Chapter 0013 – Bad News

The Quintuple Beast Forms consisted of five stances – the Tiger, the Crane, the Ape, the Bear, and the Deer. The moment someone attained the pinnacle in imitating a form was when the Quintuple Beast Forms revealed its genuine power.

Right now, Li Fan was just like a tiger descending the mountain. He semi-crouched on the floor while glaring at Liao Bing. Liao Bing’s heart began to pound, he felt as if a beast had set its sight on him.

“What are you afraid of?! It’s not like you haven’t fought with a real tiger!” Liao Bing persuaded himself.

“Keep bluffing! I’ll offer you as a sacrifice to my Thunderpalm Strike today!”

Saying so, Liao Bing suddenly sprinted across the distance of 4 meters and performed a double fist strike to the ears. His palms slapped towards Li Fan’s ears from both directions.

But Li Fan had a steady expression. His body actually dipped down once more until he looked like he was lying prone on the floor. Through this maneuver, he escaped Liao Bing’s attack by a hair’s breadth. At the same time, Li Fan’s arms reached out and grabbed onto Liao Bing’s arms. His fingers forcibly pierced into Liao Bing’s arms as if they were prongs, sinking deep into the flesh!

Li Fan’s arms were like a tiger’s mouth, they bit into Liao Bing’s arms. And the pain from the stabs which had soaked into his bone marrow made Liao Bing scream. Li Fan swung his body while flinging his arms, just like a tiger flinging its head. Liao Bing was tossed away to the side and crashed into a desk with force.

“Appearance of the Voracious Tiger!”

Li Fan exhaled a mouthful of impure breath. His fingers still dripped with crimson blood and dyed a ghastly sight.

“This isn’t the Form-Intent Fist! What is this style are you using?”

Liao Bing crawled up and jabbed on his arm a few times to stop blood from flowing out temporarily. He looked a Li Fan in a bit of a shock.

“Quintuple Beast Forms, Tiger Form.”

The circulation of blood inside Li Fan’s body sped up, but his body had entered an ice-cold state. His head was fully cool-headed.

“Quintuple Beast Forms? That gymnastic exercise? You must be kidding me!”

Liao Bing roared loudly, and Li Fan moved at the same moment. From Liao Bing’s perspective, Li Fan looked a tiger running on the floor. With his rapid speed, he had already appeared before Liao Bing in just two to three steps. His hands made razor-sharp attacks like those from a tiger’s claws and tore into Liao Bing’s torso.

It was a scene of utter carnage with bits of clothes, flesh, and blood flying everywhere. Liao Bing’s torso had become badly mangled.

“The Tiger’s Tail-Lash!”

Liao Bing couldn’t gather the power to retaliate against Li Fan’s quick attacks. In the end, Li Fan placed his weight onto his right foot, gathered strength at his waist and spun his body while bringing his hands together. His arms thrashed at Liao Bing just like a tiger’s tail lashing out.

Liao Bing’s body flew back and broke through the window glass behind him then fell down like a kite with a broken string!

Li Fan hurried to the window side yet only discovered a patch of bloodstain downstairs. Liao Bing had already made his escape.

“It was clever of you to escape quickly!”

Li Fan swung his hands so that the blood came off from it. His blood circulation was also turning slower as time passed. I really defeated Liao Bing using a gymnastics set! It seems like these Quintuple Beast Forms are very amazing! Wifey didn’t cheat me!

“Liu Xiaoli, what are you all doing here?”

Li Fan finally noticed Liu Xiaoli and the others at the back row.

“Heh… Hehe… We’re hiding here to take a smoke…”

Liu Xiaoli’s forehead was full of cold sweat. Li Fan then asked, “Why are you holding stakes then?”

“This… it’s to work out, you know… work out…”

Saying so, Liu Xiaoli put on a show by waving it.

The other delinquents also reacted and followed his example. They began waving the stakes in their hands immediately afterward and while speaking at the same time, “Yeah, we’re working out together!”

“Brother Li, you can’t do this. Didn’t you promise me you’ll break his legs?”

