Tales of Distraction

Title: Tales of Distraction 雜念集 (NU)

Genres: Short Story Compilation, Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Mature

Author:  天洛卡

Original Status: 45 chapters (Ongoing)

Translator: Snowflake


The sweet taste of hopes & dreams, love and youth. Utterly shattered by lies, confusion, and betrayal. Crushed by the harsh side of reality.

Venture out into the world of timeless thoughts about everyday life, where you will face challenged morals with a hint of fantasy and a touch of originality, and be enlightened with dark twists and analogies. Swim through multiple epiphanies and despair of every protagonist in different chapters, and you’ll find yourself immersed in their stories, sinking deeper and deeper into each individual’s intricate psychological inner world. 

Prepared to be entertained… or questioned…

Table of Contents