Chapter 0010: The Cursed Makeup Case

Chapter 10: The Cursed Makeup Case

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Having inspected all the rooms in the apartment, I sat on the couch and began to ponder silently.

After my mind had been calmed down, I could faintly sense a trace of Yin Qi. I carefully sensed the faint Qi from the surrounding and found that the source of the Yin Qi actually came from a black wooden makeup case. The case seemed to be an antique and was exuding a faintly discernible amount of Yin Qi.

This was exactly the Yin Qi I was looking for! After using ‘Opening Eyes’ I was able to discover the Yin Qi source.

Xu Xiaoling had her eyes coated by the cattle tears and could also see that the wooden makeup case was exuding a gloomy aura and asked in surprise, “How can it be like this?”

“Can you tell me where did this come from?”

Xu Xiaoling quickly replied, “I bought it from an antique store. The case is said to have originated from the Qing Dynasty… Don’t tell me the case is…?”

I nodded, “You should also see that the makeup case is giving off a black and gloom gas right? That is Yin Qi, and it’s harmful to the human’s body. Okay, I’ll take this makeup case first, and tomorrow, when the sun is at its peak and the sunlight is strong, I will extinguish this case’s Yin Qi with the aid of Yang fire. After that, you can use this case normally again.”

Showing her puzzled expression, Xu Xiaoling asked, “But, how can this wooden case exude Yin Qi?”

I slowly explained, “According to ancient record, there are 2 kinds of possibility for this situation to occur. First, the former owner of this makeup case was extremely fond of it and died with resentment. The owner’s soul then became attached to the makeup case, and therefore the case would give off Yin Qi. Second, this makeup case was dug out from a tomb, and since it had been buried for a long time, it was inevitable that it had absorbed Yin Qi.”

“Oh! If so, then just throw it away. I don’t want it anymore.” Xu Xiaoling immediately spoke after listening to my explanation that the case was possibly dug out from a grave. She looked at the makeup case with an expression like she wanted to throw out the case.

“Even if we want to discard this case, it must wait until I remove the Yin Qi from within it at around noon tomorrow. Otherwise, this case would harm others if it were to be picked up by them. Okay, I will leave now since it’s very late. Besides, I also must go to work tomorrow.” I yawned after I finished talking.

After all, I needed to get out of bed at 3 AM for morning exercises, so I must have sufficient rest. Good quality sleep time was very precious. Besides, I had found the culprit already, which was the makeup case. And other than I should take my time to sleep, it was very late now and if I was still inside the apartment of an unmarried woman, it wouldn’t be good for Xu Xiaoling’s reputation.

Xu Xiaoling removed a few hundred yuan bills from her wallet, “Xiaolong, I really want thank you for today’s help. This might be not much, but please take these as a small token of my gratitude. And… there’s one other thing… your magical charm……”

Ah, she wanted a charm…

The Sun Charm may only be a basic charm for Daoists, but under the stimulation of some Daoist arts, the power it can deliver was quite astonishing. However, it was mediocre if the user was an ordinary person.

I walked back to Xu Xiaoling’s bedroom and pasted a Sun Charm on the head of the bed and on top of the door. Xu Xiaolong finally looked relaxed after seeing the two charms in her room.

Also, I didn’t receive her money.

But when I arrived downstairs, I couldn’t help but look at the makeup. Deep down inside, I always felt that something was amiss. The faint Yin Qi that was exuded from this makeup case was too weak to be the cause of the serious Yin Qi overcast on Xu Xiaoling. Yet, the only object that exuded Yin Qi in her apartment was this thing. If the case was opened, would a dense amount of Yin Qi gush out? I, however, was too lazy to find out about that tonight. I just wanted to go home quickly to get some sleep. But for safety’s sake, I pasted 10 Sun Charm on the case and put the Shadowbane sword on top of it before hitting the bed afterward.


I went to work the next day as usual. Who would have thought that after a short while, at around 9 AM, Cheng Dong rushed in like his butt was getting burned? He grabbed my arms and talked in a hushed, low voice, “Great Master, bad news! Xu Xiaoling has just been hospitalized because of severe mental traumas and she’s still unconscious, what has really happened last night?”

Mental traumas?

I instantly frowned and thought to myself. ‘She was still alright when we were separated last night. I even took the wooden makeup case, how could this happen? Xu Xiaoling’s mental trauma is by no means simple, and should be caused by the invasion of Yin Qi which led to this serious illness! Something must have happened when I left last night. Otherwise, Xu Xiaoling should slowly recover her Yang Qi which would have prevented the Yin Qi from getting worse.’

I thought over and over again. Still, the fact remained that this happened because of my negligence since I didn’t find the ghost that haunted her, resulting in Xu Xiaoling to fall into danger.

This matter must be resolved quickly!

I talked to the boss to leave early and then followed Cheng Dong to the hospital.

Cheng Dong told me everything along the way to the hospital:

Xu Xiaoling didn’t come to work this morning so her colleagues called her several times. The phone was intact but nobody answered it. Therefore, a female colleague who had a good relationship with Xu Xiaoling said that she had her flat key and went to her apartment. She found her lying unconscious on the floor and didn’t even respond to this female colleague when she tried to call and wake Xu Xiaoling up. The female colleague quickly called the emergency number and took Xu Xiaoling along with several other friends to the hospital.

When Cheng Dong got the message, he thought that last night’s matter must be related to Xu Xiaoling’s condition and he decided to find me.

