Chapter 0114: Disrupting Things Part 1

Chapter 114: Disrupting Things Part 1

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“Hey, you can’t face them alone!”


In conjunction with the rotating dart from Yun Tu, the double-blade danced in the hands of Feng Ling as the blades quickly forced the Green Zombie to jump out quickly from the battle ring.


Feng Ling and the rest had also discovered the position of the light beam, a sign of the opening of another Secret Area. They naturally knew that entering the Secret Area was more important than killing the Green Zombies, but she was also worried about Yun Tu’s safety, hence questioning his action.


“Less nonsense, will you? Just GO!”


Yun Tu shouted again and turned over his left wrist. The boomerang dart flew to the Green Zombie that was fighting Chengzi.


The trio realized that Yun Tu had decided to draw the aggro of the four second-order Green Zombies to himself alone, so they retracted back their professions’ skills and jumped out of the battle circle one after another and turned around to dash toward the position where the light beam landed.


With the boomerang dart, Yun Tu immediately drew the siege of the Four Zombies toward himself alone. Even though he had rich experience in combat and good strength, with his Second Level strength that was equal to theirs, it was equal to him walking on the edge of the blade against four. One mishap and he would be killed on the spot.


“I told them to go away, but they don’t even help me cut some Black Zombies? Damn. They really take me as god, no?”


Seeing that the trio turned and flew away straightly, Yun Tu immediately took back the boomerang dart and launched some fierce strikes toward the Green Zombies in front of him, forcing them to step backward. After waiting for some space to appear for himself to launch a maneuver, he quickly activated his profession’s skill—the Stealth Movement and disappeared in the sight of the four Green Zombies all of a sudden.


Individual’s fighting power-wise, Yun Tu might be not the strongest, but as a Shadow Assassin and under normal circumstances, he could escape and run away without the opponents being able to retain him even if he was at disadvantage.


A battle must be occurring in front as well. But Yun Tu didn’t want to consume too much of his stamina this time. He kept staying in a stealth mode for 20 seconds but when he appeared again, he had shaken off the group of second-order Green Zombies far behind.


Traversing a kilometer of distance for the Second Level experts only took a minute of sprinting. Feng Ling and the other two had come to the front of Dongzong Road’s Garden Hotel.


The Garden Hotel in Dongzong Road was a famous five-star hotel in Jiangnan City. The venue was located in a downtown area, consisting of a cluster of four small high-rise buildings of about 20 floors. The central area had a large open space of several thousand square meters which landscaped as a garden with a beautiful environment.


However, the vegetations in the courtyard had now changed in nature. After they withered, they had grown anew with orange, purple, golden, and silver leaves. Some of the leaves even emitted a layer of halo, giving off quite a strange feeling to anyone who saw them.


The gate to the Secret Area itself quietly emitted light screen in the courtyard of this Garden Hotel.


Even though Feng Ling and the rest came here fast enough, two Green Zombies and dozens of Black ones had come faster around the Garden Hotel than them.


It might be that due to some invisible restriction that the zombies could never enter the light curtain of the entrance to the Secret Area. However, the Green Zombies that had begun to develop their intelligence and wisdom were curious as they continued leading the Black Zombies to the light curtain, seemingly in hope to figure out what this thing was. Hence, the light curtain was constantly being trampled under the constant impact of the fearless Black Zombie’s strikes, creating energy ripples on its layer.




Even though Yun Tu ordered them to enter the light curtain with their fastest speed, they could see the situation in front where the zombies were restricted and couldn’t enter the light curtain. However, they thought that Yun Tu would arrive later, so in order to create a condition for him to enter the Secret Area, Feng Ling immediately cried out an order.


Yun Tu was not here, whereas she was a core member of the Dark Night. The two children naturally followed her lead as the three people then moved at the same time and suddenly attacked the nearest Green Zombie.


With the light curtain of the Secret Area’s gate attracting its attention, the usually keen and sensitive Green Zombie that was supposedly able to act as a watch was caught unprepared and overwhelmed by the trio. It hastily turned around and was barely able to block two weapons, but was directly stabbed by Chengzi’s sword on its chest.


A sneak attack solved a Green Zombie, as Feng Ling trio stroke the other Green Zombie at the same time again. At this time, however, several Green Zombies and dozens of Black ones appeared in the surroundings.


They only had seconds of time window now as the light beam had, nonetheless, attracted hundreds of zombies that were about to come to this place, hence it was meaningless to kill a few of them.


Just more than 10 seconds later than them, Yun Tu quickly came and rushed into the Garden Hotel’s courtyard after shaking off that group of zombies.


When he saw Feng Ling’s group were still in slaughter, he shouted, “Get into the light curtain!”


At the same time after he was done the shouting, he activated his Stealth mode again.


Hearing Yun Tu’s voice and yet unable to see his figure after looking back, Feng Ling immediately knew that the Boss had entered invisibility mode and quickly retreated. At this time there were several zombies blocking their path, about 20 meters of distance to the light curtain.


Fortunately, they were just some regular Black zombies. The trio quickly joined forces and created a bloody path as they rushed into the light curtain as scheduled. At this time, Yun Tu was actually the first to appear inside the light curtain and had already been waiting for them.


Right as they finally entered the safe area, when they looked back, various Green and Black zombies were constantly flocking into the surroundings. Had they come here late for some 20 seconds or so, let alone arriving as scheduled, they would absolutely have had no chance to forcefully rush inside.


“Who told you to kill zombies? Just set to your position!”


Yun Tu slapped Feng Ling’s hand and pretended to criticize her angrily, although he actually knew that Feng Ling did that since she definitely wanted to create an opening for his arrival.


“Hey, we were not worried about you, just wanting to relieve you some pressures! Who the hell knows you would be coming so fast!”


