Chapter 0010 – Quintuple Beast Forms

“Can I learn the punching and kicking ones?”

Li Fan’s eyes gleamed with a luster, “Do you have the Eighteen Subduing Dragon Palms or maybe the Buddha’s Palm?”

If I learn these peerless godly skills, won’t I become really amazing? I won’t need to do act, and if I decide to, it will end with someone’s death. A typical heroic style. Won’t make girls fall head over heels for me?

However, this caused Murong Ying to roll her eyes at him. But the way she did it really looked nice.

“What are thinking of? These skills do exist, but they are already extinct. I don’t have the manuals for them.”

“Fudge! That’s a real pity!”

Li Fan shouted while feeling it was a great pity and Murong Ying brought him back to reality, “I only have some simple punching and kicking skills. I can give them to you if you want to learn them.”

“Simple skills? What meaning would be there in that?! If I’m going to learn something, I want a peerless godly skill!”

Li Fan said unhappily, which made Murong Ying roll her eyes again.

“You mustn’t aim too high when learning martial arts, always remember that! So what if it’s simplistic? Even if it only has a single sequence, if you practice it diligently and learn the true essence of it, you can become a great expert too!”


Li Fan didn’t believe her words.

“Tie Zhu, demonstrate it for him.”

Murong Ying clapped her hands. Tie Zhu nodded as an affirmation then brought frozen chicken as well as a vegetable knife from the kitchen.

She threw the chicken up in the air and brandished the knife in her hands in a pretty sequence which looked like a dance. Li Fan was dazzled by the performance! When the frozen chicken fell on the ground, the bones and meat were cut apart cleanly. What was most shocking to him was that the bones were completely intact and weren’t broken anywhere.

“T-This… is an exquisite saber knife art…”

Li Fan clapped his hands awkwardly. Tie Zhu lowered her head with embarrassment and fiddled with the hem of her dress. Li Fan’s heart began to panic. Fudge! What are you acting shy for?!

“Tie Zhu’s family were butchers before, their specialty was butchering animals.”

Murong Ying’s explanation left Li Fan in shock, “They mastered this knife skill of butchering which came to be known as the Pao Ding Knife Arts. She can even cut apart your bones from the meat, let alone this chicken.”

“That’s really amazing!”

Li Fan felt like he had truly widened his scope today, “What external style should I learn today?”

“Quintuple Beast Forms.”


Li Fan was stunned, “Isn’t that the gymnastics sequence invented by Hua Tao for the masses?”

“Didn’t you hear what I just told you? This is the one. Are you going to learn or not?”

“I’ll learn it!”

At least I’ll possess some defensive abilities! Li Fan didn’t have anything else to say. He was okay with anything as long as it didn’t include using a saber or a sword. If he roamed the streets with a saber or sword on his back every day, he’d get arrested by the police uncles before his opponents could find him.

“Tie Zhu, you can clean up now. I’ll teach the Quintuple Beast Forms to him. Lord Husband, let’s go upstairs, shall we?”

“I’ll have to trouble you with that, Young Miss.”

They left Tie Zhu there and went upstairs. The third floor had a spacious arena for practicing martial arts. Li Fan was not in the mood to practice them as his thoughts were still a mess. I’m finally alone with Murong Ying… Li Fan felt his heart thump faster suddenly. It was the first time he was alone with such a pretty woman, so he felt a little nervous… Li Fan oh Li Fan, man up! Isn’t it just a woman?! What are you afraid of? She’s your wife, not a tigress!

Murong Ying suddenly chuckled when she saw the nervous look on Li Fan’s face.

“Aren’t you a very smooth talker online? You even addressed me as wifey. How come you’re so scared now, Mr. Lord Husband?”

“T-That… I was just joking…”

Li Fan’s thick-skinned face turned red, “Who would’ve thought that playing LOL would bring out a Marital Alliance Leader… By the way, why were you playing LOL instead of doing the job of the Martial Alliance Leader?!”

