Chapter 0004: Miss Murong Daiyu

Chapter 4: Miss Murong Daiyu

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I couldn’t help but frown.

If this kind of thing happened to other people, I wouldn’t have had the thought of getting myself involved, but I just couldn’t stand by and do nothing when it came to Xiaohui.

However, I remembered when that chilling wind appeared in the afternoon that there was a warm current that flowed from my waist. It reminded me of the sword hilt in my waist that I had brought along before I went to class. It seemed that this toy really had some strong effects in regards to dealing with evil spirits!


It was already dark when school ended. I proposed to Xiaohui to walk her home, and fortunately, she accepted my offer. I pushed my “basket 1258” bicycle and walked together with her to her house. All the way from school, Xiaohui then told me about the past years she had experienced.

When she was in the third grade, she moved because her parents worked in the city. After transferring schools, she remained in the third grade, which put us in the same grade. Now her family lived in the Ming Hu sub-district and rented a house there.

In a short while, we arrived near the house and, it was in that remote location that I said, “Xiaohui, stop here!”

While I told her to stop, I took the “basket 1258” bicycle to the roadside and moved my hands to my crotch. Xiaohui almost screamed out in alarm, “You…. You…. What do you want?”

I took out the sword hilt and calmly explained, “Don’t misunderstand, Xiaohui. But please do me a favor. Keep this thing for the night, will you? Also, give it back to me tomorrow. Can you do this?”

Xiaohui took the hilt with a confused face. She quickly spoke to me in a slightly surprised tone, “Ah, this thing gives off a warm feeling.”

“Maybe it’s because I’ve been carrying it around so it’s become warm,” I smiled lightly.

When I delivered Xiaohui downstairs, I told her, “Xiaohui, don’t forget to give it back to me tomorrow. You must not lose it.”

“I know. And thanks for sending me home. Anyways, you should go back home and be safe on the way back.” Xiaohui waved, opened the door and went inside.

I stood for a moment in front of her house and heard the sound of the door being locked before I rode my bicycle to leave. However, my bicycle tire went flat and I had to push it all the way to my house. It took more than an hour to walk back to my house, which made me very tired.

Dad was sitting on the sofa, and interrogated me in a cold tone, “Why are you home so late?”

“Flat tire.” I was so tired that even my voice was faint and vague, “Old Li, I have been starved to death. If you want to have a word with me, could you wait after I finish eating my meal?”

Dad replied with cursing, “Little bastard.”

I corrected him and smiled, “Our teacher said that, you must not scold your son and call him little brat or son of a bitch, old man.”

Then, I strode quickly to the kitchen to find out what delicious meal Mom had been preparing. They actually had been waiting for me to eat together.

Dad was quite successful now with an annual salary of 180,000 yuan. In addition, we also received many gifts from a lot of people every year. Therefore, it could be said that my family’s living standard was good enough. We now could afford to have 3 meals with 3 different dishes of meat and vegetables every day.

Mom had just finished cooking the last stir-fried vegetables dish and immediately served it for dinner. My old man asked whether I was studying hard recently, and I replied rhetorically, “I’m your son Dad. How come you didn’t you know?”

Dad choked a bit hearing my reply, then slowly ate a few mouthfuls of rice, and said, “When you graduate from high school, just enter the army. I have been preparing some money for you to have a placement card to enter the army. Also, you can have a regularly paid job after you return from your service. In these days, it doesn’t matter if you’re highly educated or not. As long as you are rich, even becoming a teacher for an elementary school is easy. But if you don’t have money, even if you were an undergraduate from a university, it’s not necessarily easy to find a job that’s suitable for you.”

I immediately replied, “Lao Li, what you said is too far and too much you know.”

“This is how our society works, little punk! You haven’t understood it yet.“

I couldn’t argue anymore with my stubborn Dad. I shoved several mouthfuls of food down quickly and returned to my room. I locked the door and prepared to continue my precious study of “Golden Lotus”.

The Ximen high-ranking noble once said, ‘The more you read, the more you make yourself richer.’ I opened the black cloth wrap and put my hand in to take out the “Golden Lotus” inside, when suddenly a chilling wind blew toward me. It was that ghost again!

I abruptly stopped what I was doing and discovered a person beside… err…. I should have said that person was a ghost, though. It was that female ghost!

I pulled out the ‘Daoist Incantation compilation book’ from the black backpack and put on a false front that I was trying to study it. After turning several pages, I pretended that I had just found out about her presence. I lightly smiled at her and talked in a low voice, “Lady, you have come.”

The female ghost quickly asked, “Where is the Shadowbane Sword?”

“You mean that hilt?”

“The Shadowbane sword’s blade is invisible. Although you can only see its hilt, its blade is actually intact. You can only see it under the shadow by sunlight. That Shadowbane Sword is one of the 10 most famous swords since ancient times. It’s priceless! And it’s a peerless sword that can deter ghosts and exorcise evil spirits! Where did you put that sword? I can sense that the sword isn’t in this room!”

“Wait, wait, Lady! Did you say that the Shadowbane Sword is priceless? If I sold that sword, then wouldn’t it be enough to pay that 1,450,000 yuan debt?” I laughed roguishly and played the fool.

“Shut up! You’re really a piece of good-for-nothing shit! Fine, since you are not willing to accept your legacy, I won’t make things difficult for you. Just return that sword hilt to me and I will not come to look for you again. You don’t even have to pay that debt anymore”

I was so tempted to comply at once. But that hilt was now in Xiaohui’s hands since she was in trouble. Moreover, I knew now that the so-called ghosts did really exist in this world, and one of them was now troubling Xiaohui. It was perhaps better to learn the way of exorcising evil spirits. Therefore, I quickly replied in a deep tone, “Hold it lady, please don’t be mad. I’m now ready to learn the Daoist arts. So you are welcomed to come and teach me some Daoist techniques!”

