Chapter 0015

Chapter 015: The Struggles for Secret the Region (3)

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Effective fighting didn’t need to look wonderful as long as it was accurate!


Taking each and every opportunity, and striking to kill in one hit. This was Yun Tu’s style.

Under careful arrangements, Wang Yang was able to pull the Wind Wolf’s aggro and provide cover for Yun Tu to attack.

Along with the death of the Wind Wolf as the most powerful creature inside the Secret Area, a strange 10 feet in diameter light pillar fell from the sky as it covered Yun Tu and the Wind Wolf’s corpse.

This time, the light pillar really brought a treasure down. And the treasure that fell down was more than 1, it was three.

“Killing the Boss and being rewarded with treasures!? Is this apocalypse really a game?” Wang Yang turned around as he gaped in astonishment. Nobody could believe seeing such a scene for the first time.

However, Yun Tu didn’t need to answer Wang Yang’s question. Words were meaningless since the fact before his eyes was much more believable, and Yun Tu’s eyes had already been fixated on the treasures that were still shining on the ground.

Occupational weapon, skill scroll, and interspatial ring.

Yun Tu picked up these 3 items and knew that even if he got a second chance, the luck balance didn’t tilt on him.

Any Secret Area would give at least 3 treasures, and some large Secret Area might even give 8 to 10 treasures, so it was not that surprising. However, Yun Tu was quite content to get these 3 pieces of treasures, since he was the first one to kill the Secret Area’s Boss. Having accomplished this, he had snatched the first step ahead compared to the other Awakened.

The basic interspatial ring’s storage could store about a cubic meter and ignore the shape of the objects. It’s a standard item one could get from a Secret Area. Most Secret Areas would reward space equipment, and this was what Yun Tu had been anticipating. After having picked up the ring, he directly wore it easily, as Yun Tu then no longer looked at it again.

Occupational weapon was also the most common item granted after the completion of the Secret Area’s mission. However, today’s common item was not one Yun Tu had hoped. His main occupation in his previous life was a Shadow Assassin, who moved and sent fatal strikes stealthily with a dagger as the main weapon. But the item dropped was a soft, flexible sword. Although, the item’s properties and quality sent by the Secret Area could be guaranteed, but the weapon was not the type he wanted; he was only slightly interested in it.

Finally, the valuable occupational skill scroll. Occupational skill scrolls were divided into two main categories. The first category was directly used in combat and was called as main occupation, and the second category was not directly used in combat and was called as secondary occupation. This time Yun Tu didn’t get the urgently needed main occupation, and instead got Basic Alchemy, a secondary occupation. At the beginning of the apocalypse, getting a main occupation was the most safeguard means one could have to survive. Although the importance of the secondary occupation was significant in the later part of the apocalypse, but survival was the most fundamental in the early period. Therefore, these three items were not on top of the list.

At the most tomorrow night, 2nd Order Green Zombies would appear. And it was much more powerful than the 1st Order Black Zombie. At that time, even if he knew about the Green Zombie’s key weakness, but killing it would also become very difficult.

But, being able to survive in the apocalypse was good enough, and even if he was his second repertoire, he couldn’t be picky about the resources.

“Big Brother, these are …”


Seeing that Yun Tu landed a fatal strike, killing the powerful Wind Wolf and successfully obtaining three items, Wang Yang at the side was quite jealous. But with his simple and pure thoughts at the present, he regarded Yun Tu as the main force in the fight, and he could only be considered as the supporting role at best.


“This is for you. Give your gun to me!”


Yun Tu threw the soft, flexible sword to him. This temporary partner of his had extraordinary speed and it was most suited to be paired with the soft sword. In the past life, his brother, the Lightfoot, Wang Peng, was well known as the Storm Swordsman and speed was his forte.

“Huh? Big Bro, you’re not sincere, you wanna exchange your sword with my gun? Are you kidding me?!”

“Sincere or not, you take it and go to that Wind Wolf and slash it. Got it?”

Following Yun Tu’s instruction, Wang Yang took the soft sword and stabbed it on top of the Wind Wolf’s body. The Wind Wolf, which even the powerful Hei Hu and Hei Long were hard pressed to pierce with their machetes, was now easily pierced 3 inches deep by Wang Yang’s soft sword.

“Boss you’re truly a man with enormous weight, this gun is yours!”

After having seen and tried the soft sword, Wang Yang immediately handed over his pistol to Yun Tu.


“My younger brother will never suffer a loss with me! “


This gun and assault rifle’s bullets were the same, so he took down the cartridge clip and put it into his interspatial ring. Yun Tu then returned back the gun to Wang Yang.

Although Alchemy was not a main occupation, but since he had gotten the scroll, he chose to learn it. Compared to peaceful times, it was not like he could be picky to wait for a better occupation at this chaotic time of the apocalypse. Although a 1st Level Awakened could only have one occupation, but as long as he decisively snatched the opportunities and was promoted to the 2nd Level, he would still have a chance to learn one type of main occupation.

