Chapter 0011 – A Slip from the Class Diva

On account of that one sentence which expressed his true feelings, Li Fan was made to practice till daybreak as punishment!

Although he felt a bit fatigued, Li Fan was actually happy! He had won in his first bout with Murong Ying! A long-awaited victory!

Although she wasn’t proficient in the other forms, Murong Ying demonstrated each of them for Li Fan once. He felt pleased with the view and got through the night quite comfortably. It’s great to have a wife, at least I can feel fully content in a visual sense. It would be nice if I’m given satisfaction with other aspects too…

The Quintuple Beast Forms looked simple, but it had wide-range of uses and contained a profound depth to it. For a month, Li Fan continued this kind of life every day. He attended the school during the day then returned home to practice after he was dismissed. As his comprehension of Quintuple Beast Forms deepened, Li Fan became exceedingly lively and enthusiastic. His entire being radiated health and vigor and his eyes shone with a flash of brilliance from time to time.

Practicing the Quintuple Beast Forms once after waking up in the morning had already become a habit to Li Fan. Murong Ying stood at the entrance of the room, donned in light yellow casual home clothing. She looked at Li Fan who was practicing to his heart’s content and felt a little jealous.

This Pure Yang Body is quite amazing. Just a month of practice has allowed him to understand the essence of the style. It would’ve been nice if I were born a man. I wouldn’t have had to worry about the issue of the family’s successor.

“Madame, getting on top of your bed is just right around the corner, what do you say?”

Li Fan had gradually become accustomed to living together with Murong Ying and slowly started making use of glib-tongue.

“You’re asking for a beating!”

Murong Ying glared at him, “With those jack of all trades-like skills, you’d just make people laugh their ass off.”

“If you say such words, it will severely injure your husband’s heart, got it!?”

Li Fan felt unhappy in his heart. Even if you’re the Martial Alliance Leader, you can’t look down on me so much! After practicing diligently for a month, I can feel that my strength has indeed increased a lot

“If you don’t believe me, we can exchange a few moves and widen your horizons.”

To prove her position within the family, Murong Ying walked to the center of the arena and beckoned him with her finger, “If you can hit the hem of my dress in 30 moves, it’s your win!”

“What will I get if I win?”

“Stop dreaming!”

Li Fan’s eyes swirled, “Don’t be so uptight. How about you give me a kiss?”

“No way!”

Murong Ying shook her head like a drum-shaped rattle, “I’ve hardly recovered some internal force. You must not kiss me!”

“Don’t worry! I’m not asking for a French kiss, just a light one. Can’t you just consider it as a reward to me for practicing this past month?”

Li Fan lowered his original request.

“Are you a pervert?”

“Fudge! We’re a couple! Are you going to promise or not?”

“Who’s a couple with you… Hit me, and we’ll talk about it then.”

A glow shimmered through Murong Ying’s eyes. As she stood there, the aura surrounding her seemed to fuse together with her surroundings. And Li Fan hadn’t noticed this happen. He was engrossed in his own satisfied thoughts. The day for me to show who’s the master of the house has finally arrived!

Of the Quintuple Beast Forms, the Deer Form possessed the best endurance while the Ape Form was the quickest. Li Fan had almost mastered these two forms in this past month. With his inner strength complementing his movements, he covered a distance of over 3 m in a single step, which far surpassed an ordinary human’s limit.

At the same time, he made a grabbing motion towards Murong Ying’s arm.

Although Murong Ying’s power had dropped, she was after all the current Martial Alliance Leader. She leaned sideways and evaded his hand with ease.

“Too many wasted movements.”

As she evaded his attack, Murong Ying didn’t forget to criticize Li Fan.

“Do you think you can climb my bed with just this? You’re 10 years too early!”

Li Fan tried to grab her again and again, but he couldn’t hit the hem of her clothes. It feels as if she’s riding the wind. I wonder what movement art she’s using. It’s much superior to mine!

“This is Murong family’s Scattered Fallen Petals. It’s a very profound movement art and isn’t suitable for you.”

Murong Ying saw through his expression then stated proudly.

“This is too unfair!”

Li Fan asserted the unfairness, yet Murong Ying just smiled in response, “You aren’t able to obtain the reward because of your inferior skills, and you’re blaming me?”

These words were a provocation to Li Fan’s ego. What’s the use of practicing martial arts if I can’t even defeat my woman?! His blood seemed to boil as it raced within his body, making his heartbeat speed up; his brain had also become abnormally excited.

At that split second, along with the increase in the speed of blood flow, Li Fan felt the entire world slow down. Although he didn’t know why it happened, it was undoubtedly a good thing for him! He seized this chance and jumped upwards immediately. With the assistance of internal force, he leaped 2 m high and made an about-turn midair, grabbing towards Murong Ying under him.

Monkey Spirit Grabs the Moon!

Li Fan’s movements speeding up suddenly had surpassed Murong Ying’s expectations. But she was an experienced fighter, she leaned back and did a backbend, successfully evading his excellent move.

However, Li Fan wasn’t discouraged by this. He almost subconsciously transferred his true qi downwards, performing a Thousand-Pound Drop while his right hand used the Black Tiger Heart Gouge.

This Black Tiger Heart Gouge was said to be the most ordinary attack in martial arts novel. But that wasn’t the reality. This attack was very fearsome. A person with deep inner strength could make their enemy’s heart explode in a single hit! However, Li Fan hadn’t used too much true qi, and neither was he trying to murder his wife. He just wanted to grab her.

Murong Ying was only half done with her backbend by now. She hadn’t expected that Li Fan would actually use a combo of Thousand-Pound Drop and Black Tiger Heart Gouge as a follow-up. She even forgot to dodge as she was too astonished and let him perform it completely.

“I-I won!”

Li Fan felt exalted! I can really do it if I try hard! Only… what’s this soft sensation under my… Holy… I used the Black Tiger Heart Gouge… and a girl’s heart is at…


Murong Ying sent Li Fan flying with a slap. Even if her strength had dropped, she was still full of life!

“You’re indeed a pervert!”

Murong Ying’s face was wholly flushed as she glared at Li Fan with anger.

“To tell the truth, I’m really being accused wrongly here!”

Li Fang grieved. That feeling was pretty nice. And it’s early morning, I wonder if she was wearing a bra or not…

“Just an excuse! Either way, no reward for you!”

Murong Ying turned around to leave while panting in rage, leaving Li Fan behind to grieve alone.

“Young Master, don’t feel sad. How about I reward you?”

Tie Zhu who stood the side all along stated such words shyly, “Hehehe… It’s too embarrassing… my face feels hot…”

Hot Your Sister! Li Fan made his escape from the Practice Room as well! Today is a really unlucky day, everything is a mess!

Murong Ying hadn’t come to visit the classroom the entire day, so many of the boys had a dazed look on their face. Li Fan felt a bit of uneasiness in his heart too.

However, that feeling on his hand from the morning… still seemed to linger a bit.

A month ago, I was a boy who couldn’t even find a dancing partner, and now, I’ve actually groped the pretty Martial Alliance Leader’s breasts… All this seems like a dream! Just when Li Fan was sighing with sorrow about how fickle life was, Wang Xiaoyuan who sat on the across to him on the other column of desks suddenly passed a slip to him when the teacher wasn’t paying attention.

“Can you come to the Library Room on the fifth floor after classes end?”

Fudge! What’s her intention? The class diva is inviting me?

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