Chapter 0017 – Daddy Xianglin

Murong Ai’s expression changed as if she were about to get angry, but she calmed down in an instant and wore a smile on her face again, throwing a charming glance towards Li Fan.

All of these were signals of danger!

“They’ll get bigger after massaging… And that will depend on you, Brother-in-law…”

Aren’t you using the word ‘brother-in-law’ a bit too conveniently there?!

“Stop fantasizing. A flat chest won’t become bigger even it’s massaged.”

Murong Ai’s mouth twitched when she heard Li Fan’s counter. She’s enduring it, definitely! Li Fan muttered inwardly. Let’s how long you can keep enduring!

“If there’s no other way… this girl can only get my breasts enlarged for you…”

Her voice shivered as she said those words.

“That won’t do, the feel is completely different!”

Li Fan shook his head, “Fake is fake, it can’t compare to the real stuff!”


Lin Fan felt a strong murderous intent. Yep, get angry and expose your true purpose!

“Young Master? Young Master? Did you finish bathing?”

Tie Zhu called out to him from outside.

“I’ll definitely… make you marry me next time!”

Murong Ying draped her clothes over her shoulder and jumped out of the window of the public bath.

“What the heck…”

Li Fan was baffled a bit. All the members of Murong Ying’s family are so abnormal!

Do all of them have a screw loose in their head or what? Do all rich people have psychological problems?

Right at this moment, Tie Zhu pushed the door open and saw Li Fan stand there naked. She blushed immediately then turned around before covering her cheeks while squirming, “This is so embarrassing! I’ve seen something I shouldn’t have seen!”

“Embarrassing your sister!”

Li Fan was about to break down. You dumbo!

“Young Master… I’ll leave your clothes here… It’s almost time now…”

“Ok-ok. Put them there and get out quickly!”

“Young Master… I’ll be waiting for you at the entrance… Hehehe…”

Hehehe my ass!

Li Fan felt his heart crumble as he watched Tie Zhu run out while squirming. I guessed it right! Everyone in this place is a nutcase! He got out of the bath. Even without a towel, his body dried up pretty fast.

When Li Fan arrived in front of the main house along with Tie Zhu, Murong Ying’s eyes immediately brightened up.

Li Fan was donned in a slim-fit black martial arts dress right now. It really added the aura of a martial artist onto him. That’s why the ancestors often said – Clothes make the person.

Li Fan felt somewhat uneasy when she looked at him, “What are you looking at? Is there something on my face?”

“I wasn’t looking at you?”

Murong Ying calmly looked towards the sky, “I was just thinking how good the weather is today.”

“I’d be crazy to believe you… Oh yeah, it seems like I ran into your little sister just now.”

Li Fan pondered over the matter and decided to speak about it to Murong Ying.

“Oh? Where?”

“On the way.”

Li Fan stated in a small voice, “Anyways… she attacked me by transforming water droplets into ice spikes. Which art is that?”

“Stop speaking nonsense!”

Murong Ying’s expression turned from a calm one into an unsightly one, “That’s a heretical martial art. There’s no way someone from my Murong family would use that thing!”

She glared at him viciously, “You better not speak such nonsense again or else I’ll cut your tongue off!”

Holy! These sisters are really something, one likes to dig eyes out and the other likes to cut tongues! You girls are like bread and butter!

“Let’s not make my father wait too long. Shall we go in?”

Murong Ying pushed the door open and entered inside. The interior of the main house was very bright and had a set of appealing redwood furniture which looked extraordinary.

The main house also adhered to Fengshui very well. It was of the right dimensions and had a white snake coiling around the central roof beam. Li Fan had heard from elders that the prestigious houses liked to raise such snakes in ancient times. The snake was commonly referred to as the wealth spirit, and if it were to leave the house one day, that would be an omen to the family’s wealth withering up.

The area inside the house wasn’t that small. A middle-aged man donned in a martial arts robe stood in the middle of the house right now and was performing a sword dance. His sword dance didn’t possess that much of an exaggerated feeling to it and was quite simple and elegant, seeming as if it were purely to cultivate mentality.

Murong Ying didn’t dare to utter a word while the man performed the sword dance. She pulled Li Fan to the side and waited. Only after the man handed over the sword to the servant beside him then wiped the sweat off with a towel did she raise her head.

“Haahh, I’ve become old. Just a short dance has me sweating.”

“Father still possess quite a lively spirit and has unrivaled martial arts.”

Murong Ying nudged Li Fan with her elbow. Li Fan finally reacted but perhaps because he was anxious and a little nervous, he cupped his hands and said such words.

“I wish brother a lifetime of glory and that you succeed in unifying the Jianghu!”

Murong Ying’s face turned dark. Even Li Fan felt like crying. It was just too ridiculous. How come I used Dongfang Bubai’s lines?!

However, the middle-aged man still wore a calm look and gazed at his daughter while mumbling to himself, “Baby… Why did you leave home for so many days? Just see how thin you’ve become. Come, let papa hug you quickly…”

Cold sweat formed on Li Fan’s forehead this time. Fudge! Is this really an ultimate expert? Isn’t he just a friggin’ daughtercon?!

“Father… I’m quite good… Also, I’m not a child…”

Murong Ying was clearly a bit embarrassed as well. She coughed twice while the man began wiping his tears, “Baby, your mama passed away early, and I’ve acted as both your dad and mom while raising you up ever since then. Now that you’ve grown up, you think I’m annoying and that you don’t need me…”

“Father… I really didn’t mean that…”

Murong Ying’s face turned darker. After all, Li Fan was still here so she couldn’t take it.

“Father… Li Fan is still here…”


The middle-aged man’s gaze dropped on Li Fan. In that split second, Li Fan felt like he had fallen into a freezer as a terrifying feeling pervaded his heart.

This man… is very formidable… He just looked at me, and it felt like he was overflowing with a strong aura! However, he just glanced at Li Fan once before looking at his daughter tenderly.

“Baby, the marriage partner dad suggested is quite befitting to you.”

When the man called his daughter by her pet name, it really didn’t sit well with Li Fan. Such a cute pet name doesn’t her at all!

“Father, I’ve already chosen a husband.”

Murong Ying stated immediately, “I hope father can respect a woman’s wish.”

“Baby, your mama passed away early, and I’ve acted as both your dad and mom while raising you up ever since then. Now that you’ve grown up, you think I’m annoying and don’t want to listen to my words…”

Li Fan wiped the sweat off his face. This man, is his nickname Xianglin Sao or what…

“Father… daughter doesn’t dare…”

Murong Ying was also very embarrassed while the man just waved his hand in response, “Lil’ Zheng, quickly come out to see my daughter.”

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