“What’s wrong with that? Am I not allowed to have hobbies?”

Murong Ying assumed an honest expression, “Which rules say that the Martial Alliance Leader isn’t allowed to play LOL?”

“T-That… There’s indeed nothing like that.”

Li Fan was left speechless. This Murong Ying has amazing skills as well as an eloquent way of speaking. Won’t I be suppressed by her in all aspects then?! This won’t do! Right, I should just consider her as that clumsy minigunner, and I’ll be fine!

“Who told you I’m scared, huh?! I was just expressing respect towards my wife!”

Li Fan altered his way of thinking and felt his tenseness lift up, which allowed his words to leave his mouth smoothly.

“Oh, is that so?”

Murong Ying raised her crescent brows while smiling widely, “I wonder who was the one said he wanted to climb up on my bed yesterday?”

“T-That ought to be proper!”

Li Fan was usually a smooth talker online, so he had begun to reveal his talent properly now, “As the husband, how can I allow my wife to sleep alone on the cold bed?! Isn’t that treating my wife the same as a grass widow?! Moreover, you’re a girl and will feel scared when it’s dark or when the sky rumbles with thunder. What would you do when you need a person to hug at that moment? I’m actually sacrificing myself for the happiness of the whole family!”


Murong Ying rolled her eyes at him. You should be acting modestly since I praised you, but why are you letting it get to your head?! And you even say you’re sacrificing yourself for the happiness of the whole family! What whole family! Isn’t there just us in this family… Ugh, so hateful, just what am I thinking!

“Stop letting your imagination run wild! It’s time to practice now, so you have to approach it with the proper attitude!”

Murong Ying reprimanded Li Fan angrily.

“I’m not letting my imagination run wild at all, Instructor Murong!”

Li Fan asserted, “My thoughts are very positive and proper! I wonder what you mean by advising me not to let my imagination run wild? Did something come to your mind?”

“It’s unrelated to you!”

Murong Ying’s face blushed a little, making her turn her head away.

“We’re husband and wife, there’s no harm in telling me.”

“Enough now! Who are husband and wife?! Are you trying to delay practicing? Do you want a beating now?”

Murong Ying raised her hand, but she didn’t possess any aggressiveness at all.

“Okie-Dokie. My wife is the most formidable! I’ll practice diligently and stop pondering about what you were desiring. Shall we start then?”

“That’s good now… What desiring! I didn’t think of anything like that! Stop babbling nonsense now, or else I’ll tear off your mouth!”

Murong Ying’s patience was running out yet Li Fan acted solemnly, “Wife, stop making a fuss. Let’s practice.”


Murong Ying slammed the wall with her palm, leaving a palm print behind.

“You look very eager to learn! I’ll teach you thoroughly then!”

Murong Ying emphasized her words then said, “The Quintuple Beast Forms look simple, but they have a wide-ranging and profound use. The forms include the Tiger, Crane, Ape, Deer, and Bear forms. I’m good at only the Crane Fist among them. Take a good look!”

Saying so, she separated her hands in the form of the wings of a crane and began to dance gracefully. Nature had blessed Murong Ying with pretty looks as well as a fabulous figure. She really looked an ethereal red-crowned crane at this moment. Watching her made Li Fan’s heart thump faster. I never thought such a pretty woman existed in this world. When she isn’t tormenting me, she truly looks like a fairy.

“In the Crane Fist, you need to pay attention to the Wings Revelation, Crane Beak and the Ascending Waltz.”

Murong Ying demonstrated them beautifully while explaining, “Observe my movements. This Quintuple Beast Forms only has five realms. Even if you reach just the first realm, you can defeat that Liao Bing with the assistance of your internal force.”

Murong Ying released the qi from her dantian after demonstrating the set of Crane Fist movements once then turned towards Li Fan, “Did you see it clearly?”

“I did…”

Li Fan nodded.

“What exactly did you see?”

“A red-crowned crane… it was gorgeous…”

“Lord Husband, can you choose a method to die?”

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