Chapter 0006: Ximen… Ah, Ximen Chuixue

Chapter 6. Ximen… Ah, Ximen Chuixue 1

Translator: Udeze

Editor: Chrof

I went back to my room after having dinner. I couldn’t help but think about the supernatural phenomenon in the world. One thing for sure, they were really too much! Even that little devil could toss me about and bring me to a state of being half dead. Then what would occur if a millennium-year-old ghost such as Miss Murong threw me around?

I really must make the best use of my time to make up for my weaknesses. Therefore, I took out my traditional Chinese character dictionary from my bag as I pulled out the ‘Niu School’s Past Record on Demon Subjugation’. I translated it word by word and then reorganized it into simplified Chinese in a new note.

I originally thought that the records here were only boasting and fantasizing about spirit beings. There were records about the Nine-Tailed Fox, Millennium Zombie King, the Evil Undead, and other evil spirits. However, after previously experiencing the encounter with that little devil, I was convinced that the records in this book should all be real events and were experienced by real people. Thus I decided that my duel with that little devil must also be included in this ‘Niu Schools’ Past Records’.

That was a thrilling duel, you know! But of course, I had to make myself look good in this book, for example, “Shortly after I bit my finger, I drew the symbol of a Great Star and a Phoenix with my blood and drew a demon subjugation symbol in the air! With only one chant, that little devil was so frightened and BOOM!”.

Anyways, the future generations surely wouldn’t find out whether it was true or false either, right? I couldn’t help but let out a wretched smile after thinking about it.

However, a voice interrupted my obscenity, “What are you laughing about?” It was Miss Murong’s voice.

I hurriedly stopped my wretched smile, and spoke seriously, “It’s nothing. I didn’t think that this book would be so interesting. The seniors written in this book could make monsters, evil spirits, and ghosts cry and call their mom and dad. They were kneeling on the ground, shouting, ‘Father, don’t beat me, I’m your long lost son.”

Miss Murong took a glance at my traditional Chinese character dictionary on the table, as well as my simplified Chinese characters note. She nodded slightly and asked, “How did you provoke a ghost?”

Under her interrogation-like probing, I knew that if I didn’t tell the truth, I would invite a disaster upon myself. So I told her the whole story in full detail. Miss Murong nodded and said, “Originally, it’s a resentful baby ghost. Anyways, did that girl have an abortion in the past?”

Miss Murong’s comments made me unhappy. I really liked Xiaohui, and she didn’t seem to be that kind of cheap-casual girl to me. Besides, she was very young. How could she have had an abortion before?

Therefore, I asked her in an unhappy tone, “Why do you say so?”

Daiyu explained, “A ghost’s appearance takes the shape and form of what it looked like before the last second it died. However, it’s different with high-level ghosts with magical skills, since they can change their appearance at will just like me. But ghosts are divided into regular ghosts and high-level ghosts. Normal ghosts don’t have any magical skills, and after dying, they can only wander around for 3 days before being transferred to the Netherworld. However, those high-level ghosts have no time limit. Moreover, they can also practice cultivation techniques. As for the resentful infants, they are the weakest existence of all. They died before they were even born. It could’ve been because of a miscarriage, or they died shortly after they born, or because of an abortion. If they were forcefully aborted, the resentful baby will usually haunt the mother, because they hate their mother. And thus my guess that your schoolmate could have had an abortion before. However, whatever happened, I’ll personally ask that resentful baby ghost tomorrow.”

I was shocked for a moment, “Personally? Miss Murong, you will actually act to help Xiaohui get rid of that baby?”

“Well, although I’m now recovering from injury and reluctantly getting involved. It’s easy to solve if it’s only a resentful baby ghost. Not to mention that you aren’t able to solve it yourself. Besides, you won’t take back that Shadowbane Sword and it would distract your cultivation if I don’t act, right?”

I was so relieved when I heard that Miss Murong would help me. I said to myself that Xiaohui was now saved.


Did Xiaohui really have an abortion? I don’t know anything since we were apart for many years after all. Damn… I don’t want to think about this.”

