Chapter 0105: Arrogant Second-Generation Upstart

Chapter 105: Arrogant Second-Generation Upstart

The next day.

I packed up my clothes and brought some charms Jiannan painted, the Shadowbane sword, some ancient scriptures, and then went straight to the train station.

I, of course took the two interspatial rings, stringing them together and wearing it as a necklace.

Jiannan bought me a hard seat by the window, so I sat there while enjoying the scenery outside the window. I recalled there was a notification that Xiaoling called me this morning, followed by a short text.

Her text said: “Of the promises engraved through the life and death; of the words spoken to be together and to walk hand in hand as we grow old together; my love for you will never fade till my last breath!”

I didn’t quite understand what the lines really meant, and still couldn’t figure it out after a long time.

Sitting across me was a middle-aged couple and they looked very harmonious. I thus looked at the man and asked, “Uncle, can you tell me what love really is?”

The man and woman exchanged looks and he smilingly replied, “I can’t answer that question.”


“Because different people have different feelings and perceptions of what love is,” said the man. “Only you yourself know best about it, for it depends on how you look at it, how you feel it, and how you cherish and treasure it…”

His reply gave me some insights. However, even though I did wish to cherish Sis Xiaoling, I only have two years left to live and the time would never allow me to continue being together with her…

Half past eight in the night, the train finally arrived in Yining City. Right as I got off the train car, I called my older cousin, “Hey, cousin. I’ve arrived at the train station, where are you now?”

“Huh? You’ve arrived at the train station?” She loudly replied and there was some kind of noise on her part over there, “Why didn’t you call me earlier?”

“Didn’t I tell you that I’d be coming over around 8:30 tonight?” I was a bit speechless and then said, “I’m pretty much sure you are saying some crazy things, aren’t you? Forget it. I won’t be coming over. I’ll buy a ticket to go back then.”

“Don’t! Don’t! Alright, I’m wrong, okay?” My older cousin said, “Well, just wait there for a while. I’ll drive there to pick you up.”

Afterward, I waited for half an hour as my older cousin came driving a pink BMW Z4. I hopped in her car and then praised, “Wow, your family is really rich, cousin! To think that they bought you such a luxury car when you went to college.”

“What luxury, huh?” My cousin pouted, “What I wanted was a Tianjin Farad Xiali but Dad was too stingy and only gave me 700,000 yuan to buy a car, so I can only buy this one.”

“Don’t be unsatisfied like that, big cousin.” I smiled at her and said, “You know, I only just got a bicycle.”

“Bah, who will believe you?” While driving skillfully, my older cousin said, “Anyways, my classmate is having a birthday party tonight and we are celebrating it at a KTV, hence why I forgot about you, hahaha!”

“Seems like I’m not that important in your heart, big cousin.” I put on a complaining face and said, “To think that you even forgot such an important thing, I wouldn’t have come here to see you if I knew it.”

“Hey, it’s my fault, okay!” said my cousin quickly. “Alright, I’ll take you with me to the KTV to relax. It’s very lively there with tons of students.”

“Huh? Can I not go there? I don’t even know your classmates at all.”

“What? Hey, you’re a grown man. Why the shyness and fear of strangers?” My cousin cut my line, “Relax! The place is your cousin’s turf, so I’ll protect you.”

We then came to a big KTV venue. My cousin parked the car and took me into the hall. Two rows of belles stood at the entrance of the hall as they welcomed us, “Welcome.”

Well, it did give a prestigious and kind of being honored feeling.

As we entered an elevator, my older cousin scrutinized me under the light and asked, “Hey, Xiaolong, why do you have something like a scar on your face now? How and what happened to you?”

“It’s nothing. I was just careless and got scratched.” I smiled.

We came to the fifth floor and my older cousin took me into a large private box large enough to accommodate 20 people. Our arrival disturbed a young man who was singing a soulful song, but my cousin picked up another microphone and said, “Alright, stop wailing like ghosts or howling like wolves first, okay? Cough, ehm… anyways, I’m introducing you to him. This is my cousin who just came from Qiling City. Also, any of you sisters who takes a liking to him, you had better hit on him early on, got it?”

Oh my god, this is really embarrassing!

The idea of this big cousin of mine was way too bold! She practically made me embarrassed on the spot.

I found myself a seat in the corner, watching this bunch of people burst out crazily in front. My cousin told me to talk and play with those girls several times but I refused, telling to her to just play while I would just sit down here.

This cousin of mine seemed to get along and play well with these people as they sang and drank, whereas I just looked down with a touch of sadness in my eyes, a stark contrast with them.

Since today was the birthday party of one of these girls, they turned off the lights, and then blew out the candles and began throwing cake. The most appalling thing was my cousin wiped my face off with a cake cream, and I also got hit several times since she hid behind me.

Several people even went out to wash the butter and creams, but there were too many of them who threw at my cousin nonetheless, and I couldn’t get away from her while these people were having fun. I could only brace myself, unable to do anything while getting thrown at.

