Chapter 0020 – Too Willful Sometimes

Thousand Spiders Ten Thousand Toxins Hand!

Murong Ai’s palm charged towards the back of Li Fan’s head! If she really succeeded, her palm would gouge five holes on the back of his head! If I make use of my Great Essence Assimilation Art, maybe I absorb his pure yang essence into my body!

“Ugh! Why is my willpower so weak!”

Li Fan crouched all of a sudden and held his head, wearing a troubled look on his face.

And Murong Ai’s palm which had already set out grabbed onto a cactus in front. She screamed due to the pain immediately afterward but used her other palm to cover her mouth instantly.

“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong?”

Li Fan stood up and asked her after hearing her shriek.

“N-Nothing at all.”

Murong Ai endured the pain and hid her hand behind her back, squeezing out a smile with much difficulty.

“What is it, Sister-in-law? Do you feel unwell somewhere?”

Murong Ai shook her head repeatedly.

“Is it some kind of illness? Why don’t you let this brother-in-law of yours have a look!”

Lin Fan took a step ahead, which caused Murong Ai to retreat a step back in fear. As a result, in a fluster, she placed her hand on the window sill to support herself.


Murong Ai finally couldn’t hold back from screaming.

“Sister-in-law, what happened to you?!”

Li Fan leaped in fright. What the heck is this? Just what illness do all of them have? Why do they get so startled all of a sudden?

Tie Zhu’s voice came from outside at this moment, “Young Master, the Eldest Miss is coming to see you!”

Murong Ai dashed out of the room with red eyes and accidentally ran into Murong Ying and Tie Zhu.

Tie Zhu held a meal box in her hand while Murong Ying gave a somewhat strange look to Li Fan.

“You bullied her?”

“How could I?!”

Li Fan exclaimed at the unjust accusation. I bullied her, you say? She’s the one who bullied me!

“How could you have such thoughts about an honest man like me?! Let me just smash my head and be done with it!”

“Take it easy a bit.”

Murong Ying said indifferently, “The furniture here is all made of ancient wood. You can’t afford to damage even a single one if you smash your head into it.”


Aren’t we supposed to be husband and wife?! Li Fan really felt unresigned. Murong Bo looks down on me, and Murong Ying has no feelings for me. She just seems me as a tool to carry on her ancestral line!

“Young Master, why don’t you eat some of this medicinal porridge first?”

Tie Zhu presented the bowl of medicinal porridge towards Li Fan.

“I don’t want to eat it!”

Li Fan was in a bad mood while Murong Ying pursed her brows.

“If you don’t eat, you’ll recover slowly. How will you deal with the challengers when they appear?”

“Just let them kill me!”

Li Fan turned his head away while saying such words in a furious tone.

“As a man, how could you speak such ominous words?”

Murong Ying reprimanded him immediately, “Didn’t you say you were going to become the Martial Alliance Leader? Quickly eat the porridge then go practice the arts!”

“I don’t want to eat, and neither do I want to practice!”

Li Fan flung his hand and slapped the bowl away. The medicinal porridge spilled all over the ground, and the bowl shattered as well.

Murong Ying’s face turned heavy, after which she turned around to leave.

“Young Master… Eldest Miss gathered the ingredients for this porridge from the mountain late into the night then cooked it for you…”

Tie Zhu tidied up the mess while sighing, “I’m just a servant so I shouldn’t speak too much…. but I feel like talking today so Young Master can feel free to hear my nonsense… I know Young Master is unhappy… but it isn’t easy for the Eldest Miss too…”

Saying so, Tie Zhu tidied up the floor then placed the remaining food on the table before bowing towards him and left the room.

Li Fan was a bit stunned. Murong Ying personally gathered the ingredients and cooked this porridge for me?

Just what is wrong with this woman? She shows me the stick then the carrot; does she think she’s taming a beast? Only, why do I feel so upset… We obviously don’t have feelings for each other so why am I feeling sad because of her. It must be my imagination again.

But Li Fan still opened the meal box silently. Although a bit sluggishly, he still ate all of the things inside it. He then returned to the bed to rest for a bit, and when he opened his eyes, the sky had already turned dark.

Li Fan was a bit fed up on lying on the bed, so he went out to practice a few sets of boxing. After sweating out a little, his mood felt a little bit better.

The Murong family really knew how to liven it up. They had established their manor at the outskirts which had pleasant air. One could even see the stars above in the sky which was a hard sight to catch in the city.

The lake view at a distance was quite beautiful as well. The clear and crystalline waves reflected the bright circular moon on the sky. Li Fan couldn’t help but walk towards it. As a result, he gazed upon a familiar silhouette standing beside the lake.

Murong Ying was also at the lakeside. She held a sword in her hand and was brandishing it towards the lake water.

It looked like she was practicing sword arts, but she kept muttering to herself.

“I’ll hack you to death! Bastard!”

Li Fan shrunk his head back. Fuck! Is she using me as an imaginary enemy?! So there’s a time when even this girl gets angry!

Let it be. I ought to apologize, right? As a boy, I cannot keep arguing with a girl.

Li Fan comforted himself in this manner then walked over towards Murong Ying. But what kind of person was she? She had already sensed him when he neared her. She turned her head slightly to glance at him then humphed.

She sheathed her sword into the scabbard then jumped onto the lake’s surface as light as a feather. Murong Ying possessed exceptional martial arts. Her movement arts were also extremely high level and actually allowed her to tread on the lake’s surface. She skipped across to the opposite bank of the lake elegantly!

This woman! Is she avoiding me?! Li Fan’s temper flared up. Murong Ying, this lord must catch you today and make things clear!

Only, his movement skill wasn’t that good, it was impossible for him to tread on water. But when Li Fan saw the lotus leaves floating on the lake, a plan formed in his mind immediately.

He aroused his true qi and leaped up, jumping into the lake gracefully!

He dropped onto a lotus leaf and touched it lightly with his right foot. He then unfurled his arms and flapped them like a crane’s wings, using true qi to propel himself and support his body!

The lotus leaf sunk lightly but Li Fan had floated again and dropped onto another leaf by then! He continued this pattern until he reached the shore!

Crane Wing Flap!

Li Fan treaded the lake surface like a graceful crane. I heard that the founder of Buddhism, Bodhidharma had crossed a river by walking on a reed. I guess crossing the lake by using these lotus leaves can be regarded as something amazing!

Murong Ying felt slightly amazed when she saw Li Fan chase after him. But she turned back and continued to use her movement skill to run.

“Oi, don’t run! I have something to say to you!”

Has this girl become addicted to using a movement skill? After landing on the ground, Li Fan changed his form to the Deer Form.

His body almost stuck to the ground and every time his foot touched the ground, he would leap 3-4 meters ahead. Li Fan knew the Quintuple Beast Forms by heart now, and though his movement skill wasn’t on par with Murong Ying, it wouldn’t fall back in chasing after her! One ahead and one behind, they kept running. Murong Ying couldn’t throw him off at all.

She suddenly leaned forward and stepped on air as if she were climbing an invisible ladder, rising up 5 meters high before landing onto the roof of a house.

Li Fan changed his form into the Ape Form. He leaped 3 meters high then used his feet and hands to deftly climb up the wall, following her onto the roof.

The two of them ran across the roof of the Murong Mansion, one chasing after the another.

Tie Zhu was just patrolling at night when she suddenly heard noise from the roof. She thought some thief had entered the Murong Mansion but calmed down after she glanced up.

“So the couple is quarreling, huh… Well, I should let them be.”

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