Then, I asked Miss Murong, “Miss, then what kind of ghost you are?”

Daiyu replied casually, “Just read and translate your ‘Niu School’s Past Record on Demon Subjugation’ book. Open the 7th page and read the title of 100 most powerful ghosts and evil spirits. It’s arranged in a descending rank from the most powerful to lowest successively. And I’m ranked at 35.”

“100 most formidable ghosts? And Murong Daiyu is just ranked at 35th? This Niu School is really too picky!”

I looked at the ranking list starting from 35th and started to translate the information with the help of my traditional character dictionary and my simplified Chinese dictionary.

Mysterious Black Demoness: The condition for this existence to come into being is extremely difficult. The dead must be a virgin female and has to have a huge resentment before dying. The body must be buried in a place filled with an extremely rich Yin energy, and the coffin must be placed with the head heading to the East and feet to the West. If all conditions are met, the dead has the probability to become a Mysterious Black Demoness. Because she has great resentment when she was still alive, this demoness will indiscriminately any person she encounters! And once this demoness’ has cultivated more than 9 jiazi, her strength will increase greatly and may perhaps be promoted to the 20th rank. At that time, she will be able to fly and after killing all the people in a certain village. One must take advantage of her condition when she is in her menstruation period and… … … … … if you want to exterminate her. [3]

Someone has actually erased some note of it! That Old Swindler must have erased this line. He didn’t want someone to know the method of how to deal with this ghost. WOW! One jiazi is 60 years. That meant 9 jiazi is 540 years, and Miss Murong said that she has been dead for 1,000 years, which meant that she actually has exceeded cultivation of 9 jiazi! So now, her strength could be compared to the top 20 rankings! But then again, what kind of existence could make her severely injured?

I quickly asked Miss Murong, “Miss, what kind of being made you injured?” [4]

Miss Murong said softly, “You don’t need to know now. Well, I’m leaving and I’ll call you up at 4 AM tomorrow morning.”

“Wait, wait.” I stopped her, “Why do I have to use sandbags to learn Daoism?”

Murong Daiyu replied, “To subdue ghosts and evil spirits, you need a strong physique, good agility, and indomitable willpower. When you can carry 40 kg of sandbags and your step is so light and feels like you can fly, only then will I start to teach you the Daoist arts.”

After finishing these words, she disappeared instantly.

I slipshod my school homework, and directed my full energy to this ‘Niu School’s Past Records on Demon Subjugation’ book and translated it literally. This chronicle was just like a ghost story, but it also had detailed descriptions of certain ghosts’ characteristic, as well as the methods to subdue them.

The book was very thick. If I wanted a completely translate it, I estimated that it would take a year or so. I had translated two pages when I discovered that it was already 9,00 o’clock. I switched the light off and went to bed, and fixed the alarm to 3:00 AM. Starting from tomorrow, I will give double efforts for the tasks given by Miss Murong, so I needed to get up an hour earlier.

I was awakened by the alarm at 3 o’clock in the morning and reluctantly got up. I washed, got dressed, and tied my sandbags down as I started jogging downstairs.

As a result of my excessive exercising yesterday, my leg muscles were still very sore. But if I did not train and prepare myself for Daoist cultivation, Miss Murong would not give me another opportunity. Therefore, I forced myself to run. Although I was panting and dead tired, I didn’t stop and just randomly walked for a while.

I didn’t know how long I had run when that female ghost suddenly appeared at my side, looking at me sweating profusely and said in a satisfied tone, “Good, very good, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can soon be successful and start to learn. It seems that Master didn’t choose a wrong person when he selected you to become his disciple. However, you cannot overexert your body like this since your body cannot afford it. You will collapse in a few days if you keep training like this.”

My butt was so heavy that I stopped, panted and watched Miss Murong, but I couldn’t say anything since I was so dead tired.

Miss Murong comfortingly said, “Chill out. I just found something good and I will give you this elixir to help you mend and recover your body. Moreover, at six o’clock tonight, I’ll come to your school and help you solve that resentful baby ghost.” Then, she once again disappeared without a trace.

