Chapter 0018 – Groom Selection Battle?

Murong Bo, Murong Ying’s father. After he said those words, an elegant young noble left entered through the side door. He wore dark purple embroidered clothes and held an exquisite jade fan in his hands.

Li Fan brooded over his identity when he saw this. Who the heck is this gigolo?

“Baby, this is the young noble I wanted to introduce to you.”

Murong Bo chuckled and was just about to introduce him when Murong Ying interrupted him with a dark expression on her face.

“Father… can you address daughter by the personal name in front of an outsider?”

“Hahh, daughter has grown up and doesn’t need papa anymore…”

“D-Do as you like…”

Li Fan could make out that even Murong Ying had no means to deal with her father!

“Ms. Murong, this scholar has admired you for a long time.”

The pretty boy shook his fan then stated with a beaming smile, “This scholar is the descendant of the Azure Star Qiu family, named Qiu Wuhen. Once Ms. Murong gets married to me, this scholar will treat you with respect and take care of you properly.”

“See! He’s such a nice child!”

Murong Bo wiped the tears off his eyes, “I feel relieved in handing over my Baby to you.”

“I’m against this marriage!”

Murong Ying rejected it resolutely, “Father, daughter isn’t a three-year-old child. I don’t need you to decide everything for me!”

“Y-You don’t need a father anymore?”

Li Fan wiped the cold sweat off his face. Fudge, the same pattern again! Is this old fellow going to keep doing this?

“No matter what Father says, I must have the final say regarding this matter.”

Murong Ying persevered with it. Li Fan was moved by her actions. It looks like this woman has some feelings for me. The past month of interaction wasn’t a waste!

“Li Fan is the husband your daughter has picked. If you want to meddle in my wedding matters, you have to defeat him first!”

Fuckfuckfuck! Li Fan almost cried out. So she was gunning for this!

“Huh? So you originally brought back another person with you?”

Murong Bo’s gaze fell on Li Fan. Li Fan knew he couldn’t roast back. Man, so you’re pretending you just saw me now?

“How could such an unworthy kid suit my Baby?!”

Murong Bo curled his lips, “I don’t acknowledge this son-in-law!”

“I’ll choose my husband.”

Murong Ying looked at her father with a firm gaze, “Qiu Wuhen, if you want to marry me, you have to first defeat the man I’ve chosen as my husband!”

“As you wish, Ms. Murong!”

Qiu Wuhen glanced at Li Fan then closed his jade fan with a snap, pointing it towards him. “Kid, for the sake of Ms. Murong, I’ll just cripple one of your limbs and leave you with your life!”

His figure flickered as he used a movement art which made him as light as a feather, allowing him to appear in front of Li Fan in an instant. “I don’t even need to use my family’s specialty, the Azure Star Finger, to deal with you!”

Saying so, his jade fan jabbed at three of Li Fan’s acupuncture points.

Li Fan felt pain before he knelt half down. Qiu Wuhen’s fan then pressed down on Li Fan’s head.

“Weak. Too weak.”

Qiu Wuhen’s mouth curled up, “Tell me, which leg do you want me to cripple?”

“Each one of you… keeps looking down on me too much!”

Li Fan’s heart burned with rage. The entire world seemed to slow down, even Qiu Wuhen’s laughter was the same.

His body trembled suddenly. The energy inside his dantian seemed to explode as it filled the channels of his body!

That powerful energy knocked Qiu Wuhen’s body back, making him take three steps back!

“What’s happening?”

He was a bit shocked. I’m an expert from the Azure Star Qiu family. How can an amateur brat push me back?

And as Li Fan stood up slowly, his entire aura seemed to change. He opened up his arms then slapped his palms together, brimming with adequate strength! That sturdy feel made Qiu Wuhen feel as if he were standing in front of a huge bear rather than a human!

Quintuple Beast Forms, Bear Form!

“W-What is this?”

Qiu Wuhen was dazed.

“It’s your grandpa!”

Li Fan leaped up, transferred the force from the leap to his fists then smashed them towards Qiu Wuhen. Qiu Wuhen raised his jade fan subconsciously to protect his head.


Qiu Wuhen’s fan got smashed into bits, and he too got sent smashing downwards. His head slammed against the floor, giving rise to cracks in it. If it weren’t for his qi protecting his body, his head would’ve cracked as well.

“This kid…”

Even Murong Bo was left stunned. This kid from the Qiu family has pretty decent strength, but he actually got crushed by him? Also… this is the Quintuple Beast Forms? Isn’t this an external style martial art of the lowest strata?!

“Bastard! You’ve really made me angry!”

Qiu Wuhen slapped the floor with his left hand and sprung up before pointing towards Li Fan with two fingers. It seemed as if something was about to eject from his fingers!

“Be careful. It’s the Azure Star Finger!”

Murong Ying immediately sent a message to Li Fan, but an incorporeal energy attack had already pierced into his shoulder by then, resulting in blood splashing in the air. That pain was something Li Fan had never felt before, it seemed to penetrate deep into his bones!

“A mere layman like you has the nerve to injure my perfect face?!”

Qiu Wuhen touched the wound on his face and almost screeched, “I’m going to kill you!”

Li Fan gritted through the pain and furrowed his brows as he used his qi to block the flow of blood to his wound. This Azure Star Finger resembles the Six Meridians Divine Sword a but.

“Azure Star Path!”

Qiu Wuhen’s fingers kept jabbing towards Li Fan. The energy shots split the air as they shot over towards his acupuncture points.

Li Fan’s blood boiled. The world in his view turned slower, allowing him to clearly see those energy shots.

Li Fan evaded them and followed the gaps to arrive before Qiu Wuhen.


Qiu Wuhen couldn’t believe what he witnessed just now. And Li Fan had raised his palm to strike at his torso already.

“Bear Slam!”

This strike carried the force of 11 years of true qi he had obtained from Murong Ying. It sent Qiu Wuhen flying.

For the first time ever, a prideful smile rose up on Murong Ying’s face. And Murong Bo extended his hands to catch Qiu Wuhen and disperse the energy on his body before sighing.

“A useless person who’s strong in appearance but weak in reality.”

“Father, this only proves that your daughter hasn’t chosen the wrong person.”

“Baby… but I don’t like this kid at all! He’s just a loser who is destined to achieve nothing in the future! How could he be worthy of being my, Murong Bo’s son-in-law?!

“Stop being too excessive!”

Li Fan couldn’t help say, “Why do you get to decide what happens with my life?”

“This clumsy performance of yours is enough to determine that!”

Murong Bo stated it bluntly, “My daughter is the Martial Alliance Leader! And you? You’re nothing!”

“Isn’t she just the Martial Alliance Leader? This daddy will just become the Martial Alliance Leader then!”

Murong Bo’s eyes opened wide before he sent a palm strike towards Li Fan.

“If you have the skills to say big words, face this strike of mine first!”


Murong Ying cried out in alarm. Li Fan gathered the qi from his dantian and summoned it towards his palm.

“Bear Slam!”

Li Fan and Murong Bo’s palms struck each other. A powerful wave of energy attacked Li Fan’s body, robbing him of his vision. He couldn’t differentiate between anything after that.

Marrying a woman… is really not easy…

Such a thought flashed through Li Fan’s mind before he lost consciousness.

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