Chapter 0009 – Learning An External Style Martial Art

The door to a new world was slowly opening up to Li Fan.

“A martial artist… that’s quite a rare way to address them, aren’t they usually called martial heroes in wuxia? Ayah…”

Li Fan cut into the conversation when a small marble hit his head, making him cry out in pain. A bump rose up on top of his head. He held the marble in his hands to inspect it and realized that it was made from pure gold and considerably valuable!

“You shouldn’t interrupt others while they are speaking. Do you not have even this amount of courtesy?”

Murong Ying regained her slim hands, “Although my throwing weapon skills are average, they are enough to punish you.”

This young miss is really unordinary… Isn’t using such a throwing weapon a bit too extravagant?! Li Fan looked at the dazzling golden throwing weapon and clenched his teeth. He even forgot all about the pain.

“Moreover, not anyone is referred to as a hero! A great martial hero assists the nation and the masses. A minor marital hero assists the friends and neighbors.”

Murong Ying reminded him, “Don’t say such nonsense hereafter lest you become a laughingstock.”

“Yeah yeah. Gotcha. Continue speaking in.”

“Tie Zhu, use your internal force.”

Murong Ying commanded. Tie Zhu assumed the horse stance and squatted there. Her clothes began to flutter as if a stream of air were making them do so.

“This is the true qi within the body. By circulating it, it’s possible to bring it outside the body.”

Murong Ying explained, “You can touch it.”

“Men and women shouldn’t have such close contact!”

Li Fan rejected the offer resolutely!

“As far as a martial artist is concerned, internal force must complement the external style they use.”

Murong Ying continued explaining to Li Fan. Her voice is quite pleasant to the ears, and the stuff she is speaking about is much more interesting than the school lectures! Li Fan thought to himself.

“That Liao Bing you saw today. The Thunderpalm Strike he learned is an external-style martial art.”

Murong Ying didn’t know what was going on in Li Fan’s mind right now. She explained that blue-robed man’s skill, “As far as I know, the Thunderpalm Strike has seven realms. It’s possible to crush gold and jade after attaining the fifth realm.”

Murong Ying gifted Li Fan with another gold marble, which raised another bump on his head, making him grimace in pain. Damn it, girl! You’re bullying me too much! I’ll definitely catch the marble the next time you do it, believe me!

“But his internal force is superficial. Although he has cultivated for over a decade, his power is nowhere close to mine.”

Murong Ying pointed at Tie Zhu then said, “Tie Zhu has also cultivated 10 years of force. She’s at the Perfection Attainment stage.”

“I’ve shown Young Miss and Young Master my poor performance.”

It looked like Tie Zhu was feeling quite embarrassed. Is there a need for you to act shy?! I’m telling you, there’s no girl power in it!

“Internal force is divided into six stages. Those who have just begun practicing are at the ‘First Contact’ stage. After a few years of practice, they reach the ‘Comprehensive Mastery’ realm. 10 years of internal force and a bit of talent would bring you to the ‘Perfection Attainment’ stage, which is the stage Tie Zhu is in. If you have great talent like me, 10 years would mean reaching the ‘Flawless’ stage. Reaching the next stage would need time as well as talent. Those on that stage are the real experts, and the level is known as the ‘Apex’ stage! I started practicing internal force at the age of 4, and after practicing for 16 years along with the assistance of all kinds of medicinal pills, I’ve long since attained the Apex stage.”

She paused for a moment then continued, “But since you absorbed 11 years of my internal force yesterday… I’ve fallen to the ‘Flawless’ stage. I need to recuperate for around a year to return back to my former level.”

“What about me then?”

Although Li Fan felt this question was a bit too shameless, it wasn’t him who kissed her so decided to ask it.

“You… Although you’ve absorbed 11 years of my internal force, you didn’t seize the chance and wasted most of it. You’re only at the ‘Perfect Attainment’ stage right now. If you work hard with cultivation, you might reach the ‘Flawless’ stage.”

“So I was actually that strong! Hahaha!”