“Do you mean it?” asked the female ghost.

“Yes, I just realized that master originally had lots in common with me. Besides, he had chosen me too, which means that we have been predestined by fate, so I will try hard to learn the Daoist arts! And I’ll give my full effort to pay that debt as soon as possible, but it’s certain that I will need your help, Lady!”

“That is only natural,” said the female ghost. “But first, I will introduce myself. My name is Murong Daiyu.”

“Murong Daiyu? What a beautiful name! Okay, I will call her Miss Murong from now on!” I thought to myself.

Murong Daiyu continued explaining, “I come from the era of the Song Dynasty. I had strong grievances and resentments when I died, so I became an evil spirit on the devil’s side. But 30 years ago, I Met master and he helped and influenced me to change my way. Although I cannot enter the reincarnation cycle, the venerable Master said that I must find a certain treasure if I want to get reincarnated, to help my journey for the Netherworld and enter the reincarnation cycle. Therefore, I followed Master and travelled all over the world, helping him to exorcise evils, and seeking for that treasure while in passing.”

I asked curiously, “What kind of treasure?”

Miss Murong only replied in short, vague words. Hinting that I didn’t have the qualifications to know now.

After knowing that Miss Murong wouldn’t harm me, most of my fear was gone and with my boosted courage, I asked her, “Miss, I would like to ask something. If there were any ghosts or evil spirits approaching or close to a living person, would that person feel cold and gloomy?”

Miss Murong patiently explained, “It could be said so. However, high-level ghosts can conceal their Evil Qi and if they were approaching and being close with a human, that certain human would not necessarily feel cold and shiver. Back when we first met, I was in a injured state and couldn’t conceal my Yin Qi, hence why you felt cold and shivered!”

I nodded and said, “Miss, if I were to comprehend your words, it seems that you cannot go into action for anytime soon, right? So I wanna ask another question, how can I see those ghosts?”

Miss Murong replied, “Your eyes now are still mortal eyes. You cannot see any ghosts. The reason you see me now is because I deliberately let you see me. When your cultivation reaches a certain level and when you have successfully practiced the “God Eye” technique, only then will you be able to see all spirit beings at will. You can even instantly exorcise a ghost who has possessed a human. As for your present state, you can coat your eyes with the cattle tears and it will enable your eyes to see ghosts and evil spirits. But the cattle tears effectiveness only lasts for an hour.”

“Why can we see ghosts by coating our eyes with cattle tears, though?” I asked her in doubt.

“I have asked the same question to master once,” continued Miss Murong, “Cattles have latent psychic potential. They know that death is coming for them before they are killed, hence shed their tears and therefore made their tears to have spiritual effects.”

I really didn’t expect that Miss Murong actually knew so much about spiritual knowledge. I lightly smiled and said, “And now for the second problem, I have seen a person on the street today, he a had black dot and gloom between his eyebrows and there was a cold aura coming from him. It gave off a cold and chilling sensation, what’s that all about?”

I didn’t say that the person was Xiaohui.

“The location between the eyebrows is called the Glabella Cave, which is also the upper part of the Dantian for Daoists. In the other field of study, this is also an acupoint and the most important part for fortune reading in physiognomy. I don’t know much about this part, though. However, there are only 2 possibility if someone has a black dot of qi around it. The first one is that person is practicing an evil cultivation technique which made his Evil Qi concentrate in the upper Dantian which is that glabella; and the second one is that the person has been ensnared by a ghost and has been entangled for a long time. That ghost doesn’t want to kill the person, but if the ghost and living person are together for a long time, that certain person will become weak and prone to sickness. It could be seen from the Evil Qi or Yin Qi that concentrated in his glabella, and it will also form a black gloom. If this situation continues, then it will put that person in danger.”

Miss Murong really knew many things. She also unexpectedly understood fortune reading! If I were not being pressed for time, I would have had her tell my fortunes. But after listening to her explanations, then Xiaohui’s present situation was dangerous, so I continued to ask to make sure, “Miss, I’m now the Niu School head. If I were to encounter a situation like this, what should I do?”

“You are of course must act at once because that ghost has threatened a person’s life.”

I continued asking her, “Miss, you are also a ghost. But why do you help humans?”

Miss Murong’s answer was very simple, “Because I used to be a human.”

“And now, if I meet the ghost, how should I get rid of it?” I asked again.

“At your present state, you couldn’t even handle the weakest resentful baby ghost, not to mention the more powerful ghosts. Your main task now is to practice the Daoist techniques. And it will all start from physical strength exercises. Firstly, starting tomorrow, you must get up at 4:00 AM. You are to walk downstairs, and then have a running session to build up your physical endurance and strength. I’ll get two sandbags for you to use.”

“Why do I have to do a running exercise? What if I don’t get up and practice?” I asked with a long face.

“Relax, I will call you tomorrow morning. If I were you, I would absolutely get out of bed at once,” Miss Murong quickly replied and her silhouette form started to disappear as she vanished from sight in a flash.

A threat! This was absolutely a blatant threat!

Ugh…. This dreadful demoness would come to wake me up. What the… I would be frightened and scared to death! Who would dare to reluctantly get out of bed now? However, she unexpectedly told me that I couldn’t even subdue the weakest of ghosts with my present state. But heck! I didn’t believe that I couldn’t help Xiaohui! I must help her!

While thinking about it, I took the ‘Daoist Incantation compilation book’ and started to study it hard. However, my eyes denied me 3 minutes later as my mind blurred. This thing’s effect was much better than a sleeping pill.