After having pinched it, the scroll in his hand crumbled to pieces as faint rays of light pierced into Yun Tu’s glabella. As he saw it inside his mind, his occupation slot had been filled with a few words: Basic Alchemist Refiner.

At the same time, he examined the changes in his occupation slot. As Yun Tu also saw his stats, his previously expressionless look changed into a surprised expression.

Strength : 10 – 4
Spirit : 10 – 4
Agility : 10 – 2
Vision : 10 – 2
Hearing : 15 – 5
Chemoreception : 10 – 5


Blood red negative numbers appeared next to his basic stats. Continuously exerting his strength and intense hunting had pushed Yun Tu to the limit, and now his physical condition was only slightly higher compared to an ordinary person’s; even his vision and hearing were not in its normal state.

“You help to guard me, keep a lookout. I need to rest first, then I’ll take out the crystal from the wolf’s skull as well as its fangs and claws.”

Then, as though a fierce battle would soon come, after arranging Wang Yang’s duty, Yun Tu sat cross-legged as he held a tiny Blood Crystal and began to absorb it to replenish his energy.

The sudden descent of the dazzling light pillar in the Secret Area’s sky made the originally scattered people attracted to this spectacle. Although they didn’t know whether this would represent any danger, but they were not people that feared death since they dared to enter this place to fight over the treasures. Shortly after, they flocked back to the scene.

Unfortunately, the mission had been completed by Yun Tu, and this Secret Area would be broken within 10 minutes.

“The Secret Area seems like a game. That punk who killed the Wind Wolf definitely has picked up the treasures. Brothers, follow me and fuck him up!” Duan Minghui’s voice came out. Even though his words were only a guess, but since the Awakened were able to see their individual stats within their minds, there were quite a lot who also had this thought.

“Killing the Secret Area’s Boss will be granted with treasures? Fuck! This Big Daddy has also contributed in killing it, so I have to have a share of the treasures!”

“Where are the treasures, where …”

There were quite a lot of people who didn’t get the treasure, so the moment they heard a member of Duan Family speak about someone getting the treasures, they became jealous. Regardless of whether they knew about Wang Yang and Yun Tu, they turned around and encircled toward their direction.

“Fucking shit! If I don’t fuck him up and tear him into pieces, this Big Daddy will be your grand ancestor!”


Duan Family’s intelligence was truly not only a cover. They knew that Yun Tu was powerful, so they didn’t rush first. Instead, they spread the word so he would become the public target. And now, Yun Tu was in a poor state, and he could only curse secretly as he quickly retreated.

If the Secret Area was to be broken 3 or 5 minutes late, Yun Tu would have really been pushed into a dire state and had no means to escape this tribulation. But the newcomer to the game, Duan Family, was still unfamiliar with the rules of the game, and their sinister plan was destined to fail.

Everyone’s co-encirclement had not yet formed as a light then flashed in the Secret Area’s sky. Everyone’s eyes turned dark at the same time. And when they opened their eyes again, they had come back to the real world all of a sudden.

With the last light beam as the center, each and every one of them appeared in the real world within the 300 meters’ radius around the park, as the massive living organisms inside the Secret Area were also beginning to burst out.

This abrupt change made everyone temporarily stumped for words for a few seconds, since they had yet to know about the rules even in the slightest. Yun Tu’s eyes quickly swept around, but he didn’t find the Duan Family’s father and son within his line of sight.


Upon seeing a man in a black suit who looked like Hei Hu pop up about 50 meters from the left side of the Secret Area’s gate, Yun Tu ignored the rushing mutant beasts at him and quickly shot at the man in the black suit!

After having shot down the Duan Family’s bodyguard, the mutant beasts also hurled toward Yun Tu’s side. Yun Tu quickly retreated a few steps backward and shot the foot joint of the mutant beast. The mutant beast tried to resist and block him, but Yun Tu only slightly smiled as his body flashed, as he ran away from the Secret Area’s gate and bolted toward the small alley to escape.

The Secret Area had been broken, releasing out all the creatures within it into the real world. For ordinary people, this was an absolute disaster. But Yun Tu couldn’t care about it, because if he didn’t enter the Secret Area, then others would have done it. Nobody had the ability to stop the advancement of the apocalypse game. At present, Yun Tu had no strength and was unable to change it. He could only find ways to strengthen himself, and then fight to his best in this game and clear everything.

And that unlucky man in black suit, he was only tiny interest Yun Tu collected from the debt the Duan Family owed him.



Anyway, after having read the raws up to chapter 200+, I decided to make a distinction between the term for 1st Order, 1st Class, 1st Level for zombies, monster beasts and the Awakened. The words in the raws are the same and I thought that it will make me and readers to easily track it.

Zombies        >>> 1st Order, 2nd Order, 3rd Order and so on.

Beasts           >>> 1st Class, 2nd Class, 3rd Class and so on.

Awakened      >>> 1st Level, 2nd Level, 3rd Level and so on. As for the level each individual has, it would be indicated with Level 1, 2, 3, and so on.