Chapter 0021 – Real Martial Arts

After running across a large section of the Murong Mansion, Murong Ying finally stopped on top of a roof.

While Li Fan gave chase after her, his true qi could barely sustain him. This Murong Ying, her internal force is still so powerful even after losing 11 years worth of force!

Murong Ying stood there with her hands leaning on her sword as the bright moonlight reflected her lovely visage. Li Fan was slightly dazed by this. Under the moon, Murong Ying indeed possessed a unique charm.

“You’ve finally stopped running?”

Li Fan asked.

“Who was running?”

Murong Ying replied indifferently. “I was just taking a night jog, that’s all.”

Night jog my ass! Like anyone would use a movement skill for a night jog! I’d be a dumbass if I believed you!

Li Fan almost coughed out blood, but he was the one in the wrong this time, so he softened up his tone. “That… Today… I was wrong… I… I am…”

“A true man never beats around the bush and doesn’t say those three words easily.”

Murong Ying suddenly extended her hand sealed his lips with her finger, “I also don’t like hearing those three words.”


“Can you see this huge house in the Murong Mansion?”

Murong Ying interrupted Li Fan’s words again then pointed towards the huge house in front.

“Of course. Your home is really huge. I thought it was the residence of some prince in ancient times.”

Li Fan naturally felt a little envious as unlike him, who was from an ordinary family, Murong Ying was born with a golden spoon in her mouth.

“When I was born, all the elders of the Murong family were very disappointed.”

“They wanted a man to take over the Murong family, and I, was, unfortunately, a woman.”

“That’s too abominable. What era do they think this is? To think they are actually so prejudiced towards gender!”

Li Fan stated indignantly yet Murong Ying replied to him in such a way. “This is due to the requirement to pass down the bloodline in big clans. But what’s wrong with being a woman? When I was eighteen, I successfully defeated all men and seized the position of the Martial Alliance Leader.”

A skilled woman… to think you became the Martial Alliance Leader at the age of eighteen! And you’re a woman too! Now that I think about it, this makes sense. I absorbed 11 years of her internal force and was able to defeat the inheritor of the Thunderpalm Strike.

“It’s my right to choose my husband. Li Fan, I chose you. Now, will you disappoint me?”

“But weren’t you just planning to use me to carry on your ancestral line?”

Li Fan finally raised the core issue, “Weren’t you gonna use me to give birth to a child possessing a Pure Yang Body who would take the helm of the Murong family in the future?”

“That was the original plan.”

Murong Ying nodded. “But I could see a lot more possibilities in you. I’ve never made a wrong choice in my entire life. Li Fan, there’s no mistake in the fact that I chose you.”

Hey, it’s not like you’ve lived that long, just 20 years that’s all. Don’t speak as if you’ve experienced the vicissitudes of life, okay?!

Li Fan couldn’t help but roast internally.

“Li Fan.”

Murong Ying suddenly pointed her sword towards Li Fan. “Duel me.”


Li Fan was startled. “What for? Are you still angry at me?”

“I’m not angry. I want to personally inspect your strength.”

“If you want to prove you’re strong, why don’t you try defeating me?” Murong Ying stated slowly.

“Everyone in your family is strange!”

Li Fan rolled his eyes, “I’m not gonna fight with you. My fists aren’t to hit you.”

“Are you looking down on me because I am a woman?” Murong Ying wasn’t pleased after hearing his words.

“Ain’t your ego a bit too strong?”

Li Fan said, “I don’t wanna fight you because there’s no reason to! Also, you can feel relieved. I said I will become the Martial Alliance Leader. Those weren’t empty words!”

“You probably don’t understand… the difference between you and a real expert!”

Murong Ying reminded him, “You’re only at the Perfection Attainment stage with just internal force as your strength. Real experts are all the Apex stage, stronger than you by two levels. There are still 3 years left until the next Martial Alliance Gathering! It’s quite difficult for you to reach the Apex stage within these years!”

“What’s the difficulty in that!”

Li Fan laughed heartily. “Don’t underestimate a man’s conviction!”

“Your words couldn’t be any truer!”

A deep voice came from beside them. They turned their heads aside and saw Murong Bo standing on another roof. He was wearing the Murong family’s mantle which fluttered within the night wind.

“Li Fan, you’re the husband my daughter chose and also equal to her apprentice!”

Murong Bo clapped his hands, following which a silhouette jumped up from the courtyard and flipped over in the sky before landing beside him.

“There’s no need to wait for 3 years. If you can defeat my apprentice a year later, I’ll accept you as my son-in-law!”

“Father… you…”

Murong Ying seemed a little surprised, but Li Fan’s fiery character also flared up. He promptly said, “So be it! We’ll fight then, I’m not afraid of anyone!”

“Hahaha! Good! You’re quite ambitious!”

Murong Bo chuckled immediately. “Feng’er, come exchange a greeting with your opponent. We can’t be lacking in etiquette now!”

“Yes, Master.”

The silhouette within Li Fan’s vision disappeared suddenly. He didn’t know what strange skill the opponent had used, but they had appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye!

At this moment, Li Fan could clearly see this silhouette’s appearance due to the moonlight.

He had a handsome appearance but possessed a scrawny figure and also exuded one kind of sinisterness from his face. He was also one-eyed with a black eyepatch covering his other eye. The eye which was visible outside seemed to condense the radiance of both his eyes.

He was obviously an adult man yet had a ponytail!

“Li Fan, be careful. He’s called Jiang Feng and is my father’s favorite disciple!”

Murong Ying sent a transmission to Li Fan’s ears. When that Jiang Feng opened his mouth, his voice was also quite feminine.

“I heard you’re the husband chosen by the Eldest Miss. A year is too long so let me test your strength first!”

Although he had already restrained his voice, Li Fan could feel the sourness in it! Fuck me! It’s another one of her admirers!

Murong Bo, this old fellow, must be planning to humiliate me in front of his daughter! But I have no plans on letting you prevail!

Li Fan pumped himself up, and Jiang Feng had already acted. He brought two of his fingers together and jabbed towards Li Fan’s acupuncture points!

When an expert acts, there’s no time for realization! Jiang Feng used lightning quick movements to jab and block Li Fan’s blood vessels, making his entire right arm feel limp.

“Be careful of his 12 Acupuncture Points Strike!”

Murong Ying reminded him, but Li Fan wasn’t happy about it. Aren’t you a bit too late with the reminder?!

He was assuming the Ape form right now, and his right arm was feeling limp. So he brandished his left first, the true qi making his sleeves flutter as it rushed towards Jiang Feng!

Ape Long Fist! This was the Ape form’s most basic punching technique!

“You’re just making a fool of yourself by using the trivial Quintuple Beast Forms.”

Jiang Feng jeered at him and leaned his head sideways to evade Li Fan’s Long Fist. “Let me show you what real martial arts are!”

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