Chapter 0001 – Dance Party

Christmas Eve, a night filled with a romantic liveliness. A smoky aroma permeated the atmosphere. In No.2 Private High School, a party conducted for the students was being held.

“Sorry, I have a dance partner.”

“I don’t have a partner, but you’re too ugly.”

“I’m really sorry, I can’t do it even though you’re a good person.”

Li Fan was about to fall apart! Isn’t it just looking for a partner for the Christmas party? Why does it seem even more difficult than the Journey to the West! I’m fine with being rejected as an ugly person but what’s the idea behind sending me the good person card?! Li Fan had asked 5-6 girls to be his dancing partner tonight yet all of them had rejected him. In the end, he looked for a chubby girl with the intention to ask her to act like she was dancing with him. However, she actually told him that he didn’t look like Li Yifeng! Holy moly! Just look at how you behave, and you want Li Yifeng as your dance partner? You must be crazy!

Who do you think you are huh?! Li Fan cursed with all kinds of profanities internally.  For good or bad, it’s a private high school, yet what kind of trends are you following? To think you’d conduct a Christmas dance! It sounds good to listen about it when you preach that you’re aligning with the standards followed internationally, but it all sounds like bollocks to me! Aren’t we all high school students? Is properly studying not enough? Why the heck do we have to dance!

Especially when he saw his classmates who had all found partners while he was still alone, he felt deep sorrow for the first time!

“Yo! It’s a rare occasion to see you here, Li Fan! How come you’re here too?”

The rich second-generation kid, Wang Qiang dragged the class queen, Wang Xiaoyuan over while ridiculing Li Fan.

“Did your family host this party? How come I didn’t hear about it?”

Li Fan retorted back at him. He always felt unwell when he saw this Wang Qiang. His family was loaded with money, and he couldn’t sit still for a single day without acting like a cocky bastard all the time. Where does your pride come from? Your dad’s good days will end sooner or later!

“Man, you’re all bark and no bite. Li Fan, did you ever wonder if there’s any meaning in attending the party? You can’t even find a dance partner. Aren’t you just coming to lose face eh?”

Wang Qiang hugged the class queen while giving him a fake smile, “If I were you, I wouldn’t have come here. Because I need to keep a good rep. Without that, one would have no drive to continue living. Ain’t I right, Little Yuan?”


Wang Xiaoyuan was also an arrogant girl similar to a prideful peacock. “The school is to blame as well. Why are they allowing just about anyone to attend such a nice party? It’s just bringing down the standard of the party.”

Just fuck the hell off! Li Fan felt like beating them up! However, after looking at Wang Qiang’s well-built body, he restrained himself.

“Li Fan, I’m thinking for your own good. You, umm, should’ve also realized that your entire sex life all depends on your hand.”

Wang Qiang criticized Li Fan, “If you can find a dance partner today, I’ll eat this glass!”

He picked up the goblet filled with orange juice, making a vow solemnly. After all, this was a high school party so only the teachers could drink wine. As for the students, they were provided with fruit juice and cola.

Li Fan felt grief deep within his heart. This guy is really looking down on me!

A person needs face while a tree needs bark to live – one cannot survive without a clean reputation! I can’t let this guy look down on me! Li Fan was about to seek his next target when the semi-bald headmaster rose up to the stage and began speaking jovially.

“Students, to respond towards the country’s appeals, we’ve worked hard to ensure the multi-directional development of the aims of education. Our 2nd High hasn’t just arranged this Christmas party, we’re also welcoming a new school director. She’s called Murong Ying. Let us welcome Director Murong with a big round of applause.”

Li Fan felt baffled. A school director was usually an elderly lady in her seventies so he didn’t feel there would be anything worth looking at. However, when this Murong Ying rose up to the stage, he couldn’t move his eyes away. This new school director… is a peerless beauty!

