Chapter 0007 – I Am Murong Ying’s Admirer

“Wang Qiang… Take me to Häagen-Dazs, will you?”

After classes ended, Wang Xiaoyuan pulled on Wang Qiang’s arm while requesting this cutely.

“I feel like you’re turning into Häagen-Dazs!”

Wang Qian pushed her away. She looked at the Porsche 911 parked beside Wang Qiang with a rueful gaze and pouted, “But I want to ride your Porsche…”

“Go play somewhere else! This daddy sneaked it out from my home today!”

Nowadays, Wang Qiang tried to avoid Wang Xiaoyuan as much as possible as felt that she was akin to dirt when compared to Murong Ying! I was really blind back then. Why did I even fancy her?!

“When the School Director comes out, I’ll stop my car in front her. Hehe… I don’t believe she won’t feel moved!”

Very few women were unaffected by the enticement of a sports car. Wang Qiang believed that victory was already within his hands! Isn’t money enough to settle a girl? This Wang Xiaoyuan was someone else’s girlfriend before, but I snatched her over with an iPhone 6S with quite the ease!

Women like to act noble and virtuous, but one look at money is enough to make them spread their legs.

Wang Qiang waited at the school entrance with a hope-filled gaze, but Murong Ying didn’t come out even though a long time had passed. On the other hand, Li Fan was the one to come out first. When he saw Li Fan, Wang Qiang’s calves began to tremble involuntarily. Fuck! What am I afraid of? Even if this brat can fight, he’s still a poor sob!

“Li Fan, you’re returning home? How about I drop you?”

Wang Qiang felt his courage soar up after coming to such a conclusion and called out to Li Fan.

“No need. My Wi… Mother wants me to run back home.”

Li Fan had almost blurted out the word ‘wife,’ but was able to correct it in time. Otherwise, it would have lead to something unpredictable! It was akin to doing Murong Ying a favor and benefit her more than it would harm him.

“Your fate is to run back home forever.”

Wang Qiang sneered at him, “Look at my Porsche. Ah, Li Fan, you should consider it properly. You might never get the chance to sit in such a car your entire life.”

Li Fan didn’t feel like arguing with him. What are you showing off for? Are you gonna die if you don’t flaunt your wealth or what?!

“There’s still time for you reconsider it. I’ll show mercy on you and let you sit on it once. However, the other front seat is reserved for Ms. Murong so you can only lie inside the trunk of the car, got it?”

“Wang Qiang, haven’t you said enough? Alright, I get that your family’s trunk can hold a person!”

Li Fan said bitterly, “And stop acting like a snob! The day I own a sports car will be the day you beg me!”

“Hahahaha! What a nice joke! You should stop dreaming of such nonsense! Li Fan oh Li Fan, your pockets are empty yet your dreams quite high! With such a vivid imagination, why don’t you go write a novel?”

“Fuck off and stop blocking my way like a dog!”

The words of a person like Wang Qiang really incurred hate from others. Li Fan’s eyes grew wide open suddenly, and this caused Wang Qiang to quiver a bit internally.

Let it be. A wise man knows to retreat when the odds are against him. I shouldn’t lower myself to the level of such an impoverished normie! Wang Qiang was about to get out of the way when he heard someone shout with a Henan accent.

“That boy over there, hold your feet there!”

Li Fan turned his head towards the voice and saw a young man donned in an oversized blue robe standing there. This man possessed a common appearance but both his hands were full of calluses and much bulkier in size than ordinary humans. Fudge! How many days did he fap to cultivate such a pair of solid palms! I hope his shaft didn’t catch fire from all the fapping!

“You’re referring to me?”

Li Fan pointed towards himself.

“That’s right, you! I’ve finally found you!”

The man felt very grieved. Although he had settled the issue with that store owner, he had to wash bowls the entire day. His hands were full of blisters now!

“Bastard, it’s all because of you! I must break a leg of yours today as compensation!”

Saying so, he shouted loudly then pounced towards Li Fan like a famished tiger pouncing towards its prey!

