MOTDN Chapter 100: Enchantment

Hello, guys.

Last Sunday afternoon, Noah, my almost 3-years-old youngest son, barged into my study room when I was translating TLDP chapter 99-100 and MOTDN chapter 101-102. He kept nagging, wanting to use my PC because he wanted to watch Larva 2 anime on some Youtube channel. I told him that I had some work to do and then persuaded him to use the other PC or watch some kids program on TV in the family room. He pouted and went there with me behind him. As he saw my wife there reading a comic, a convo started

Noah: “Mom, Dad is bad. He’s lying!”

Wife: “Eh? Dad is lying? How?”

Noah (with his funny way of talking): “He said he’s working. But I just saw him staring at the monitor full of a jumbled mess of worms!” (I used three 32’’ monitors, and he saw one monitor full of Chinese characters)

Me: … … (speechless)

Wife just grinned, whereas Noah’s brother, Haneef, who was playing with his Lego blocks, looked around at the floor with eyes full of vigilance after hearing the worm word (he hates worms…)

So, guys, the chapters you’ve been reading turn out to be originated from some jumbled mess of worms… kids don’t lie.




I just noticed that the next chapter sequence for TLDP and MOTDN is kinda messed up. Broosk (our tech guy) told me the plugin is not supported anymore, and it would need some time to fix it (thanks, mate). Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the plugin, guys.

Anyways, if you spot some errors, typos, and the likes, feel free to contact me on Verdant Lore discord server here

So, here is today’s fix for MOTDN

Chapter 100: Enchantment

Translator: Udeze

Editor: HSB