Chapter 0014 – Meeting the Father-in-Law

Li Fan was left dumbfounded. Why the heck are you telling me this? Do you think I’m gonna feel happy that I’m going to become a father?

“Murong Ying, stop making a scene!”

“Who’s making a scene?”

Murong Ying furrowed her brows slightly then looked at Li Fan with a displeased gaze, “Li Fan, as a man, are you going to shirk from the responsibilities of your actions?”

“I’ll naturally fulfill them… Wait for a second, I haven’t even done anything! Just whose child are you pregnant with?”

Li Fan was about to break down. Just whose child did she get pregnant with? Am I just the fall-back guy for her?

“Of course it’s yours!”

Murong Ying almost yelled out, her voice rising an octave. Even Tie Zhu got frightened and turned back to look. Murong Ying’s face was completed flushed right now. She wore a solemn expression on her face then spoke to Li Fan, “Who else could it be apart from you? Am I such a fickle woman in your heart?”

“But… How did you become pregnant?”

“I felt nauseous the entire day today… The records in the medical book mentioned that this is a sign of pregnancy.”

Li Fan’s face turned dark when he saw the serious look on her face, “Bis Sis, you just ate some bad stuff! We haven’t done it, so it’s impossible for you to get pregnant!”

“So you still refuse to admit it. Did you forget? You groped my breast!”

“Fudge! If groping a woman’s chest made them pregnant, would China even promote the two-child policy? The country would be overrun by kids already if that were the case!”

This woman, does she even have common sense regarding physiology?!

“Young Miss, you don’t get pregnant through groping!”

At this moment, Tie Zhu suddenly interrupted them, “My grandma told me about these things!”

“Great! Looks like we have someone with common sense here!”

Li Fan relaxed his breath. Fudge, she almost made me a daddy.

“Is that so?”

Murong Ying revealed a thoughtful expression, “Then how does one get pregnant?”

“I know it!”

Tie Zhu immediately grabbed the chance to show off her knowledge. Li Fan felt nervous. Explaining it right now… that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me.

“My grandma told me that you get pregnant through kissing.”

“So it was like that… Lord Husband, it seems that I’m really pregnant.”

FFS! Li Fan was really on the verge of breaking apart. Did the two of you come from Mars? Why don’t you return there? Earth is quite dangerous!

“Ok-ok. If you’re really pregnant, I’ll definitely bear the responsibility for it and be a good father!”

“Mhm. That’s a sensible choice.”

Murong Ying was finally satisfied. She then caressed her flat underbelly gently, her face glowing with a motherly radiance, “I wonder what kind of name would be good for the baby… If it’s a boy, let’s call him Murong Yingxiong (Hero) and if it’s a girl, let’s call her Murong Jinguo (Lady).”

Fudge! You’ve even thought up names for the child already! And why is the surname Murong, huh?! … Let it be, there’s no point in arguing about these with her. thought Li Fan depressingly.

“By the way… Since you’ve decided to act as a father, don’t mess around with other women as you wish.”

Murong Ying feigned indifference while suddenly saying these words.

“Huh? When have I messed around with other girls? That’s a huge false accusation!”

Li Fan felt wronged.

“A true man has the courage to accept his doings.”

Murong Ying caressed her underbelly while sighing faintly, “Hey, darling, your papa is a very irresponsible man. He actually thinks mama doesn’t know about the matter of him sending a slip to a girl for setting up a date…”

Fudge! This woman is really becoming crazy!

“Madame, that’s a false accusation. I wasn’t the one who sent the slip, it was Wang Xiaoyuan! Moreover, I didn’t even do anything except having a duel with Liao Bing!”


Murong Ying raised her brows, “Who won?”

“Damn! Are you not even concerned a little about your husband’s body?”

“Darling, your papa is a man yet he’s actually afraid of pain.”

“Oioioi, that’s enough!”

Li Fan was about to go crazy, “I won!”

“That’s not bad.”

Murong Ying nodded, “You’re qualified now.”

“Fook! What if I had lost?”

“If you couldn’t even defeat an admirer of mine, then you aren’t qualified to be my husband.”

Li Fan didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Isn’t this Murong Ying acting a bit too domineering? I’m afraid this woman has not a single ounce of gentleness within her!

“Since you won the duel, I’ll write off the matter of you having an affair. If there’s another time, I’ll make it so that you aren’t a man anymore.”

Crazy girl, I didn’t have an affair! You’re accusing me falsely! Li Fan had no choice but to suffer in silence bitterly.

Although this bout was my loss, the battle is still ongoing. I absolutely cannot let her ride on top of my head.

“Madame, your words aren’t appropriate.”

Li Fan said solemnly all of a sudden, “Our ancestors have passed down their wisdom. If you want to prevent your man from having an affair, you have to at least feed him at home until he’s satisfied! You aren’t doing that for me and are even accusing me of having an affair outside. Isn’t that too unreasonable?”

“What do you mean by not feeding you…”

Murong Ying wasn’t a stupid woman. She figured out the implication within the words after thinking for just a moment. Her expression turned serious as she asked, “Didn’t you grope me?”

“How could a real man be satisfied with just groping breasts?!”

Li Fan said with stern righteousness, “Haven’t you ever heard of the words – the more ambitious you are, the bigger stage you are on!”


Murong Ying thought that he was arguing with unreasonable demands, but she didn’t know how to refute him, so she turned her head away and ignored him. Soon after, she began caressing her underbelly again.

“Darling… your papa is a big pervert! You must not take after him after growing up!”

Fudge! Not again now!

“Huh? This doesn’t look like the way back home!”

Li Fan discovered that the car was moving in a different direction. The surrounding scenes were becoming more and more unfamiliar to him, so he quickly queried about it, “Tie Zhu, did you take a wrong turn?”

“No, I haven’t, Young Master. We’re on the right route!”

After Tie Zhu affirmed his doubts, Li Fan looked at his fiancee for an answer, “Where are you taking me to now? Could be it that you’re finally revealing your brutal nature and are going to sell me to some village deep in the mountains where they cultivate boys to husbands by buying them cheap?”

“Keep dreaming! No girl would be blind enough to fancy you!”

Murong Ying realized that she seemed to have scolded herself, so she snorted at him again.

“Madame Wife, where are we going to then? Can you please enlighten your husband?”


Murong Ying added on, “To my home, the Murong Manor.”


Li Fan was stunned. Are we going to see father-in-law and mother-in-law?

“Do I even have any say in this family? Why didn’t anyone inform me about such an important matter?”

“What are you getting excited for? I also got the notice just recently.”

Murong Ying rolled her eyes at him, “Even an ugly wife has to meet the parents-in-law.”

“Indeed… Wait, who are you calling an ugly wife?! You should be the one meeting my parents, okay?”

“I’ve already met them.”

“That’s isn’t important at all, okay? I’m not prepared!”

How could a high school student not feel nervous before meeting the father-in-law?!

“It doesn’t matter. Don’t feel too nervous.”

Murong Ying placated him, “My father just wants to see you, that’s all. He won’t do anything to you, probably.”

“That’s good to hear…”

“After all, he also wants to know who is the boy that made his daughter run away from home.”

“So it was like that, I feel relieved now… HOLD ON, WHAT DID YOU SAY JUST NOW?!”

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