When we arrived at the hospital, we discovered that Xu Xiaoling had been admitted to the VIP ward. There were six people inside the room; two males and four females. Xu Xiaoling was lying down on the hospital bed. Her complexion was deathly pale and there was a blackened area on her forehead and the Yin Qi on it seemed to be denser than last night.

The several people looked puzzled and were curious after seeing me and Cheng Dong came in together. Cheng Dong pointed at me and gave an introduction, “This is… Ah, right … he’s Xu Xiaoling’s distant cousin!”

“Oh? Xiaoling has a relative here? I never heard her mention anything about it.”

“Yeah, that’s right. Xiaoling is a bit mysterious. No one knows her parents, even her cell phone’s contact list is comprised solely of the phone numbers of her colleagues. Fortunately, her distant cousin can come here.”

Another female said to me, “Cousin. Ah… please contact her family as soon as possible, and quickly cover the hospital deposit. We just paid several thousand yuan to pay for the initial examination earlier, and it’s now overdue.”

Hearing that Xu Xiaoling’s parents cannot be contacted and she was also struggling financially since she had only been working for a month, her colleagues didn’t want to expend more money for her. Moreover, they thought that the responsibility of paying for her hospital bills fell onto me. Now it seemed like I had to pay the hospital expenses too…

Fortunately, though, I still had more than 20,000 yuan of the fifty grand left by the Old Swindler.

Cheng Dong originally didn’t want to expose my identity, but he never thought that the situation developed to this extent. Therefore, he blurted out something to clarify my status, but I stopped him and immediately said, “Alright, I’ll go back first to withdraw some money. But please look after my cousin before I come back.”

I quickly left and pulled Cheng Dong closer while walking outside, and said to him, “I will cover the expense but you cannot reveal my identity. I’ll be back shortly.”


I went back home in a hurry, and Mom asked, “Son, why did you come back so early?”

I loaded the black backpack with some things and said, “I requested an early leave today since I need to go to the museum with Miss Xu, Mom.”

“Son, that girl last night was very beautiful. She has a face like a melon seed; a face like an exquisite jade’s and also a good physique. She also has a rare, big buttock, and definitely can give birth to a baby boy…”

Listening to Mom’s chattering was really killing me!!!

What the hell was this and that about? She was five plus years older than me. And… how come she talked about that big ass of hers for God’s sake?

I took my 20,000 yuan and 124 Sun Charms–the entire stockpile I had. I may have studied drawing Daoist charms for several months, but my success rate for drawing the charms and incantations was quite low. I also took 10 Heart and Mind Purifying Charms, ginseng, the Shadowbane sword, and the vial of cattle tears. After taking all the equipment I needed, I dashed out of the door quickly while Mom shouted loudly when I was about to leave the doorway, “HEY, BE GOOD TO THAT GIRL AND MAKE SURE TO MARRY HER!”

I almost fell and rolled down the staircase…


When I got back to the hospital, I immediately paid 10,000 yuan in advance for the hospital bills as collateral and sighed inwardly after that. The hospitals these days were really too vicious. The sick had not been examined but the money must be fully paid in advance. The first initial examination itself cost more than 2,000 yuan. After returning to the hospital ward, I took out 1,000 yuan and said to Xu Xiaohui’s colleagues, “Okay, give the money back to everybody and thanks a lot for your help and paying the bills before. It’s lunchtime, so everybody should go to have some lunch. You can leave her to me since I’m here!”

Cheng Dong obviously didn’t want to leave because he wanted to pursue Xu Xiaoling. But his presence here would give me some distraction and also hindered my action, so I whispered in his ear, “You also know there are many people that die in the hospital every day, so there are many ghosts here. If you don’t want to meet and have a mess with these ghosts, you had better leave quickly.”

As expected, hearing the ghost word made Cheng Dong immediately drag all of his colleagues and they left hurriedly.

Now, there was only Xu Xiaoling and I left in the room.

I took out a Moon Charm from my pocket to put out the Yang fire on my own shoulders, and quickly discovered four ghosts around me! An old man, an old woman, a pot-bellied middle-aged male, and a ghost which looked like a twelve plus years old boy. However, all of them were ordinary ghosts. They curiously looked at Xu Xiaoling, but they were actually observing my actions at this time. All of them.

I ignored these ghosts and straightly scrutinizing Xu Xiaoling’s condition. I could see that the Yang fire on both of her shoulders was already gone. The Yang fire on her head was very faint and was about to die out. If this Yang fire was also extinguished, she would be in great danger! Her soul would not be able to stay in her body anymore, and I didn’t have the ability to call the soul back to the body since my power was not sufficient yet.

I turned around and looked at the four ghosts, “You all are waiting for her soul to leave and then posses her body to play with it, right?”

While saying those words, I took out a Sun Charm, ignited it and fused it with my Yang Qi. The powerful Yang Qi delivered by the ignited charms immediately made the four ghosts terrified as they floated out of the room quickly.

Originally, I didn’t want to frighten those ghosts. However, I had to ignite the Yang fire in Xu Xiaoling’s body and didn’t want to be distracted by anything. I tried several times to light the Yang fire in her body only to find that it could not be ignited! This discovery made me really worried. The Yin Qi in her body was too dense and she would not wake up if her Yang fire was not lit. Should I try to give her ginseng?

‘What if I chewed the ginseng and fed it to her?’

You know, the thought did really cross my mind.