Chapter 0106: My Cousin, the Hardcore Fan of Martial Arts

Chapter 106: My Cousin, the Hardcore Fan of Martial Arts

Hmph.” Brother Huang sneered, “Zhang Pharmaceutical is the pharmaceutical industry leader in our country, one of the top 500 companies in the world. What do you say about that, huh?”

“I still think… they are no big deal at all.”

My older cousin came to and whispered, “Xiaolong, those people from the Zhang Pharmaceutical are not ones we can mess with. Let’s just discuss the matter about paying some compensation.”

While her voice was not loud, the room was so quiet that the black and blue youth was still able to hear it. He looked at the shocked eyes of everyone in the room and arrogantly said, “This chick is still sensible. Pay 10 million yuan for medical fees and I won’t pursue this matter! Else, I’ll fucking kick you behind bars!”

“What a big mouth! Who do you think we are? We’re just a bunch of students!” My older cousin angrily retorted, “Where and how can we give you 10 million? Besides, you’re just bruised. There’s no way a medical fee will take that much?!!”

“Why the fuck should I care where you will get it? In any case, pay or you go to jail! You choose! Kicking you behind bars is easy with my family connections!”

“You…” My older cousin was so angry that she couldn’t utter a word.

As for the other students, they had long been scared shitless and were too frightened to utter anything. Especially those five who just beat that youth. They dared not to even fart at this time. I really hated this kind of bunch who could only stir up trouble and yet are unable to fix trivial problems they created themselves. If you don’t have the ability, just stay out of stirring up any trouble!

Back to my older cousin, she just pointed her finger to the beaten youth, yet was unable to speak for a long while despite being angry.

I pressed her hand down as I looked at the bruised youth and said, “You want 10 million? Fine. Let me call someone to borrow it as I don’t have such an amount of money.”

“You had better not play any shit, punk,” said Brother Huang.

I ignored him, taking out my cell phone and called Zhang Zixuan.

“Hello, Brother Xiaolong. Is there something wrong?”

“Sorry for disturbing you this late, Brother Zixuan. I do have some problems here so I wanna borrow 10 million yuan from you.”

“Eh? What trouble did you run into?”

“Well, I got blackmailed in some KTV here.” I truthfully said, “This guy claims that he’s the son of the president of Yining City branch of your Zhang Pharmaceutical.”

Zhang Zixuan understood my intention of calling him, so he said, “Alright! Rest assured, Brother Xiaolong! I’ll give you a satisfactory answer within 5 minutes!”

I hung up the phone as my cousin then asked in a whisper, “What should we do now, Xiaolong?”

“Huh?” I teased her, “Isn’t this your turf, cousin? Didn’t you tell me you can cover me here?”

“When did I?” My cousin was anxious and said, “Are you joking with me?”

I took back my teasing smile and comforted her, “It’s fine. Let’s wait for a few minutes. You’ll have the answer by then.”

“Hey, did you borrow the money or what?” Asked Brother Huang.

“No worries. You’ll have your answer within five minutes.”

A short while after…

In just three minutes, the badly battered youth then received a phone call. The voice from the phone was very loud, roaring at him even everyone in the room could hear it.

“You’re still outside and not home tonight! Where the fuck are you and even stirring up trouble for me, bastard?”

The bruised youth looked scared and answered, “I-I-I’m at Brother Huang’s KTV, Dad…”

“Then why the hell did you fuck up and give me trouble there? Did you just blackmail someone for 10 million yuan?”

“H-H-How did you know, Dad?”

“Do fucking apologize now, Bastard! I’ll be fired if that man is not satisfied, and your bastard ass will be fucking live a beggar life in the street! NO! Give this phone to him. I’ll personally apologize to him!”

A while ago, I kept putting on an indifferent face and then made a call, insisting that the Zhang Pharmaceutical was no big deal at all, so this bruised youth could guess that I was the one who pulled the string for the play. He handed his cell phone to me with a trembling hand.

I answered the phone as the middle-aged man’s voice then repeatedly apologized to me, “Is it Sir Xiaolong? I’m really embarrassed and I’m really sorry. My son was unable to recognize someone as important as you, and this brat is always giving me trouble all day outside. I admit that I’m too busy working in the company and have no time to teach him properly to raise a proper character. About this, how about I prepare a small compensation for you tomorrow as a token of apology to you?”

“No need. Just discipline your son well! Teach him to turn a new leaf and behave well, else he will stab your big basket and bring you down sooner or later.” I replied lightly.

As I hung up the phone, everyone inside the room had their mouths open like an O.

The battered youth hastily apologized to me, whereas that ‘Brother Huang’ kept saying that his eyes failed to see the Mountain Tai. He even put all the spending of everyone in this private room into his tab today as a token of his apology, as well as exempting us from all the bills when we patronized his place later on.

I waved at them and told them to directly leave, “Alright, please leave now and don’t disturb our party.”

They obeyed and bent their waists and went out. All the arrogance they had previously was all gone.

After they left, my big cousin carefully scrutinized me and then asked with some precautions, “A-are you really my cousin?”

“Huh?” I rolled my eyes at her, “Do I look like I’m putting on some human skin mask or something?”

Cousin pinched my face a few times and said, “You don’t seem to put any…”

I knocked her hand off and snapped, “Hey, I’m really me, okay?”

“Impossible! How could my cousin have this kind of identity? You only made a call, yet even the president of Zhang Pharmaceutical had to apologize to you personally?” This older cousin of mine obviously still didn’t believe me.

“Why should I lie to you? I’m really your cousin. I just happen to know a senior member of the Zhang Pharmaceutical.”

“I don’t buy it!” Said, my cousin.