During their throwing war, a girl ran back hastily and looked like she was crying and cried out, “Help, Wang Lili is being molested by someone in front of the restroom!”

A few male students who looked drunk and smoked weed ran out like mobs, seemingly agitated to search for some people. I was really out of words seeing how easy they got angered… Ah? They were older than me, but I think I was much more mature than they were, at least mentally. At the very least, I wouldn’t act as impulsive as they were on such trivial matters.

My older cousin then spoke to several other students, “Alright, you guys go out and see what happened. Get Liu Kai to bring his men to hold those guys but don’t beat them.” She then looked at me, “Xiaolong, you go out with me to see it.”

“I don’t like getting myself involved in such things.” I shook my head.

“Huh?” My cousin said, “Why do I feel like you’re different than you were back in the winter? You look like you have something in mind?”

“Did it look that obvious?” I then said, “Anyways, you should indeed go and see your classmate since they got a situation on their hands, cousin.”

My cousin picked up the beer next to her and poured a glass, “More than ten people have gone there to block the hallway anyway. What can I do even if I go?” She then handed me the beer, “Wanna drink? Just to quench your thirst.”

A short while later, that group came back and several drunken boys shouted, their saliva splashing out, “Fuck. Just a wretched tramp who lives by begging and stealing. If it weren’t for our brothers’ mercy, I could’ve have slapped and pasted him on the wall for three days!”

Another very fat boy butted in, “I saw that pervert just now so I ran straight up and then jumped into the air, doing some flying kicks on that thug’s chest… burp!” he belched afterward.

The girls didn’t buy what he said and one of them said, “What bullshit. Doing some flying kicks? You’re even struggling to lift that fat ass of yours with your weight.”

These people burst into laughter again even I was amused and smiled.

However, it didn’t last long as a while after, the door to the KTV’s box was trampled open!

Seven people stormed inside as one of them, the badly beaten young men shouted, “It’s them, these little fuckers! Beat them up for me!”

“What the hell do you wanna do?” My cousin shouted.

These guys ignored her as one of them grabbed empty bottles and whirled to smash it on the obese boy’s forehead!

His move was very fast! The fat boy wanted to avoid it but was unable to dodge at all and was heavily hit by the bottle!


The bottle was broken. The man put on the gloves and grabbed half of the broken bottle glass, using it as a spike to stab the fat boy’s belly! I pressed my brows and dashed forward to kick his arm and hand to the side, throwing the half-broken bottle in his hand to the corner.

The girls screamed.

My cousin also joined the fray, barraging punches on the man’s neck.

‘When did this cousin of mine learn martial arts?’

However, she had just learned a martial art and with her being a girl as well she was lacking strength. Even if what she learned and how she played it looked cool, it wasn’t practical at all.

Sure enough. The man she punched turned around, grabbed her wrist and slapped her!

I turned my feet fast while avoiding a spring knife that stabbed at me and then grabbed the man’s hand that was about to hit my cousin while my other palm slapped his stomach and forcefully grabbed it! He bent and grunted in pain as I followed my move with an elbow hit on his back.

Another man then took out a spring knife to stab my face! But I already noticed him from the corner of my vision. I turned around faster than his movement, slapping his face. The man hit the reel as I grabbed his wrist and broke it, making him release the spring knife in his hand instinctively!

That was one of the moves in Sixteen Ways of Grappling—Snatching Knife Bare Handedly.

How could these regular people hold a candle against me, to begin with?

In just less than 20 seconds, all of them had laid on the floor excluding the badly beaten youth.

Everyone inside the room looked stunned and silly, including that badly beaten youth, while I just shot a stare at him with a slight frown!

Right at this time, the door was opened and three men entered, all wearing suits and seemed like the backers of the venue. The badly beaten youth looked as though he met his savior and quickly shouted, “Brother Huang, this is your KTV and I got bullied here! You gotta take the responsibility for me to vent my anger!”

“What happened here?” Asked the man in the lead.

The badly beaten youth told his story, adding oils and vinegar to exaggerate it. In his narrative, he was like the incarnation of a handsome hero who would save the world, while we were just a pack of beasts in the cage who would destroy the peace of the world. I really had to admit that this bloke truly had the talent to write a novel. Really a pity for him.

This Brother Huang glanced at me, pointing to the badly battered youth and snapped, “Are your fucking dog’s eyes blind? Do you know who he is?”

“Nope. I don’t know.” I replied with an indifferent face.

The black and blue youth looked smug and proud, waiting for this ‘Brother Huang’ to introduce his identity.

“Hmph.” Brother Huang coldly snorted and said, “He’s the only son of the President of Zhang Pharmaceutical branch in Yining City!”

All the students in the box gasped.

I still kept my indifferent expression and said, “Is this Zhang Pharmaceutical company… really that great, huh?”