Hello everyone!

We are Verdant Lore, a team of (mostly) translators working on translating novels from Chinese to English. Our mission consists primarily of bringing Hong-Kong-based web novels to a wider, English-speaking audience. On top of that, we also have Taiwanese novels going on.

We’d love to share with you stories that are created in Hong Kong and Taiwan, so do check us out if the notion of exploring Hong Kong’s nuanced culture and values ever so slightly piques your interest.

Together with our launch, we introduce you to our two new licensed series, Tales of Distraction, and The God Slaying Sword Brynhildr. We’ve just started out, so expect more series to come in the future!

For chapter updates and other info, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@verdant_lore). You can also find our team on the Verdant Lore discord server here.