New Novel: My Wife is the Martial Alliance Leader

Greetings to everyone, it’s the one and only OriginPrince here!

I’m glad to announce that we now have a new novel, “My Wife is the Martial Alliance Leader”, translated by yours truly, the OriginPrince. I’m known by other names in other places but those lores are meant for another time and place. The novel’s been on the featured novels page for a week now. 😉 My apologies for the delay as I was supposed to start posting last week but had to postpone it as I was busy. Anyways, we finally begin our journey!

My Wife is the Martial Alliance Leader ( 老婆是武林盟主 )  is written by Ram de Night (黑夜de白羊) and is his 7th book.

My Wife is the Martial Alliance Leader (MWMAL) is listed under the ‘City Fierce Battle’ category on 17k. It’s a type of novel I’ve never done or read before. The novel is completed at 1797 chapters + 32 after stories.

Ram’s other novels which are being translated and might be books you are familiar with are his 4th book, My Beautiful Teacher and his 6th book, My Kitsune Wife.

Compared to Ram’s previous works, this book has seen a lot of improvement, but some bits have remained the same. I won’t specifically point those out but I’ve read quite a bit far into the novel before deciding to pick it up. It’s an interesting read and it feels great to see an MC who grows in character slowly.

The release rate will be 5 regular chapters per week.

Please give this novel a warm welcome and check it out here 🙂


Who says I am a worthless student, the pretty Alliance Leader is within my grasp.

Who says I am a single man, a harem of huge numbers waits upon me.

Watch how the strongest senior high school student in history, Li Fan, turns over the city upside down, becoming a hero unparalleled under the heavens!

My wife is the martial alliance leader, and I am the strongest senior high school student, Li Fan! I’m waiting for all of you to drop in to discuss the rules of Jianghu!