Chapter 0012 – The Tiger Descends the Mountain

Li Fan had never received a slip from a girl in his entire life; it was an almost nigh impossible event. After cultivating the Qilin Arms for years, has the day for its power to reveal itself finally arrived? Li Fan muttered internally. Or have things changed for the better? Have the heavens blessed me with luck with the ladies?

After the classes ended, he arrived at the fifth floor. It was a deserted location, and according to rumors, a schoolgirl had hung herself in the old library room. Hence, the entire floor was left in an abandoned state. Especially the library room, no one dared to go inside usually. Why has Wang Xiaoyuan asked me to meet here? Is she going to confess her love? That can’t be it, right? Isn’t she Wang Qiang’s girl?

Li Fan kept making guesses, and he was unaware that besides Wang Xiaoyouan, Wang Qiang and his pals were lying in wait for him behind a row of tables inside the library room.

He and a few of the infamous delinquents of the school were sitting together. He offered them a cigarette one by one.

“Brothers, everything depends on you all today!”

The cigarettes Wang Qiang gave them were of the top-rate Chunghwa brand and were hard for these few delinquents to get their hands on normally. Each of them grinned hideously and patted their chests while promising to help him.

“Wang Qiang, feel at ease. This Xiaoli has the final say in Second High!”

Liu Xiaoli’s hair was dyed yellow and also had a lip piercing. He was the typical example of the street smart culture widespread in the nation. Even the teachers didn’t wish to deal with him.

“Yes, indeed. Brother Liu, you have to crush that Li Fan today! Don’t worry about breaking an arm or two of his, I’ll put forward the compensation money! I won’t treat you all unfairly too!”

Wang Qiang displayed his inherent character as the son of a businessman amply. Liu Xiaoli slapped his thigh after hearing those words, “Wang Qiang, you shouldn’t say such inappropriate words. Do you think we have come for your money? Those who mingle in the societies act on the code of brotherhood! Don’t mention money again, that’s such a sad thing! Big Zhuang, aren’t I right?”

He patted a tall and pretty boy who was smoking beside him. When he heard his boss call him, he quickly nodded, “Yes-Yes. Brother Liu is right!”


Liu Xiaoli gave him a hard slap, “You stupid cxnt! Think before you speak!”

That tall guy finally understood what to do and clasped his cheek while speaking in a grieved tone, “Ah. That won’t do, Brother Li. We accept that you value loyalty, but we brothers can’t help for free!”

“You brat, why do you only know to ask money, huh?!”

Liu Xiaoli felt resentful towards him for failing to meet his expectations, “Wang Qiang, just take a look at these brothers of mine. None of them understand my nobility.”

“I think he’s right. A thousand RMB per person, you can spend it as you wish!”

To these group of students, a thousand RMB was equivalent to a grand lottery prize. All of their eyes shone with greed immediately.

“Don’t worry, Wang Qian. I’ll make sure to break that brat’s leg today! He thinks his peach blossom luck has arrived, but this daddy will split his chrysanthemum open today!”

“Brother Li… it’s not the chrysanthemum…”

“Fuck! You think I need you to remind me? Anyways, they are all flowers, does it matter, huh?”

Saying so, Liu Xiaoli took out stakes from his clothes. When the other delinquents saw his sinister smile, their chrysanthemums shivered, making them cover their buttocks subconsciously.

They waited for Li Fan to arrived and he lived up to their expectations. He pushed open the doors to the room and walked inside.

“Xiaoyuan, do you need me for something?”

After Liu Xiaoli and the others heard his voice, they immediately got out of their hiding place with a fiendish expression on their face and stakes in hand. Liu Xiaoli was just about to rain curses when the window glass beside him broke into pieces. A man donned in an oversized blue dress came through it and rolled on the ground. The glass fragments fell off him as he got up and swore at Li Fan.

“I’ve finally found you! You bastard!”

“Fudge! Liao Bing, why is it you again?!”

Li Fan looked at him and felt his head hurt. So you’ve recovered after recuperating for a month, huh? Aren’t you a bit too zealous?!

“You snatched my wife. As long as I have a single breath of life left in me, I’ll do my best to kill you!”

Liao Biang raised his sleeves to reveal his palm-leaf sized palms, “My injuries are all healed. You won’t win this time!”

Saying so, Liao Bing thrust his palm towards Li Fan. Li Fan knew how terrifying his Thunderpalm Strike was so he used the Ape style to appear three meters away in an instant.


Liao Bing’s palm slammed against the wall, leaving behind a shallow palm print on it. It spooked Liu Xiaoli and the others, making them draw in a cold breath.

Fudge! Are you shooting a movie or what?

“In the one month I haven’t seen you, your escaping skills have become better.”

Liao Bing mocked him then suddenly slapped towards the bookshelf beside him. It slid away and sealed the entrance of the library.

“I’ve come to catch the turtle in the jar today!”

“MTFK, you’re the turtle! Your whole family is turtles!”

Li Fan was enraged. Liao Bing, this retard, is too difficult to deal with!

Like how Murong Ying had told him before, once the library’s exit got sealed, Liao Bing began to use varying speeds to shower a storm of Thunderpalm Strikes towards Li Fan. He could only keep retreating while using the short time gaps in between to throw the nearby tables towards him. The table weighed around 10 kilos, yet it was like a child’s toy in his hands. He sent them smashing towards Liao Bing with ease. However, Liao Bing’s response was much more ridiculous. He sent them all flying away with his palm.

“God… Are they even humans?”

Liu Xiaoli felt his calves and stomach cramp up.

Hey man… this is too irrational!

“All tricks and no skill yet you still dare to disgrace yourself by taking them out!”

Liao Bing laughed proudly, “And you believe you’re suitable for my goddess, huh? Bastard, why don’t you kneel down and beg me like a dog? I might spare your worthless life if I feel pleased after breaking your legs!”

Li Fan pursed his brows; rage blazing within him.

“Liao Bing, don’t act too excessively!”

“Idiot, in the world of martial artists, might is the only thing which speaks!”

Liao Bing brandished his palms, “My Thunderpalm Strike will soon teach you how to conduct yourself!”

Saying so, he suddenly struck his palm towards Li Fan’s stomach.

“Ninefold Thunder Blitz!”

Li Fan grabbed a table and placed it in front of him.


Liao Bing’s palm penetrated through the table and struck Li Fan, sending him sliding backward till he crashed into the bookshelf behind him.

“Hahaha. Weak. You’re utterly weak!”

Liao Bing felt very proud of himself, “The goddess will become mine again once I get rid of you!”


The bookshelf got knocked away all of a sudden. Li Fan stood up there with a sorry figure and wiped the blood off the corners of his lips.

“You show-off.. Did you have fun while hitting me?”

A tiny flame seemed to ignite inside Li Fan’s eyes, “You should allow me to have fun too, right?”

“With your skills? Keep dreaming, you good-for-nothing!”

Liao Bing spat towards Li Fan while the latter remained silent. He removed his shoes then assumed an unusual pose. His hands took the form of claws while his whole body laid half down on the floor.

Liu Xiaoli and the others felt as if it weren’t Li Fan there but rather a tiger which had descended the mountain!

“What’s this? Form-Intent Fist?”

Liao Bing laughed heartily, “How could such a skill defeat my Thunderpalm Strike!”

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