Chapter 0008 – Martial Artist

“Is becoming your man alone enough to bring me trouble?”

Li Fan felt very unwell after being bothered by someone so severely, “Just who did I end up provoking?”

“Those words are too uncouth. Don’t forget that I am the Martial Alliance Leader. Many men have challenged me.”

Murong Ying stated pridefully, “Also, I had a lot of pursuers. Since you’ve become my lord husband now, you naturally have to share this pressure with me.”

“This is unfair. I’m suffering a huge loss here!”

“You can think of a method to remove the engagement then.”

“It’s my fortune to suffer such a loss! I need to temper myself much more to mature!”

Li Fan stated with a firm tone.

“Now you sound like my lord husband.”

Murong Ying nodded, “You’ll continue running back home in the evenings then, right?”


Li Fan was about to break down. He had to assume the horse stance the entire day and only got time to rest after the classes ended. His calves were sore, and his crotch was in pain as well! Although this woman keeps addressing me as ‘lord husband,’ she actually has no feelings for me! I’m being mistreated too much at my home! The ancients were right – One-tenth of a tael was enough to suppress a heroic man, let alone it’s 50 kilos of gold in my case!

This can’t go on. I have to show her who is the man of the house and the real master of this family! As a man, I must see through this conviction!

“What are you waiting for? Start running!”


Li Fan was about to start running when a Benz suddenly rushed towards him and almost knocked into his body. Fuck! What kind of driving is this? Is the driver blind?

The car’s door flung open, and Wang Qiang got down from it. Why did this guy swap his car? It seems like his family has a lot of fancy cars! This Benz must cost around a million, right?

“Ms. Murong! Allow me to drop you at your home!”

The company of Wang Qiang’s father was right opposite the school. Since the 911 wasn’t in a presentable condition, when he saw Murong Ying come out, he rushed to get his dad’s Benz out.

“I can’t.”

Murong Ying refused him resolutely.

“Ms. Murong, please give me a chance, can you?”

Wang Qiang had thrown all his girlfriends to the deep recesses of his mind. He only had Murong Ying within his eyes. This woman is really top quality stuff. Her looks are so pretty, and she had a nice figure… Especially those legs, just looking at them is making my mouth water up!

I could play with those legs for a year and still not have enough of it!

“I’m sorry. I already have a fiance.”

Murong Ying’s words destroyed Wang Qiang’s fantasies.

“W-Who is he?”

“Lord Husband, why haven’t you returned home yet?”

Murong Ying didn’t answer Wang Qiang but instead called out to Li Fan. Li Fan felt a chill on the back of his head. This woman… is truly a demoness!

“It’s him?! Impossible!”

Wang Qiang felt his worldview crumble, “Where do I lack when compared to him?! Ms. Murong, you weren’t duped, right?”

Murong Ying titled her head sideways the sized up the both of them with a thoughtful expression, “Now that you mention it… You’re handsome than him and wealthier than him…”

“Indeed, it is as you say!”

Wang Qiang nodded while Li Fan felt depressed and also a little grieved. What is this? Am I feeling jealous or what? No way! It must be my imagination!

“However, I like him and there’s no reason for it. Also, address me as School Director.”

When Murong Ying deliberately said such words, Wang Qiang felt like biting Li Fan and sucking his blood dry! Just what character or ability does this brat have that such a pretty woman is offering herself up to him?!

“Ms. Murong, with such a noble identity as yours, it’s proper for you to travel to and fro from work in a Benz!”

Wang Qiang didn’t want to give up, so he put up a final effort.

“A Benz…”

Murong Ying smiled, “That won’t suit me.”

“It will! Believe me! The Benz suits you very well!”

Wang Qian hardly said these words when a dark brown Bentley arrived at the entrance. Tie Zhu squeezed out of the driver seat and bowed towards Murong Ying.

“Young Miss, I’m here to take you home.”

“Mhm. Lord Husband, you will run back home, right? I’ll be waiting for you at home.”

Under Wang Qiang’s dumbstruck gaze, Murong Ying got into the Bentley and rode off, leaving only dust behind. Li Fan cursed internally. Fuck! You take the car while I’m left behind to taste the smoke ash! This is too much!

He adjusted his mood and peeked at Wang Qiang who was tearing up then patted his shoulders to console him.

“It doesn’t matter. A Benz is also pretty good. Do you best and you too can drive a Bentley one day!”

Saying so, he strode ahead with heavy footsteps towards his home, leaving Wang Qiang to bath his face in tears. He had made such a fuss, yet the other party actually had a Bentley. His Benz really wasn’t suitable for her…

Li Fan couldn’t care about how much pain Wang Qiang felt right now as he too was stuck in a tight spot. Having a fiancee like Murong Ying brought him much face, but there was no meaning to it! He couldn’t touch her or kiss her and had to accept such a hardcore devil training every day!

The sky had already turned a bit dark when Li Fan reached his house. Those two rows of black-suited bodyguards stood there in a proper stance. They saw Li Fan and bowed to welcome him.

“Young Master, welcome back home!”

“T-There’s no need to act so politely…”

When he saw the weird gazes his neighbors were giving him, Li Fan knew that his beautiful neighborhood life was done for. Aunt Wang from next door wouldn’t come to deliver dumplings every now and then anymore, and that young junior high school girl from the house opposite to his wouldn’t come to ask him history questions as well… Sob. My beautiful daily life, just where you have gone to…

“You were 30 minutes slower compared to the morning run.”

Murong Ying sat at the dining table then stated after looking at her wristwatch.

“Are your legs sore? After all, you stood in the horse stance the entire day!”

Li Fan felt his stomach churn with bitterness.

“This is nothing at all. You’ve yet a lot to learn.”

Tie Zhu arranged the napkin for Murong Ying. You’re indeed a young miss who needs someone to do everything for you. Tie Zhu also offered to help Li Fan, but he refused her politely.

“Have dinner first. Replenishing energy is important. After all, you still have a lot of training programs to complete later in the night.”


Lin Fan was terrified. Will I be able to live past the day?

Although only two people were dining, the dining table was 3 m long, and the two of them sat on opposite sides while Tie Zhu served the food. The table was filled with all kinds of Chinese and Western dishes. Murong Ying only took a few bites from each of them and maintained the elegance of a young miss. On the other hand, Li Fan didn’t act politely as his stomach was already rumbling with hunger and began to clean up the trays. After one starts practicing, it would increase the appetite. Li Fan had cleared more than half of the table slowly.

“Who was that person who came to challenge me today?”

As Li Fan swept the plates clean, he suddenly recalled that blue-robed guy.

“You shouldn’t speak while eating.”

Murong Ying didn’t raise her head as she replied to him in an indifferent tone.

Fuck! There are too many rules! Li Fan rolled his eyes and continued to gorge himself on the food. After she finished eating, Murong Ying wiped her hands then said.

“He’s called Liao Bing and is the young master of Henan’s Thunder Sect. Although his understanding of the Thunderpalm Strike is deep, his internal force is quite shallow so you don’t need to be afraid of him.”

“His palm strike blew away even a car, and you call that a shallow power?”

Li Fan was left speechless, “What if he had a deep internal force?”

“He would possess the ability to move a hill with his Thunderpalm Strike. It’s nothing worth feeling surprised about.”

Murong Ying clapped her hands, following which Tie Zhu untied her pink apron and walked to the side to demonstrate.

“This shall be your first lesson for today. You’ll know what a martial artist truly is.”

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