When she stepped onto the stage, not only Li Fan, almost all the schoolboys were dazzled, while the schoolgirls became jealous. The entire dance floor welcomed a pin-drop silence. Everyone’s gaze was fixed on Murong Ying. Director Murong looked around 20 years old. Her black hair wasn’t bound and seemed free like a waterfall. She wore an aqua blue dress, and as she stood there, her eyes seemed to bewitch anyone who met her gaze. The souls of the boys were all stolen away by her. Li Fan’s heart also began to thump madly, making him feel as if he had fallen in love with her at first sight. Fuck! Now that I think about it, I’ve never had a first love.

The servers carrying the trays for drinks to the side were also watching this new school director with a fixed gaze. As a result, their heads knocked against each other, resulting in the drinks drenching their clothes.

Yet no one took notice of them. Everyone’s sight was attracted to this Director Murong.

“Well then, Director Murong, do you have anything to say to the teachers and students?”

The headmaster fawned upon the new school director. Murong Ying nodded her head then took the microphone from him. She parted her ruby lips slightly, and as she did so, all the boys perked up their ears so they wouldn’t miss even a single word.

“That girl over there, your collar opening is too low. It lacks the reservedness of a girl. Pull it up a bit.”


Wang Xiaoyuan, who was pointed out, was dazed. What does she mean by that? Wang Qiang reacted at Mach speed by quickly reaching out to pull up her collar.

“Also, that girl over there. Your skirt is too low. Don’t you feel shame?”

Murong Ying continued to reprimand, making that girl wearing a miniskirt blush with shame.

“Furthermore, Headmaster… Men and women are different. Please keep a distance of 1 meter from me. Thank you.”


Even the headmaster was dumbstruck. To the side, Wang Xiaoyuan muttered to herself, “Which era is this woman living in? Does she think it’s the seventies?”

“Aha. I believe everyone has already sensed the new school director’s cordiality. Why don’t we resume the party then?

The headmaster wiped the cold sweat on his forehead then took back the microphone to control the scene.

“Sister Murong, will you accompany me for a dance?”

“Sister Murong, spare me some face, alright?”

“Sister Murong, I’m begging you. If you don’t dance with me, I’ll jump off from a building!”

The boys went crazy. Each one addressed her as ‘sister’ sweetly. All kinds of boys asked her for a dance yet they were all refused by her. Even male teachers couldn’t break through the gates of this tough fort. One of them even directly called his girlfriend to declare that they were breaking up as he intended to pursue Murong Ying.

“Haha, it’s quite difficult to make Director Murong agree. Only I, the headmaster can make the cut.”

The headmaster looked at the dejected teachers and students then smiled proudly, “Director Murong, they are all young people, so it’s normal for them to act impulsively. When I was a teen, I held the title of the King of Dance in the disco. There’s no need for you to bother with them. Why don’t you accompany me for a dance?”

Murong Ying smiled sweetly. The hearts of the surrounding schoolboys disintegrated when they saw this.

“May I?”


The Headmaster collapsed. Isn’t this new director putting on too many airs?!

“But it’s a party ah… You don’t plan to find a dance partner?”

“I already have a person in mind.”

Murong Ying stated this then left the crowd to walk down the stage.

When Wang Qiang saw Murong Ying walk towards him, he felt gleeful. He pushed Wang Xiaoyuan aside then arranged his collar, preparing to ask Murong Ying for a dance. But who could’ve imagined that Murong Ying would actually arrive in front of Li Fan and present her fair, slim hand to him?

“Won’t you dance with me?”

Everyone’s jaws almost fell to the ground. Even Li Fan was dumbstruck. What’s with this situation? This top-grade beauty is actually asking me for a dance? Did the sun rise up from the West today?

Wang Qiang regained his senses after feeling dazed for a moment then gnashed his teeth with hate. Neither can this brat’s character nor his ability compare to mine yet Murong Ying asked him for a dance? Is this new director blind or what?

Li Fan even forgot all about the matter of Wang Qiang pledging to eat the glass. Murong Ying saw that he didn’t respond so she slightly pursed up her brows, “What? Can’t I ask you for a dance?”

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