MOTDN Chapter 94: Breaking the Tide Away

Anyways, some of you may already know me as the former translator of Returning from the Immortal World. Since I can’t continue translating this series, I decided to finish my previous two projects I had to abandon due to the lack of time I had back then. The two series I’m going to continue are The Lame Daoist Priest (TLDP) and Monarch of the Dark Nights (MOTDN).

Hopefully, nothing will come in the way of completing these two series like what had happened to RFTIW, so I can at least finish them without much trouble.

That said, I’m also in the process of getting licenses for some novels from CN publishers, like Kujiang and HBooker, and am also reaching out to Motie (The Lame Daoist Priest’s publisher) and 17K (Monarch of the Dark Nights’ publisher)

As of now, I don’t know how much I should pay for the series, though. Hopefully, it’s not expensive so I can continue translating the series without any legal hiccup and the likes. 

You can join the Verdant Lore discord server here, and, without further ado, here’s chapter 94 you guys (but I gotta warn you that it’s not yet edited, LOL). Also, pls don’t ask me why Ezio is on the cover. I just copied the image from the raws.