Chapter 007—The Voice

It was a difficult day under the scorching sun and clear sky. In spite of this, to the group of police officers and firefighters on the rooftop, the real difficult thing was the dead silence coming from the person attempting to commit suicide. The middle-aged woman had been perilously sitting at the edge of the rooftop for some time, without taking any action in between, only blankly gazing down the paralysed road below her feet. 

An old lady came to the scene, her cries of anguish filling the air. The middle-aged woman became teary-eyed at the sight of the lady and sprung up to her feet immediately, which was a bolt from the blue to the crowd. On the spur of the moment, a policewoman accompanied the old lady as they tread closer in an attempt to convince the woman.There was approximately a two-metre distance between the middle-aged woman and the two, so they had to shout in order to get their message across, their voices clear and distinct. 

The middle-aged woman had been vexed by that irritating ‘voice’ for ages. Her career, her friendship, her romance, her family; everything was deeply affected. She nearly had a mental breakdown recently and thus wanted to end her life. Truth be told, she didn’t want to die and was still scrambling to find a solution at this moment. The old lady said there would be no problems left unsolved if she spoke from the heart, which was immediately followed by the middle-aged woman’s assertive rejection, explaining that she didn’t want to drag anyone down with her. The old woman then told her…

After a few rounds of persuasion, the middle-aged woman’s attitude softened tremendously. She even let the old lady sit next to her, and the old lady continued to say she would do anything to overcome the woman’s difficulties. Her words tugged at the woman’s heartstrings, and tears dripped down her cheeks. The tear-jerking scene made everyone relieved.

The middle-aged woman kept expressing her gratitude towards the old lady, telling her between sobs how much guilt she had felt for finding a solution only after all this time, after which she locked her in a warm embrace. The hug was a forceful one; they both fell down off the roof. Before the loud bang, a clear voice could be heard among the crowd as it resounded throughout the air, ‘You’re so annoying!’

The middle-aged woman’s father, who was also the old lady’s husband, hardly batted an eye on the media guarding the residence outside. Lying on the sofa, he was finally able to enjoy the long-lost tranquil space without a care in the world.


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