TLDP Chapter 95: Progress and Self Improvement

As promised, let us continue our journey with Xiaolong in The Lame Daoist Priest, shall we?

As what I’ve planned for Monarch of the Dark Nights, all the old chapters of this series will also be re-translated and re-edited. It also won’t affect the schedule of 6 chapters/week either

The reason why I chose to retranslate my own work was simple. I did those chapters in my early days trying my hands in translating web novel, while the stupid reason was that I lost its glossary. I forgot where I saved the full glossary document for these two, so I might as well retranslate the chaps while waiting for willing editors to work on it. I’m also trying to reach out to the publisher of this series for the possibility of getting a license so as to avoid legal problems later.

Long story short, back when I signed a contract with Gravity Tales to translate Returning from the Immortal World (RFTWI), I did not have enough time to translate MOTDN and TLDP even though I already asked some friends to continue the translation of these two novels. But it seemed like nobody was interested in continuing a charity work so they were abandoned (LOL). In any case, since I already quit translating RFTIW, I guess I’ll see these two series to completion. Based on my current schedule in real life, however, I can only do 2-4 chaps a day working on both series, but I have to refrain myself and limit the published chapter up to 6 chapters/week to build up a stockpile for the rainy days.

Anyways, you can join the Verdant Lore discord server here to ping me if you spot some typos and errors, or to gossip with some rowdy bunch there, lol.

Chapter 95: Progress and Self Improvement

Translator: Udeze

Editor: Chrof

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