I touched my forehead and said, “Umm… Alright, when you were still a kid, your nickname was Fatty…”

My cousin quickly covered my mouth and growled, “Alright, alright! I believe you are real then!”


When my cousin brought me to her home, it was already past 11 PM. I was quite dizzy now since her classmates toasted me many times to show their gratitude.

As for this auntie of mine, her family lived in a villa, deserving of her family status and job as business people in the jade industry, filthy rich!

After I entered their house, I saw my aunt and uncle were still awake, sitting in the living room watching TV, so I greeted them, “Auntie, Uncle.”

“Ah, Xiaolong! Your older cousin is really an idiot. You just got here and yet she brought you to have some crazy party?” Auntie greeted me very warmly.

“You don’t know anything at all, Mom! If not for Xiaolong’s presence, I’d have slumped into trouble today…” My cousin then chirped about what had just happened, causing my aunt and uncle to stare at me in surprise.

I then spoke modestly, “It’s nothing, really. I just happen to know a senior executive of the Zhang Pharmaceutical.”

And so, my aunt and uncle treated me more enthusiastically…

The next day, thirty minutes past five in the morning.

I was sitting cross-legged in meditation in the courtyard when I heard the door behind me was opened. I opened my eyes and looked back, finding my cousin came out with a toothbrush with sleepy eyes. She was surprised when she saw me and asked, “Huh, Xiaolong? What are you doing here?”

“Focusing to calm the mind, breathing in and out, and self-cultivating to enhance my True Qi,” I said casually, though as a matter of fact, I didn’t even know how to circulate this True Qi at all, so I was just practicing mental power and improving my Yang Qi. I had been practicing this spiritual power for two days, but I had no spiritual sensation and the likes whatsoever. I was pretty much clueless when I could learn it successfully…

My cousin seemed very interested in what I said. The sleepiness in her eyes went poof instantly as she asked, “Is there really such a thing like True Qi, Xiaolong? Like those in the movies? How about transferring me some of the skills you have practiced for ten years?”

I wiped the cold sweat off my forehead, ‘’What the… you believe those practices in the movies?”

This cousin of mine had grown interested in Wushu and martial arts ever since I got myself in the fight last winter. She then joined a Wushu club when the school started and then learned several moves, albeit they were practically very basic and had no substance, and thus why she unleashed that ‘Hand Style’ in the KTV last night.

I chuckled in reply, “Those movies are all fake, cousin. This kind of thing needs one to self-cultivate. How can it be transferred to someone else?”

She then squatted beside me while brushing her teeth, and then asked, “With such True Qi, can you use that Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms and the Six Meridians Divine Swords?”

Six Meridians Divine Swords…

I was silent for a short while before nodding and said, “I don’t know about this Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms, but shooting out Sword Qi with your finger does exist.”

“What? Tell me the secret then. You know and can do this martial art too, right?” Asked her in a whisper.

I nodded and didn’t hide it from her.

“WOW!” She then urged, “Show it to me, quick!”

“No can do. Even though I can do it, I can’t use it very often since the harm it brings to my body is too much.” Watching such a look of disappointment on her face, I continued, “Alright. I’ll teach you another kind of martial arts style. It’s called 16 Ways of Grappling. Also, it’s much more suitable for girls to learn.”

It took her more than half an hour to learn just one move. Even so, she was still very satisfied, seemingly like she had become a martial art master after learning this move. I really never thought this cousin of mine had turned into such a hardcore fan of martial arts…

After breakfast, she drove her car to the campus whereas my uncle went to his jadeware shop, and auntie told me to wait some time because she would take me out to buy me some clothes later.

What followed was my cousin calling me before we even went out to buy clothes. She said that she left her laptop at home and asked me to bring it to her campus.

I thus took her laptop, calling a cab and headed straight to her campus.

Today’s weather was very hot and there was still an hour left before my cousin finished her class. My eyes swept the surrounding before heading to a big tree inside the campus, standing under its shade and waiting patiently.

Just as I came right under that tree, I suddenly felt a burst of chilling sensation. But this chilling sensation… why did it feel like it was Yin Qi?

More so that I could see that most of the students coming and going out of the campus had most of their attention focused on me. It was as though a flower just grew on my face.

Right at this time, a burst of Yin Qi was suddenly shot at me from behind!

After months of training, my reaction was very fast and I could enter a combat state at any time no matter what state I was in, so I reacted lightning fast! I dashed forward out of the shade! I quickly turned around and scrutinized the tree, and felt that there was indeed something amiss with this tree. It gave off a dark and gloomy sensation.

But I just came to send this laptop and didn’t bring any spell charms at all. Never did I expect that I would run into this kind of thing.

I wouldn’t be able to see ghosts without using the Opening Eyes method.

I fell into thought for a moment and then went back under the shade.

As I expected!

Shortly after, another shot of Yin Qi aimed at my body. It seemed like there were some ghosts wanting to possess my body. I slightly moved my feet and formed a strange stance and just let that Yin Qi touch my left shoulder.

I had no choice but to admit that the Yin Qi was quite powerful since I could faintly feel that the Yang Fire on my left shoulder was extinguished the moment after! Nevertheless, that ghost also suffered injuries as I could hear its scream.

The next moment after, I also used this trick to put off the Yang fire on my right shoulder. With both shoulder’s Yang fire extinguished, I finally entered the Opening Eyes state.

But when I gave a look at the tree again… I was scared shitless and stepped backward for a few steps in horror and got myself out of the place covered with the shade!

Even though the hot sunlight shined on my body, the chill all over my body didn’t fade away. Those were Hanging Ghosts on the tree!

After activating the Opening Eyes, what I saw was a tree full of hanged ghosts!!