TLDP Chapter 97: Semifinal

Hello, guys.

As you already know, I’m now working on The Lame Daoist Priest and Monarch of the Dark Nights. I already have an editor (Chrof) to work on TLDP, whereas Monarch of The Dark Nights hasn’t had an editor yet. Though my translation might still be readable, I’m sure there’s still a lot of errors here and there, considering that I only have a very limited time to edit them myself. Oftentimes I didn’t bother to edit the translated chapters after checking it and just directly publish them. Hence, I’d like to invite some willing and kind souls who have some spare time to help me edit the translated chapters of MOTDN series.

Anyways, since translating is just a hobby of mine at present, I can’t promise anything about monetary compensation, yet. If you’re interested in helping, do contact me on Verdant Lore discord server here


Chapter 97: Semifinal

Translator: Udeze

Editor: Chrof