Wang Qiang had hidden under the table all along and only heard the chaotic noises. He didn’t see the scene of Li Fan displaying his formidable power and was waiting for him to get beaten up. When he heard Liu Xiaoli’s words, he immediately came out of hiding.

“Oh, it’s you, Wang Qiang. So you were here too.”

Li Fan had already understood the crux of the matter. This Wang Qiang really likes to do such things. I didn’t go looking for him, yet he has delivered himself to me.

“Brother Li, what are you waiting for?!”

Wang Qiang became anxious, “Go beat him up! I’ll settle things even if he turns into a retard!”

Fudge! I will be the one who’ll get beaten until I turn into a retard, not him! thought Liu Xiaoli.

“I’m just an ordinary student… Why would I hit someone for no reason…”

When Liu Xiaoli forced out a smile, Wang Qiang rushed to say, “Brother Li, didn’t you say that Second High is your turf?”

“Fuck! God, can’t you just let someone boast in peace?!”

“Brother Li, what happened? Is this a part of your street smart style too?”

“Asshole, get lost from here!”

Liu Xiaoli knocked Wang Qiang down with a kick. I should get far away from this idiot as soon as possible.

“Don’t appear in front of this daddy again or else I’ll beat the crap out of you!”

Liu Xiaoli scolded him then gave an apologetic smile towards Li Fan, “Brother Fan… No, Elder Fan, we’re just working out there. You must not believe that idiot’s words!”

“Mhm. You’re a good child. I’ll believe you.”

Li Fan stopped himself from laughing, “You should attend classes properly, got it? Don’t mix in the societies, it’s quite dangerous.”

“Yes, indeed. Elder Fan’s words are right. I’ll definitely study hard and try to improve myself every day from now on!”

Liu Xiaoli slipped away along with his group while Wang Qiang was left dumbfounded by the turn of events. Just what the heck is happening? Why is it turning out different from what I imagined?

“Li Fan… that… I was also duped by him… Sob… Hic… This Wang Qiang is a scoundrel who tricks girls into having sex by using his money. You have to teach him a lesson for me…”

The words Wang Xiaoyuan said while crying almost made Wang Qiang cough up blood.

“Alright, I got it. You should stay away from that scummy guy in the future, understood?”

Li Fan was fully aware that she was just putting up an act, but he didn’t feel like wasting his time on her. He gave Wang Qiang a playful glance then turned around to leave the library room. Fortunately, this library had long been abandoned or else disciplinary would’ve been taken against him for turning it into such a mess.

No one came to provoke Li Fan till the classes ended, allowing him to spend the time in peace.

At the school entrance, Li Fan ran into Murong Ying’s Bentley. She was sitting inside while Tie Zhu who stood in front of the car’s door bowed towards Li Fan.

“Young Master, please get inside the car.”


Li Fan felt a little amazed. Did the Sun rise up from the West today? Murong Ying is allowing me to ride the car?

There was no way Li Fan would refuse such a good thing. He obediently got into the Bentley. It’s my first time riding a Bentley, such a novel experience!

“Madame, did you take the wrong pills today or what? You’re actually allowing me to ride the car back home?”

Li Fan teased Murong Ying, which caused her to roll her eyes at him.

“You’re the one on the wrong pills! We have a proper business to talk about today.”

“What is it?”

He couldn’t fathom what could’ve made an inflexible person like Murong Ying break the rules she had established.

“Let’s talk about something else first… Li Fan… Umm… Today, I…”

“What’s wrong? Why are you acting so hesitant to speak? This doesn’t seem like you.”

Murong Ying was a straightforward person, and quite rarely minced her words.

“I’ll tell you… but you need to prepare yourself mentally first.”

“Okay. You can say it. No matter what it is, I can take it.”

Does she want to remove our engagement? From her hesitant look, that might really be the case. That’s no wonder. No pretty woman would prefer to date and marry a nobody like me. Let it be. With this, I will finally be freed of all worries.

“Li Fan… I’m… pregnant…”

“Ok, got it… WAIT A SEC, WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”

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