Notice for ‘The Villain Has Something to Say’

To anyone who ended up on this page, we suppose you’re here looking for Chapter 15 to 20 of The Villain Has Something to Say. Unfortunately, the chapters are no longer available, nor will they be re-uploaded onto the site.

In the meantime, perhaps you might be interested in reading our new titles:


Tales of Distraction: A short story collection that explores intriguing values and topics to fire up your mind into rethinking life. An enjoyable experience for those who wish to contemplate life through reading.

The God Sword Brynhildr: Follow a group of people with powers who stand up to fight against ‘gods’ that seem more like irrational monsters, get to know their backstories, and how they’d make difficult decisions when put on the spot. All within 30 chapters, so the pace’s pretty quick.