“Damn, when will I become that powerful?” I secretly mused.

The day quickly turned darker.

This morning I really overexerted myself, running and walking for 10 km that took a full 4 hours. Seeing that I was dead tired and covered with sweat, Mom said that she wanted to take me to the mental hospital to check my mental health. I tried every way possible to persuade her until she finally believed that I really was just exercising my body and not trying to commit suicide.

At 5:50, we left for school on time. But Miss Murong said that she would come at 6:00. So I made an excuse to Xiaohui to wait for me as I needed to pack my things and then I would escort her to her house.

“Xiaolong, you don’t need to trouble yourself, you know. You’re always escorting me these days when I go home and I’m really embarrassed. This time, you don’t need to escort me now. I can go home myself.”

“Xiaohui, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. It’s not your fault! You’re a girl, and being outside in the evening is very dangerous, so I’m about you. Besides, our family’s residences are not too far either, and we can talk about the old days while we are walking, so it’s okay with me.” Then I pretended to pack some things to delay some time.

At that moment, Xia Chaoran went over to Xiaohui and said, “Zhou Huiqing, you are still here?

“Yeah, I’m waiting for Xiaolong to go home together.” Xiaohui replied in a raised voice.

“Oh, take care on the way.” Xia Chaoran said and lightly smiled, and he turned at me “… and you too, Xiaolong.”

He narrowed his eyes and left the classroom.

Xiaohui said to me, “Xia Chaoran is really amazing. He has good grades, handsome looks and he also cares for other students.”

Her remarks about Xia Chaoran made me unhappy. “What the…? Is this great me not handsome enough?”

A trace of impulse budded in my heart and arose spontaneously. “Xia Chaoran, if you continue chasing Xiaohui, I won’t let you succeed! And if you dare to threaten me, once I learn Daoism art, I’ll command some evil spirits to haunt you.”

Before long, Miss Murong suddenly appeared in front of me. I nodded slightly at her and spoke to Xiaohui, “I’ve finished packing, let’s go!”


While we were walking on the road, I pretended that I had no other intention and asked, “Xiaohui, do you often feel a cold chilling sensation?”

Xiaohui was surprised and asked, “Eh? How did you know?”

I casually made up an excuse, “I just read in the book that it usually happen to a girl with a frail body. Also, when did you start feeling this kind of sensation? I mean, for the first time?”

“It’s been happening for a long time since I was a child, and usually occurred for several times every day. When that cold sensation attacks, I could feel an inexplicable cold on my body.”

“Since she was a child? Xiaohui has been haunted for many years?” I was secretly surprised.

Murong Daiyu on my side gently said, “Ask her, whether her parents had also suffered from the same situation.”

Xiaohui couldn’t hear Miss Murong speaking to me. However, I was certainly sure that if this female ghost suddenly appeared before her, she would have fainted already.

Xiaohui explained that her parents occasionally had the same situation as her. For a little while, there was some awkward silence between me and Xiaohui, which made me look for a new topic, “Xiaohui… ah… I read a book recently and it’s very interesting. There is.. Ximen… oops… Chuixue! Yes, that.. That Ximen Chuixue! He has an outstanding martial arts!”

I was really startled and cold sweat poured out from all over my body. It’s because I was deep in thought that I almost slipped my tongue and blurted out that I just read the Jin Ping Mei book.

“Xiaolong, you actually love to read martial arts novels!”

“Ah, hahaha, yeah, I like martial arts.” I quickly replied.



[1] I think the author referred to Ximen Chuixue, a character in this novel… Also, see note no. 3, too.

[2 ]The last sentence is filled with … … …, intentionally wrote by the author.

[3] Well, I had to change the sentence a bit to fit this line. MC was pondering and almost slipped his tongue and misspoke the character in Jīnpíngméi and abruptly stopped when he nearly blurted it out completely.

  1. I think the author referred Ximen Chuixue, a character in this novel. Also, see note no. 3.