Chapter 0006 – It’s Hard to Be a Good Person

When Lin Yuexian turned her head and saw a schoolboy wearing the same uniform as her coming over to help, she felt a little astonished.

Who is this boy? I don’t seem to have any impression of him.

However, Lin Yuexian felt warmth in her heart when someone had spoken up to help her. She believed that the hearts of all humans were cold, so she hadn’t expected a kind person to exist.

“Little Bastard, you think you alone can meddle into my business?”

The scoundrel glared at Li Fan. That fiendish look indeed had the character of a thug from the criminal underworld. If it were in the past, Li Fan would’ve felt nervous. But it was different now. He possessed internal force, so he felt more confident than usual.

“What? You think no one will stop you from acting shamelessly?”

Li Fan argued back. Lin Yuexian excelled both in studies and morals at school and was also the flag hoister. There was no way she would’ve criticized a scoundrel for no reason.

“Alright, boy. Tell me, just which eye of yours did you see it with?”

It was apparent that this scoundrel was threatening him. Li Fan didn’t utter a word and silently picked up a brick from the ground.

“Oho! You wanna fight, huh?”

The scoundrel began laughing loudly, “You think I’m scared? Come, hit me! If you don’t, then you’re my grandson!”

He brought his head in front of Li Fan. These ruffians were all a pain in the neck, and sometimes even the police didn’t have any means to deal with them. Li Fan pursed his brows, “Why would I hit you? I only want you to apologize towards my classmate.”

“Little Bastard, is your head fucked up?”

The scoundrel laughed deviously with a crooked smile, “You didn’t ask your grandpa who I am? Everyone in this district knows who I, Ma San, am. All the people from the underworld even address me as Elder San with respect! Let’s say I didn’t grope her, but even if I did, so what? You dare tell your Elder San to apologize! Just what kind of behavior is that?! You foolish kids, aren’t you just asking for a spanking?”

After hearing all this, Li Fan grabbed the brick with his hand and chopped it with his other palm!


The brick split into two pieces.

Lin Yuexian felt amazed. Ma San also gulped down.

Even the passersby waiting on one side for the bus to arrive began to discuss.

“Oof! This boy knows kung fu!”

“The brick must be fake, right?”

Ma San coughed a few times, “This Elder isn’t feeling well today. I don’t feel like wasting my time with you brats so consider it your good luck!”

Saying so, he turned around with the intention to sneak away, but Li Fan grabbed his arm, “Don’t leave so soon. You still haven’t apologized to her!”

“Who wants to fucking apologize!”

Ma San felt gloomy. Even a student has gained the guts to ride this Elder’s head and shit over it! It looks like you won’t understand how many eyes this Lord Ma has unless I make an example out of you!

Ma San always acted arrogantly and was just about to show off his might when Li Fan’s grip on his arm tightened up.

This made Ma San squeal miserably like a pig. In that split second, he felt like his arm had lost all sensation.

“Quickly apologize to her!”

Li Fan’s voice contained a force which seemed to express he wouldn’t accept a refusal. Ma San was an intelligent person so he immediately began to cry, “This Elder was in the wrong! I won’t dare to do it again!”

“Not to me, apologize to her!”

Li Fan rolled his eyes.

“My dear great aunt, please forgive me. I succumbed to impulse for a moment. I won’t dare to do it again!”

“I’m not that old…”

After Lin Yuexian muttered these words, Li Fan released Ma San. And now, his arm had already swollen as big as his leg’s size. He didn’t dare to tarry for even a second and made his escape.

“Alright. He won’t dare to harass you again.”

Li Fan turned towards Lin Yuexian, “You can rest at ease.”


Contrary to his expectations, Lin Yuexian didn’t appreciate his kindness and instead grunted towards him coldly before leaving.

What’s wrong with this girl? Is it her menstruation period? I’ve helped her, but I didn’t even get a thank you and was treated with indifference. What the heck!

“Girl, did your period arrive today or what? Why are you acting so moody?”

Since Li Fan got treated coldly when he had shown good intentions, he felt really unwell and spoke such sarcastic words.

“It’s your period which must’ve arrived today!”

Lin Yuexian scolded him while blushing, “This fellow student, although I don’t know which class you are from, you better end this clumsy act of yours!”

“Act? When did I act?”

Li Fan was a little confused.

“Splitting a brick with a chop, this move is very cliche!”

Lin Yuexian stated bluntly, “Use a novel way to pick up girls next time. I might have a whole new level of respect for you then!”

“What did you say?”

