Chapter 0005 – Grab This Pervert

Can this be considered an invitation?

Li Fan felt the wolfish nature in his body awaken. He licked his lip subconsciously, “I do. I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t dare to do it!”

Sleeping on the same bed with such a top-grade beauty… Oh my God, such a thing can only happen in dreams! I didn’t think I’d even gain a little benefit by getting a fiancee! Father, Mother, your child has blamed you wrongly. Actually, you’ve done an excellent thing! I’ll surely sacrifice my body and make an all-out effort so that you can hold a healthy grandson as soon as possible!

Li Fan was already grinning from ear to ear when he thought of this while Murong Ying continued stating, “Only, I try to kill people while dreaming. My family has been worried due to this ailment of mine for a long time. If you think you can defeat me, feel free to climb up on my bed.”

Fuckfuckfuck! Li Fan cursed in succession. You try to kill people while dreaming? You think you’re Cao Cao?

“Young Master, I can prove that Young Miss is telling the truth!”

Tie Zhu had also got out of bed. This time, she wasn’t wearing a suit but instead wore a pink nightdress. OMFG! It’s my first time seeing a nightdress which is almost about to tear open! This Tie Zhu’s pectoral muscles look so vivid! For a woman to cultivate a body with such rock-firm muscles… This is simply a nightmare!

“Do you still want to sleep on the same bed?”

Murong Ying questioned him. Li Fan shook his head repeatedly, “I’ll go to school, okay?”

“Work hard, and you’ll have the chance to do it.”

Is she encouraging me? Li Fan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When he passed beside Tie Zhu, she comforted him.

“Young Master, this girl doesn’t sleep-walk.”

Li Fan made a sorry escape! By the time he freshened up and dressed up to go out, Murong Ying had also changed into a black suit and walked to his side. There was no need to say it, but when Murong Ying wore a suit as well as a miniskirt to accompany it, it really displayed the enticement of the uniform. An angelic face with a diabolical figure which would make many male students lose their mood to study…

“Take a look at yourself. You haven’t even buttoned up properly.”

Under Li Fan’s dumbstruck gaze, Murong Ying gently fixed his shirt’s collar for him. Li Fan was so moved that his cheeks almost streamed with tears. I never expected Murong Ying to have such a gentle side!

“Right! These are the new shoes I got for you. Wear them to school, okay?”

“Thank you, Madame! You’re really thoughtful!”

Li Fan accepted the shoes Murong Ying had brought over in a jovial manner. Soon after, his hands sunk downwards and caused him to bend his waist.

“Fudge! Is this a shoe or a shot put?!”

“It is a shoe, an iron shoe. Each pair only weighs 10 kilograms.”

Murong Ying smiled gently, “I had it custom-made according to your size. It’s Size 41, so it should fit you perfectly. Are you happy?”

“Happy my effin’ ass! Are you trying to torment me?”

Li Fan felt that his future was dark! 10 Kilograms! And you say it’s ‘only’ 10 Kilograms! Are you kidding me?!

“Of course not. This is to temper you. Behave now. Only by enduring through the hardest difficulties can you become a man above all others.”

This ideology from the movie Love is Love which Murong Ying just used was really turning Li Fan crazy.

“Maybe I’m making things a bit difficult for you… If you really can’t endure it, we can remove the engagement, okay?”

“A man must strive for self-improvement. I ought to temper my body!”

Li Fan immediately put the pair of iron shoes on and felt as if a tiny mountain had been placed on his feet. It was quite difficult for him to raise it up.


Murong Ying gave Li Fan a reproachful gaze then suddenly advanced forward and kissed his lips.

Li Fan’s dantian began to operate again and absorbed true qi through Murong Ying’s mouth. However, Murong Ying used this chance to make the true qi in Li Fan’s body form a cyclic loop. All of this had happened in an instant!

The two of them separated from the kiss. Murong Ying’s face had already become pale.

“You’ve absorbed another year of my internal force with just a touch…”

“S-Sorry… I didn’t know you were going to kiss me…”

Li Fan reminisced the feeling of that kiss.

“You still don’t know how to use true qi. I just helped you guide it, that’s all.”

Murong Ying continued, “If you dare to think of anything more, you’re dead for sure…”

“Eh, thank you then…”

This time, Li Fan was able to clearly feel a stream of energy circulate through the channels within his body. That breath of qi which had operated when he was sleeping on the rope yesterday night had also become smoother and moved without obstructions. The iron shoes on his feet even didn’t feel that heavy and became quite lighter.

“Why haven’t you left for school? Are you waiting for me to deliver you there? As a man, do you think you should act so hesitant and meek? Do you believe you can become a martial arts expert if you act like this?”

When Murong Ying raised her brow, Li Fan obediently left the house.

I’ll definitely have my revenge! Isn’t it just becoming a martial arts expert, who says I can’t do it?! Li Fan parted from his unmarried wife and ran towards the school in the iron shoes. He used to cycle to the school before so it was his first time running. It gave him a pretty novel feeling.

The first glimmer of light hit the surface of the ground. The roadsides were filled with some people who were out for a morning jog as well as a few old people who were practicing Taiji. It portrayed a very auspicious and peaceful scene.

Li Fan looked at the swinging buttocks of the young woman jogging in front of him as he arranged what happened these two days within his mind. He never expected his life to undergo such an unbelievable change so suddenly. He always felt that it was just like a dream! That Murong Ying has really become my fiancee? Then when I’ve cultivated properly and become stronger than her, won’t I be able to do those embarrassing things with her?

Just as Li Fan was mulling over these mirthful matters, a girl’s frightened scream suddenly came through from ahead.

“Grab this pervert!”

Li Fan glanced ahead. It was a public transport station. A row of people consists of white-collar workers and students was already assembled there. Li Fan saw a familiar figure among them, Lin Yuexian. Isn’t she the experimental class’s study committee member? This little girl had the top grades in school all year round. I remember seeing her during the flag raising ceremony once. She was assigned the task of raising the flag several times. Though I don’t remember much, I do remember she looked quite pretty.

Right now, Lin Yuexian was wearing a blue-white school uniform and had a worn out school bag with two patches on her back. She had a furious yet also an embarrassed expression on her face as she glared angrily at the slick-haired man wearing a leather jacket in front of her.

That man looked roughly over 30 years old and had an evil look on his face. He sniffed his right hand while saying, “Little lass, you can’t accuse a good person wrongly. Who are you calling a pervert?”


Lin Yuexian panted with rage while pointing at him, yet the slick-haired man giggled in response to that.

“Oh-oh-oh, then why don’t you tell me which part of you I touched?”


Lin Yuexian blushed to her ears. She couldn’t say it out loud.

“Little lass, you look young, but you can’t just accuse someone wrongly. I can sue you for slandering me.”

The slick-haired man smiled mischievously, “Why don’t you let me touch you again? You can claim I’m a pervert then.”

“You’re a pervert from the very beginning!”

Lin Yuexian almost cried from the anger.

“Who saw it? Tell me, did any of you see it?”

The slick-haired man shouted at the surrounding group of people who were watching the show yet none of them dared to speak up. Li Fan couldn’t control his anger. When his classmate was being bullied, how could he refrain from helping?! Thou must scream if thou witness injustice and thou should act when it’s time to act!

He immediately advanced forward and shouted loudly.

“I saw it!”

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