Chapter 0004 – Fulfilling the Duty of a Married Couple

Being threatened by someone with a sword at his neck, for the first time in his life, Li Fan felt he was so close to death!

The books were indeed right, you shouldn’t provoke pretty girls… didn’t the old lord, Confucius, also say – women and servants are the most difficult to deal with! But if I give up my surname, what meaning is there in staying alive? Li Fan had lived all his life while trying to preserve his existence. He didn’t dare to even utter a word when he witnessed someone steal a purse. But this time, he had to speak out – for his dignity and life!

“I won’t change it! I’m a man of my words. If I said I won’t do it, then I won’t! Why don’t you just kill me?!”

In the face of impending death, he had displayed his brave heroicness!

“Looks like you still have a little courage.”

Contrary to his expectations, Murong Ying didn’t kill him. Instead, she received the sword back then threw it to Tie Zhu who was beside her.

“My, Murong Ying’s man, needs to at least have this bit of courage. Alright, you pass the test.”

“Does that mean I don’t have to change my surname?”

Li Fan’s worry turned into happiness, but he didn’t expect Murong Ying to give him a sweet smile as she said the following words, “I never said that. Only, even if I explain it to you, you won’t understand it so let’s discuss this later in the future. The problem right now is that you’re too weak and too inferior from the ideal husband I have in my mind.”

“Can I ask you what kind of person is your ideal husband?”

Li Fan suddenly felt a little nervous.

“First, he has to be stronger than me and must be a great expert with an indomitable spirit.”

Murong Ying continued speaking in an indifferent tone, “Moreover, he must look handsome and carry himself with confidence. His heart must hold the entire world in it, he must be generous and benevolent. The entire world must tremble when they hear his name. Mhm, just these few simple conditions.”

“You call these simple?”

Li Fan was about to truly break down, “How can you call these simple? Big Sis, is something wrong with your worldview?”

“I’m at most two years older than you.”

Murong Ying looked at Li Fan with furrowed brows, “It isn’t proper for you to call me big sis. Call me Madame.”

“No way, it would be too awkward for me to call you that!”

What era are you living in? Madame?! Do you think you’re Bai Suzhen (Madame White Snake)?! Li Fan felt it would be too awkward, so he didn’t want to address her in such a manner.

“That won’t do. You’re already my fiance. You have to call me like that.”

This time, it was Murong Ying’s turn to insist on it.

“Fudge! Can I just not be your fiance?”

“You want to remove the engagement?”

Murong Ying reflected for a moment, “That isn’t impossible, but Father-in-law and Mother-in-law have already received our Murong family’s betrothal gift. If you want to remove the engagement, you have to return the betrothal gift as well.”

“A betrothal gift too? They really married off their son!”

Li Fan patted his chest, “Isn’t it just a betrothal gift? How much is it? I’ll get a part-time job to pay you back!”

“Not much, altogether they just accepted 50 kilos of gold.”

“Madame, what do you want to eat for dinner? I’ll immediately prepare it for you!”

Li Fan asked cordially.

“There’s no need for that. A man should stay away from the kitchen.”

Murong Ying was quite stubborn on this matter, “Just leave the matter of preparing food to Tie Zhu. Her skills are pretty good. Apart from being good at martial arts, she’s also a national special grade cook.”

“Young Miss, if you keep boasting this girl, it’ll make me blush.”

Tie Zhu lowered her head shyly. Li Fan almost pissed in fright when he saw this. Oh my God, just how do I continue living in such a house?!

“Young Master, what do you want to eat tonight?”

“I don’t want to eat anything. I only want to sleep quickly.”

Li Fan felt terribly dizzy, so he only wanted to sleep as soon as possible. Everything should return to how it was before when I wake up. That would be great!

“Oh yeah. Your previous bed was too soft. It isn’t good for your muscles and bones, so I helped you swap it for a new bed.”

After following the directions given by Tie Zhu, just when Li Fan had reached the doorway to his room, Murong Ying spoke up again.

“Thank you!”

Looks like this Murong Ying isn’t that bad, she at least understands how to be considerate of other people. But when he opened the door and saw two finger-sized ropes hanging within his room, his expression turned worse.

Did I open the door in the wrong manner? Li Fan seriously questioned his life! This woman, does she thinks she’s Xiaolongnu (Little Dragon Maiden)? Even if she is, I’m not!

Li Fan originally wanted to protest, but he recalled the expensive betrothal gift his family had accepted, so he had to endure it. Let it be. This isn’t my home anymore. Don’t they say one has to be humble when trapped in a situation with no control? Isn’t it just sleeping on a rope? No matter what, I’ve absorbed 10 years of internal force so it shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Li Fan sat on the rope very carefully, but the result was that his head dropped downwards from the other side of the rope.

Fuck! The things mentioned in novels are all fake! This daddy will just sleep on the floor then!

Li Fan had hardly laid down on the floor when he got electrocuted. The current almost pulverized his bones and made him cough black smoke from his mouth.

“Right! Your floor is connected to a direct current. The current will appear on the floor every few minutes. Your slippers can act as an insulator but if you sleep on the floor then…”

Murong Ying’s voice came through from outside the door.

Devil! She’s absolutely a devil! Li Fan wanted to cry. Will I be able to pass through the day? Although there’s a small table in the room, I can’t sleep on it. Li Fan didn’t have any other choice but to continue attempting to sleep on the rope. In the beginning, he had faced many difficulties. He tumbled down several times and badly battered his face. But later on, he had begun to slowly find the trick to it. Li Fan discovered that if he roused a breath of qi from his dantian, his body would turn lighter. After experimenting countless times, he was finally able to lie on the cord late into midnight. No matter what, he could finally get some sleep. But Li Fan’s mind was filled with worry. Will I really have to live together with Murong Ying in the future… Since we’re about to become husband and wife, why can’t we just sleep on the same bed?!

Just when Li Fan was feeling indignant at the injustice he was suffering, Tie Zhu’s voice came from outside the door.

“Ah, Young Master. If you aren’t used to sleeping on the rope, you can squeeze in with this girl. Anyways, this girl can be considered as a dowry maid so I’ve already prepared myself mentally…”

“NONONO! Thank you for your kindness, but I’m sleeping quite well here!”

Li Fan suddenly thought that the rope was very cute. After being frightened by Tie Zhu’s words, he didn’t dare to think about anything else and drifted into a steady sleep after that. Living together with a pretty woman is perhaps… not that bad?

Only, the reality was always cruel. The sky still hadn’t brightened yet when Murong Ying kicked Li Fan off the rope.

“Great Lady, what do you want to do now?”

Li Fan felt like his mind was about to fall apart.

Murong Ying stood in front of him. Her hair was a little damp and still exuded the pleasant scent of the shampoo. This girl, did she just come out of the bath… Li Fan subconsciously glanced towards her upper body. You don’t say! This fiancee of mine really has quite the figure.

“If your gaze wanders like that again, I’ll dig your eyes out.”

Murong Ying’s words woke Li Fan up thoroughly.

“There’s still 2 hours left before the classes begin. It will take 30 minutes for you to run till the school so you should set off now.”

“Why would I run to the school when I could just take the ride there? Do you think I’m crazy?”

“As my fiancee, you’re still too weak.”

Murong Ying stated quite impolitely, “I’m going to temper you starting from today! In the capacity of being your wife, I naturally have this duty!”

“Being my wife, you also have the duty to share the bed!”

Li Fan immediately grabbed the critical point, “Why aren’t you fulfilling your duty, huh?!”

“I’ll fulfill it.”

Unexpectedly, Murong Ying agreed to it!

“Do you want to try?”

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