For some reason, Li Fan felt his scalp turn chilly and evaded subconsciously. He turned back towards the Porsche, rolled on the ground and hid behind the Porsche.


The man’s palm struck against the Porsche’s door, leaving a palm print behind on it.

“My Porsche!”

Wang Qiang felt like crying. Just who the heck are you!

“You dodged it? Let’s see how long you can keep doing that!”

The man was set on teaching Li Fan a lesson. He chased after him and struck with this Thunderpalm continuously. Li Fan kept dodging with the help of the Porsche and caused that man’s strikes to land on the car’s body. A while later, the pretty Porsche was filled with so many palm prints that it didn’t even look like a car anymore.

Wang Qiang really felt like bawling his heart out. Just what did my car do to you? Can’t you two fight somewhere else?

“Bastard, let’s see where you will hide now!”

Saying so, the man flipped his left hand over and struck the top of the Porsche.

“Ninefold Thunder Blitz!”

The car’s chassis separated from the base due to that man’s strike, leaving behind the black wheels alone there. Wang Qiang almost passed out when he saw this.

“Fudge! Did that really happen?!”

Li Fan was truly shocked. Such a powerful internal force!

“Damn brat! I’ve already cultivated the Thunder Blitz Palm Inheritance to the fifth realm! Defeating you is a piece of cake for me!”

The man stated proudly while Li Fan felt a headache. Although I have 11 years of internal force within me, I don’t know any martial arts techniques. Going against this blue robed guy who has cultivated that whatever blitz palm for years is like drawing the short stick for me.

“I’ve never provoked you, so why are you bothering me?”

Li Fan asked this to procrastinate so he could figure something out to escape this calamity.

“You robbed me of my love by snatching my goddess!”

The man stated indignantly, “Murong Ying ought to have been my wife! I cultivated the Thunder Blitz Palm bitterly for so long so that I could marry her!”

“Fudge! Brother! I’m telling you, you can’t blame me for that!”

Li Fan explained in a grieved tone, “She’s the one who offered herself to me.”

“You really make me mad! I’m going to kill you!”

The man felt anger and frustration. He used a high-speed movement technique to reach in front of Li Fan in the blink of an eye while riding along with the wind. His palm struck towards Li Fan’s forehead!

“Don’t be afraid! Hit his palm!”

Murong Ying’s voice suddenly arrived at his ears. Though it was a bit faint, he could hear her words clearly! Li Fan didn’t show the slightest hesitation. He assumed the horse stance, gathered the energy within his body at his dantian and struck out with his palm towards that man’s Thunderpalm Strike!


It seemed as if a gale had risen up around them. The rocks in the surroundings were sent flying! Li Fan felt a huge force from the opponent’s palm invade his palm, but it seemed like something within his dantian had got provoked and erupted with a force which traveled towards his palm.

The blue-robed man laughed loudly, “Haha, you idiot! You actually faced my palm. My Thunderpalm Strike is undefeated under the heavens!”


Their palms felt recoil with an intensity similar to a firecracker’s explosion. Li Fan took a step back while trembling while the blue-robed man was sent flying and fell flat on his face miserably.

This feeling is… too fucking awesome!

Li Fan looked at his palms with disbelief. So this is the internal force? This is much more intense than the time I split the brick with a chop!


The blue-robed man crawled up with great difficulty then threw up a mouthful of blood along with a few broken teeth. “Your internal force was actually so powerful… I thought you didn’t know martial arts. The city people are really too devious!”

“Fudge! Stop picking at the negative points! You were the one who came for me, okay?!”

Li Fan protested at the injustice.

“I’m hurt. Just wait for me to recover from my internal injuries. I’ll come back to settle the debt then!”

The blue-robed man left behind such vicious words and limped away.

“I’m telling you, don’t come back ever again. I really don’t welcome you here!”

Li Fan shouted towards that man’s silhouette. As for Murong Yin, she had come beside him before he realized it, bringing a sweet scent along with her.

“As a man, how can you say such ambitionless words!”

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