Chapter 0002 – Where’s My House?

An impossible event!

Li Fan felt such a thing was happening right now! Has my cultivation of qilin arms for over a decade finally shown result today?! It’s my first time having such close contact with a girl. This is too exciting! Aaahh, Murong Ying’s body smells really good… I heard some girls carry a fragrance on their body. I’ve really widened my horizons today!

Though he was dancing together with a pretty woman, Li Fan felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. His surroundings were filled with a dense murderous aura. The amount could almost kill a person!

Nevertheless, when Li Fan saw a dangerous green glint in Wang Qiang’s eyes, he felt a great kick out of it.

I have to behave a bit gentlemanly and at least express respect towards the girl!

“If you dare lower it even an inch further, I’ll chop off your claws.”

Murong Ying’s words made Li Fan regain his hand in anger.

“Only, you can kiss me.”

Li Fan was stunned. Holy! I didn’t mishear it, right? This old-fashioned girl is allowing me to kiss her?

“Don’t overthink.”

Murong Ying said expressionlessly, “I just heard that you have a Pure Yang Body, so I want to verify it, that’s all.”

Pure Yang Body? What the heck is that? She looks like such a perfect and pretty girl but is she perhaps a nutcase?

“D-Director… I request you to conduct yourself with dignity…”

“Stop dilly-dallying!”

Murong Ying looked a little anxious. She took advantage of his confusion and straightforwardly forced herself upon him, kissing Li Fan’s mouth. At that moment, Li Fan’s thoughts turned blank. Isn’t this new director too brazen?! This is my first kiss! I’ve really made a big loss this time!

Although it was a light kiss, Li Fan suddenly felt like something within his body had begun to rage like a torrent, and also as if he had sucked in something from Murong Ying’s mouth. That thing entered into his body and spread a warm sensation inside, making him feel like he was fully bloated. Oh my God, isn’t this sensation too embarrassing?!”

Murong Ying, on the other hand, felt somewhat unpleasant. She pushed Li Fan away with a pale face and left the place.

“What the fu…”

“Li Fan, come with me.”

Before Li Fan could cherish this unique feeling, Wang Qiang had dragged him away to a room nearby. There were two sturdy sports students inside the room. They were Wang Qiang’s lackeys.

“What do you want to do?”

Li Fan felt a little nervous when he saw this arrangement, “I have no interest in men…”

“Fuck! I also don’t have any interest in you!”

Wang Qiang cursed loudly then pushed Li Fan against the wall, stating very fiercely, “Well then, did you feel great just now?”

“What are you doing…”

When the gorilla-like sports student glared at Li Fan, he spoke a little weakly, “I don’t have anything to do with the fact that she didn’t fancy you.”

“Didn’t fancy me? What a joke!”

Wang Qiang raged out, “First, I’m more handsome than you. Second, I’m wealthier than you! Just take a look at how you conduct yourself! A damn stinking loser and a toad like you wishes to taste the flesh of a swan huh?!’


Li Fan fumed with anger while Wang Qiang only sneered in response, “So what if I act excessively? Would you dare to hit me?”

Li Fan didn’t utter a word, yet something seemed to awaken within his body, making veins pop out on his forehead. And Wang Qiang acted more aggressively. He kept shouting at Li Fan, “Idiot. Coward. Hit me! Why don’t you hit me huh?!”

It was unclear what urged him to do it, but Li Fan suddenly raised his hand and slapped Wang Qian’s face. Wang Qiang immediately flew back and spun in the air before falling to the ground. Two of his teeth flew out of his mouth along with blood.

“Fuck! It’s my first time hearing such a request. It’s truly disgusting!”

Li Fan muttered. When he saw the unconscious Wang Qiang, he was left in a daze. What just happened? Where did that sudden powerful force come from? Is this the legendary awakening of the power of the cosmo?

Li Fan shouted towards one of the sports students, “Come! There aren’t that many decisive battles can one experience in life! Burn! My Cosmo! Pegasus Meteor Fist!”

However, nothing magical happened at all. That sports student pounced on him while roaring then pressed him down.

However, this body, which was close to 100 kilos was stopped by Li Fan’s shoulder. He also didn’t know where this strength was coming from. He revolved while standing there and threw him off like he was throwing a discus. The sports student got thrown to the side and smashed into the wall nearby.

Li Fan’s qi and blood were raging with energy, his body kept releasing steam. It was as if all the pores in his body had opened up. This made him exceptionally excited! Although he didn’t know what happened, he knew he had become stronger!

His gaze fell on the remaining sports student. That student immediately clenched his belly and bowed down.

“M-My stomach hurts… Please don’t hit me…”


Li Fan spat out such a word then picked up Wang Qiang to wake him up. Wang Qiang felt like he was seeing a ghost right now. He began to tremble when he saw Li Fan while his teeth hurt like hell.

“If you dare to anger me again, I’ll beat the crap out of you!”

Li Fan threw Wang Qiang back to the ground while feeling extremely great internally. Just what happened? Did I turn superhuman all of a sudden? Li Fan had never felt so happy during his school life. Even if no one invited him to a dance at the party after that, he didn’t care about it at all.

Wang Qiang also didn’t show his face until the end of the party. Li Fan was happy with the peacefulness and quietness. He rode his bicycle back home while humming a song.

Li Fan’s family wasn’t that wealthy. His parents had average jobs as well. His grades were horrible so they had no choice but to sell their previous house to get him admitted into a private high school. They were currently living in the old house which his grandfather had left them. It was a brick house that had a hole in the walls through which wind drifted inside and was situated in the old district of A City. This kind of residence was the norm in the old district. Talks of demolishing them and relocating the residents had come up several times, but due to being unable to reach a consensus regarding the compensation, this matter had run into issues and stopped.

Right now, Li Fan was standing in front of his house with a stunned expression on his face.

T-This is my house? That tiny house which had wind drafting in from all sides? When did it change into a three-storied Western-style building? The building also had two rows of black-suited bodyguards. When they saw Li Fan, all of them bowed down and shouted with a loud voice.

“Welcome back home, Young Master!”

Li Fan almost fell down from his bicycle. Is the end of the world arriving?

“You… haven’t mistaken me for someone else, right? I’m not… your Young Master. And where did my house go?”

Li Fan really wanted to cry. He had only gone to participate in the Christmas party, and his home suddenly disappeared!

“Young Master! There’s no mistake! This is your house!”

A big person with a shaved head and only one eye, whose black suit was stretched to the utmost due to the bulging muscles, someone with a fiendish look replied to him, “Why don’t you come inside the house? From here on, I’m your housekeeper. I vow that I’ll properly attend to you.”

Saying so, this bald-headed person sent a coquettish glance towards Li Fan. He almost felt the urge to escape from here in fright due to this.

“Young Master, don’t leave! You can release the bicycle first!”

This big person grabbed Li Fan’s bicycle and stopped Li Fan who had just began to peddle! It didn’t budge an inch. This guy is so strong!

“I’ve already heated the bath water for you!”

“Heated the bath water my ass! You monster!”

“Don’t shout. The neighbors will laugh at us if they see it.”

Just when Li Fan was about to fall apart due to this ridiculous situation, the door of the house was pushed open. Murong Ying who was donned in personal home clothes stood there in a pretty posture. She looked at Li Fan while knitting her brows together, “You refuse to enter the house. Do you want to sleep outside or what?”

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