Li Fan was overjoyed, but Murong Ying poured a bucket of cold water over his head immediately, “But your external style is at a pitiful zero. I already told you, a martial artist must cultivate both the internal and the external to complement each other! If you run into Liao Bing again, he can beat you up using his external style by attacking faster!”


Li Fan felt a little embarrassed, “You can’t blame me for that. I was just an ordinary student before. I’ve only seen martial arts and so on in TV dramas…”

“That doesn’t matter. Fortunately, you have a solid foundation, so it’s not too late to start learning.”

Murong Ying comforted him, “If you let me instruct you, I can guarantee that I can make a peerless expert out of you.”

Oi, the way you used ‘instruct’ there sounds a bit shady to me!

“I have a question…”

Li Fan raised his hand, “You mentioned that internal force has six major stages, so what’s above the ‘Apex’ stage?”

“That’s the ‘Grandmaster’ stage, they are all reclusive experts. If they decide to act, even I, the Martial Alliance Leader can’t win against them.”

Murong Ying revealed an envious expression in her eyes, but it flashed by quickly, coldness returning to them.

“Let’s make most of our time. What you need to do now is to practice an external style diligently. If not, you’ll have a miserable ending when you run into another pursuer of mine or a challenger. I don’t care if you die, but I don’t want to live as a widow.”

“Wait a sec!”

Li Fan noticed something new among her words, “I can deal with your pursuers but why would your challengers come to fight me?”

“You’ve absorbed my internal force, so my strength is lacking. How will I deal with those experts?”

Murong Ying smiled sweetly, and this made Li Fan’s heart go out of control.

“Moreover, as my lord husband, you have to obstruct such danger from reaching me.”

Fuck! In the end, you’re here to spend a vacation! You’re truly a demoness!

“How will I defeat someone who even you can’t defeat?!”

Li Fan interrupted her hastily again. This time, Murong Ying didn’t even look at him before she sent a gold marble shooting towards him with lightning fast speed. But Li Fan was already prepared this time, a gleam flashed past his eyes suddenly as he predicted the marble’s trajectory and felt a chill on the back of his head.

By following through on this feeling, he moved his hand almost subconsciously and actually caught the marble! Murong Ying exclaimed in surprised. Although she had only used 30% of her power, Li Fan just a beginner yet was able to catch her throwing weapon. This was really shocking.

It seems like I was looking down on this senior high school student a bit. When Murong Ying saw his complacent appearance, she rolled her eyes.

“It looks like you have some amazing skills. From now, you shall deal with all the challengers.”


Li Fan had shot his own foot. He didn’t even have any tears left to cry.

“Young Miss, you shouldn’t blame Young Master. Why don’t you let him choose a martial art?”

After Tie Zhu put in some good words, Murong Ying acted a bit reasonably.

“Hmph! I’ll let you know what’s the real stuff if you try to show off again!”

“Yesyesyes! Madame Wife is the truly formidable one!”

“My Murong family is most skilled in sword arts, followed by saber arts. The ones on the lower spectrum are martial arts related to punching and kicking.”

Murong Ying asked him, “Sword arts possess the strongest might, saber arts are the most nefarious and fist arts are the most brutal. Which one do you want to learn?”

“Young Master, I believe you should learn a nice saber art.”

Tie Zhu advised him kindly, “Since this girl is also good at saber arts, I can accompany you while practicing!”

“Let it be!”

Li Fan felt his hair stand up when he imagined the scene of him practicing together with Tie Zhu. Everyone else usually gets to practice with younger apprentice sisters and form a friendly relationship with them in novels but how come I’m stuck with this one?! I’d rather be dead before I do it!

“Tie Zhu’s saber arts are really amazing. Are you avoiding her?”

Murong Ying raised her brows. Li Fan quickly justified himself, “When did I say that?! I just feel that learning saber skills in such a modern era is impractical. I can’t roam the streets every day while carrying a machete now, can I?!”

“That makes sense.”

Murong Ying bowed her head to ponder on it, “Then what martial art would suit you the best…”

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