Li Fan was furious. This girl, aren’t you a bit too prejudiced? I’ve helped her yet am getting smeared by dirt all over!

“In short, stay away from me. I’ll treat it like nothing happened today and won’t report you to the teacher. The bus is here so goodbye now!”

After speaking such harsh words towards Li Fan, she stepped forward with her long legs and got into the bus.

“Holy! Who do you think you are, huh?!”

Li Fan felt depressed. It’s hard to be a good person! This girl is also something. She was so scared when confronting that scoundrel yet so high-spirited when lashing out at me! This is just like a mouse picking up a rifle and acting like a tyrant at home! Ei, now that I think about it, it’s not like we two have the same lair. Let’s forget about this. I’ll just treat today as an unlucky day!

Li Fan proceeded to run to the school while suppressing his anger. And at a steamed bun stall on the side, a youth donned in an oversized blue garment gobbled the congee inside the bowl then looked towards the direction Li Fan left to. He muttered to himself in a Henan dialect.

“That’s him indeed! The Alliance Leader’s lover! I won’t let you escape!”

He slapped the dining table using his palm with fury. “I’m a great expert of the Thunderclap Sect! Since you dare to fight over my goddess, I’ll let you experience how terrifying my Thunderpalm Strike is!”

His palm strike just now had split the dining table into two halves. He was just about to leave so he could catch up to Li Fan when the boss of the stall pulled him back.

“Brat, are you thinking of escaping after breaking my table?”

“I’m the young master of the Thunderclap Sect! I have monies so I can just compensate you!”

Saying so, the youth checked his pocket. After which, cold sweat began forming on his forehead, “Oh no, my wallet got stolen…”

“Who do you think you’re trying to fool, huh?! You broke my table and were even planning to dine and dash! You can’t run anywhere today!”

“I can clearly see that you’re the hoodlum here! Come, let’s go to the police station and reason it out there!”

The youth wasn’t given a chance to explain at all before he was pulled away. As for Li Fan, he wasn’t aware that he had already become a target. He believed he could enjoy the peace and calm inside the classroom, but his facts proved that he was too naive to think that.

The one who taught history was an elderly lady. She was explaining about Empress Dowager Cixi’s foreign policy which made people fall asleep. Normally, the students would have all fallen under hypnosis and drifted into sleep, but they assumed a very passionate, studious appearance today. After all, Murong Ying was sitting in the last row of the class to inspect today.

Never had the classroom’s mood seemed so lively. Of course, after some time passed, Murong Ying raised her hand suddenly.

“Instructor Yang, pardon me for interrupting, but I have a question.”

“Ah, you may ask it.”

“It’s not for you, but for a student.”

Murong Ying said this and pointed towards the drowsy Li Fan who was lying on his stomach at his bench.

“Li Fan, answer this history question.”

Though Murong Ying had suddenly called his name out, Li Fan was feeling complacent as history was his best subject. There was no issue even if he didn’t listen to the lecture in the class. She must be planning to shame me in front of the whole class. Hmph! That’s impossible! Make your move! This daddy is waiting!

The history instructor muttered internally. This new school director is really keen on doing her job after taking up the post. Is she personally checking on the teaching?

“Answer this. What’s the birthday of the girlfriend of the foreigner who gifted Empress Dowager Cixi a carriage?”

Li Fan was stunned.

“You can’t even answer such a basic history question? Just how are you studying usually?”

Murong Ying nudged the pair of gold-rimmed glasses lying on her delicate nose bridge solemnly. She pushed the glasses upwards then reprimanded him, “You must maintain a proper attitude towards learning! From today onwards, you aren’t allowed to sit during the classes.”

“Huh? Do you want me to stand during the classes then?”

Li Fan was about to break down. Aren’t you picking fault with me on purpose?! Who would know the answer to your question! You must be kidding me!

The surrounding students all looked at Li Fan while reveling in his misfortune. Especially the boys, each one of them were thinking the same thing – It serves you right to get punished today for dancing with the pretty director yesterday!

“You’re a cute student. How can I be willing to let you attend the class while standing?”

Murong Ying smiled sweetly, which made all the boys make a stupid expression on their faces. Li Fan’s heart began to beat faster as well. If the others knew she was her fiancee, he feared he wouldn’t be alive by the time classes ended for the day.

“I don’t need to stand then, right?”

Li Fan rejoiced a bit. Looks like this woman isn’t that heartless and loves me quite dearly.

“Mhm. From now on, you’ll attend the classes while standing in a horse-stance.”

“Holy… Crap…”

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