Chapter 0019 – Thousand Spiders Ten Thousand Toxins Hand

“Lord Husband, this girl missed you.”

Li Fan looked at Murong Ying who stood before him quite bashfully and gulped down.

What’s happening? This must be a dream, right? Yep, it’s definitely a dream…

“Lord Husband… this girl wants a kiss…”

As Murong Ying brought her lips closer to his, Li Fan’s heart thumped faster.

For some reason, a very ominous premonition filled Li Fan’s heart. He suddenly opened his eyes and saw Tie Zhu’s terrifying face near him. She had her lips puckered towards him while she tried to kiss him.


Li Fan pushed her face away with his palm, “What the heck are you doing?!”

Tie Zhi gurgled her throat while saying in a grieved tone, “This girl saw that Young Master was sleepy deeply… so I thought of feeding the medicine…”

Feed your sister!

Li Fan almost broke down, “Stay at least a meter away from me… No, five meters… wait, make it ten meters!”

“But… Young Master… what about the medicine…”

“I feel quite good, so I’m not gonna drink it!”

Li Fan felt very gloomy right now as he got beat up for no reason. Murong Bo, that old man, is really too shameless! He actually attacked me!

“Where’s Murong Ying?”

“The lord went into seclusion these past two days, so the eldest miss is dealing with the matters of the Murong family.”

Tie Zhu stood at the door’s edge obediently and replied to him.

“Two days… How long did I lose consciousness?”

Li Fan had a bad premonition.

“Three days.”

Tie Zhu raised three fingers. Li Fan almost went crazy, “What about school then?!”

“Don’t worry, Young Master. The school has already approved the leave for you.”

Tie Zhu consoled him.

“What leave?”

Second High is infamous for its unusual strictness, they wouldn’t approve it for general reasons, thought Li Fan.

“Sick leave.”

Tie Zhu smiled, “Eldest Miss told them that you’ve gone through a hemorrhoid operation and need to rest for a few days.”

“Fuck me!”

Li Fan cursed. How am I supposed to show my face at school now?!

“Young Master must be feeling hungry. I’ll go to the kitchen to prepare food for you!”

After seeing Li Fan wake up, Tie Zhu felt a little happy and jovially went to the kitchen to prepare lunch for him. As for Li Fan, he felt really famished after staying unconscious for three days. Let it be, so what if it’s hemorrhoids? Anyways, it’s good that I can goof off for a few days.

I really can’t take this lying down. Being knocked out by that old man is too humiliating!

“Damn it! It would be great if I were a bit stronger!”

Li Fan punched the wall beside him, causing a few layers of paint to fall off from it.

“You want to become stronger?”

Right when Li Fan was feeling gloomy, he suddenly heard a familiar voice from the window to the side.

He turned his head over there and saw a pretty girl sitting on the window sill. This cute girl wore a Korean-style school uniform. A blue checkered shirt as the top and a brown pleated skirt below which gave her a youthful and energetic look. Those slender legs below the skirt made Li Fan’s heart race a little.

“W-Who are you?”

Li Fan blinked his eyes.

“It’s me! Murong Ai!”

The beauty glared at him with her pretty eyes, “You actually forgot me! Damn it!”

“There’s no way I would dare to forget you…”

Li Fan felt a headache when he recalled this little seductress, “I just couldn’t make you out since you were wearing clothes.”

“What do you mean by that?!”

Murong Ai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while Li Fan slapped his thighs. “Oof, just look at this mouth of mine, it really doesn’t know how to speak. Don’t mind it at all!”

Murong Ai’s expression recovered quite quickly, “How could this girl be willing to blame you… Brother-in-law… No, brother-in-law isn’t intimate enough. How about I call you Hubby Brother-in-law?”

Damn girl, what the heck is that title?!

“Don’t worry, Hubby Brother-in-law… I’ll call you Brother-in-law in front of sister, there should be no problems that way, right?”

Cold sweat formed on Li Fan’s head. He felt like this girl was leading him by the nose!

“Oh right. Hubby Brother-in-law. Didn’t you just say you want to become stronger?”

Murong Ai licked her lips while asking this question in a very enticing manner.

“What are you scheming?”

In Li Fan’s eyes, this little beauty was undoubtedly a snake woman!

“Hubby Brother-in-law’s words… really make my heart hurt…”

Murong Ai wiped the tears off her face. The corners of her eyes really seemed to have traces of dried tears, “This girl really admires Hubby Brother-in-law and sincerely wants to help you become stronger…”

Murong Ai muttered internally. You’re already quite abnormally strong, okay?! And you even have a Pure Yang Body to boot. The confrontation with my father made you lose consciousness for three days, but it also injured my father internally. He’s still in seclusion! Are you a monster or what…

“Are you going to give me some kind of godly martial art?”

Lin Fan felt a little tempted, “Like the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms or the Buddha’s Palm?!”

“Of course not… I have something much stronger than them…”

Murong Ai spun her eyes, “This is a secret of our Murong family… but Hubby Brother-in-law isn’t an outsider. Did sister not tell you about it?”

“What secret?”

“Ehhh… It seems like my sister doesn’t like Hubby Brother-in-law with all her heart… I feel like it would be better for you to marry me. I’ll pour all my heart and mind into loving you!”

“Get to it now, will you?!”

Li Fan’s heart raced. This woman… is absolutely a source of calamity! If this were the Shang Dynasty, she would be a carbon copy of Daji and leave King Zhou within an inch of his life after toying with him! Of course… the prerequisite would be that King Zhou has to be okay with flat chests.

“Hubby Brother-in-law… this girl heard that you have a Pure Yang Body?”

Murong Ying beckoned Li Fan with her finger, “And this girl… has a Pure Ying Body. If we pair cultivate, our strength will make a qualitative leap!”

Li Fan’s heart skipped a beat when he heard her words! P-Pair cultivate? I heard that the effect is pretty good… Bah! Just what are you thinking, huh? Li Fan oh Li Fan, you must withstand this sugarcoated attack from the enemy! A beauty is full of schemes!

“Sister-in-law, who do you think of me as?”

Li Fan refused her righteously on the spot, but Murong Ai came forward and hugged him, placing herself in his embrace. He almost lost control of himself when that warm body touched him. As for Murong Ai, at a place out of Li Fan’s vision, she opened up her palm assumed a form similar to an eagle’s claw.

But Li Fan pushed her away. This really vexed Murong Ai to the utmost. This guy is really so dishonest!”

“We mustn’t do this… this is incest!”

Li Fan turned his head towards the bonsai pots on the window sill, “You’re my sister-in-law…”


Murong Ai became dejected, completely opposite from her previous cute appearance.

She raised her palm and walked towards Li Fan one step after another. Her steps were as light as a cat’s and didn’t release the slightest sound!

Black energy coiled around her palm, looking as if she was using some heretical claw arts! This was the Thousand Spiders Ten Thousand Toxins Hand which Murong Ai had practiced stealthily. If my sister finds out I learned this, she will definitely kill me!

Hmph! Pure Yang Body… this lady will gladly receive it!

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