

The audience gave a thundering ovation. Yet, the boss and his family were the only audiences, seated in the box seat upstairs. All the other seats had long become empty. As the applause died down, Blindy’s body was disassembled immediately…

Content with their appetite now, the boss’ family coincidentally spat out a bundle of silvery spider webs as napkins and elegantly dabbed the blood stain away from their mouth before taking a rest in the box seat. The ant servants naturally knew how to take care of the unfinished business and the village’s resources. In no time, the whole village vanished, as if it had never existed in the first place. 

Before bed, Little Spider wrote in his diary as usual. ‘Thanks Dad, the mighty genius who taught me the formula to success. Eye-catching branding + greedy organisers + labourers going against their conscience + the ignorant public = my success.’


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