Seeing Yun Tu’s actions, ambiguous it might be, she couldn’t help but feel warm inside. She defiantly replied back with a red face.


Now that Yun Tu’s party had accomplished the first stage of the plan, yet they also realized that zombies had surrounded the perimeter of Secret Area’s entrance. Even if they were able to complete the mission, how could they leave after coming out of the Secret Area?


As such serious problem dawned upon their minds, Feng Ling and the rest couldn’t help but look at Yun Tu.


“Well, things will eventually sort themselves out, guys. Watch your steps as you walk!”


Yun Tu could tell their thoughts as he just smiled and answered shortly. He then took out two second-order and some first-order Blood Crystals from his interspatial ring, pressing them one by one into their respective slots of the Secret Area’s gate…


After going through some small storms, Yun Tu’s party had smoothly entered the Secret Area called the Celestial Sacrifice Tower. At the same time, far away from the venue which was the Brightstreet Square in the Northern District, the countdown for the entrance to the Arcane Cloud Temple Secret Area was only an hour left.


On the Brightstreet Square, the concentration of the crowd was no less than when the Secret Area here was first activated. In order to ensure that the reward of the attempt this time did not fall to outsiders’ hands, the Heavenly Seal Guild kept maintaining order in the square by assigning 56 people there with nearly all of them the elites of their entire guild. Yet, however, he still underestimated the strength of these numerous small and medium guilds.


There had been a group of people slamming their defense lines from time to time as conflicts constantly brewed in the square, causing the Heavenly Seal Guild’s people who were responsible to control the gate to the Secret Area to fall into the passive position!


The thought of picking one small or medium guild by punishing them to deter others did not even cross Zhao Yinwen’s mind since there were too many people on the scene right now. Were their action ended badly, they would be attacked by such a large crowd. At that time, not only would they become a public enemy, the scene may also damage a lot of troops he had.


It was precisely at this point that some larger guilds took the lead in causing troubles as they constantly ignited the crowd.


“What the fuck are you afraid of? I refuse to believe that Zhao bastard dares to become everyone’s enemy. The Mission Boss is on this mountain. After entering from the entrance, you should normally appear in this valley. As long as you circle around the mountain foot, you can quickly find the path up to the mountain, and you will get a huge reward when you reach the summit and kill the mission Boss!”


“If anything, there are only two second-rank creatures inside this Secret Area. Its whole body is a treasure but its real combat strength is just shit, even Second Level human expert is more than enough to face two of them at the same time. You all know that some people have succeeded in doing so, and this is made of their experience. Shortly put, you can get those mission reward easily, else why do you think that Heavenly Seal Guild’s Zhao is willing to spend so much effort to guard the gate to this Secret Area?”


“What the… A huge reward. For real?”


“Of course, it’s true. I didn’t participate in the previous mission, but you know what? My Boss came out of the Secret Area and immediately rewarded me with a Job Scroll. Now think, Buddy. Even a man like me can be given such a Job Scroll, meaning this last Arcane Cloud Temple Secret Area is in no way a small Secret Area!”


Such a situation was a blessing for Gui Jiaosan who was blending in the crowd, selling the maps of this Secret Area. While marketing the maps, however, he also incited rumors to create troubles, seemingly impatient to see the crowd plunge into chaos.


The closer the time of the opening to the Secret Area, the more chaotic the situation in the Brightstreet Square was. Zhao Yinwen was perfectly well aware that if he didn’t showcase some of his power before the opening time, everything would collapse right before the moment the Secret Area opened again.


Standing on the edge of a flower bed, he raised his heel and saw Gui Jiaosan’s group blending in the crowd, selling the map of this Secret Area. He had seen the map he sold and it was a map guide to the Arcane Cloud Temple. Ha had been enduring it for a long time and now that he heard some reports that these guys were slandering the Heavenly Seal Guild, he pressed his brows and decided to apprehend them.


“Surround them and find some means and reasons to get them!”


After making up his mind, Zhao Yinwen revoked the duty of a small team leader nearby and assign them this new task. The captain with a dozen of people approached Gui Jiaosan from the two directions.


But who was Gui Jiaosan? He was someone who had been blending in the underworld for many years, mixing himself within the crowd and hence was able to vigilantly observe the surroundings. While selling and bragging with some people in the crowd, he didn’t fail to observe the overall situation around himself.


As he found that some people from the Heavenly Seal Guild were about to surround him, not only did he have no thoughts of running away, but also greeted the team captain in a magnanimous fashion, asking while grinning, “Hello, Brother. Look at you like some filthy rich Landlord; would you like to buy a copy of the map to the Arcane Cloud Temple?”


Seeing that Gui Jiaosan moved forward and suddenly greeted him, the team captain suddenly didn’t know how to react all of sudden with so many people around.


After being stunned for some time without a sound, he shouted fiercely with a straight face, “This father is from the Heavenly Seal Guild and we have controlled every right for today’s place to the Secret Area. I’ll have to take a hard measure against you if you sell the map of this Secret Area again today!”


“Aww, it turns out that you’re the Head of the Heavenly Seal Guild, eh? Amazing! Man, I’m so scared! May I know how hard the measure you wanna do to me is?” Gui Jiaosan still made fun of the situation.


The Guild Master ordered the captain to apprehend Gui Jiaosan’s group but didn’t say to attack them at once. While there were also a lot of people on the scene, the captain had to find a reason to do so first, but facing a shrewd Gui Jiaosan who made fun of him, he couldn’t bear but push forward forcefully to punch Gui Jiaosan.


Gui Jiaosan took advantage of the opportunity to fall on the ground and screamed, “The Heavenly Seal Guild is resorting to murder! The Heavenly Seal Guild is killing people!”

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