Chapter 0113: Eastern District

Chapter 113: Eastern District

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The first kill mission of Arcane Cloud Temple had greatly increased the overall strength of the Dark Night Guild, whereas Gui Jiaosan and Luo Gang also brought back the news they obtained in the Southern and Western Districts.

As of yesterday, the Secret Area in the Western District had also activated an hour later than that of the Northern District. When Luo Gang arrived there with Lingling, the site was already full of people as the Western District housed 4 major guilds that were almost equal in power, and thus, the event as such happened in the Northern District where the Heavenly Seal Guild joined forces with the Iron Spire Guild didn’t happen, which led that at least 7 or 8 guilds sent around 10 parties there.

Luo Gang had written each of the guild’s name, but there was no guild that had been able to break the Secret Area when they returned back.

The site was called an Illusion Palace that only allowed the two-man party to enter with a second-order Blood Crystal as an entrance fee. It was no wonder that there were so many guilds coveting it and wanting to enter.

This Illusion Palace was the only Recurring Secret Area in Jiangnan City without maps and guides at all because it was a labyrinth, an ever-changing map with new changes whenever anyone entered.

Moreover, despite its state as a Recurring Secret Area, it actually limited everyone to enter it more than once and those who had entered this Secret Area once would be rejected entry later.

Since the map of the Illusion Palace in the Western District was ever-changing, the significance of the first kill might not be big. Even if Yun Tu brought his team to enter it, he estimated that it would be too late to grab the first kill mission.

In Yun Tu’s memory, the Illusion Palace appeared in the Eastern District then, but now it had changed to the Western District, hence it was a great possibility that the Triple Kills Gate that was supposed to appear in the Northern District now appeared in the Southern District.

Of course, it was only his inference. When Luo Gang had reported all the important information, Yun Tu took out a second-order Blood Crystal and said, “As a new member, your loyalty has yet to pass through the trial of blood and fire so I don’t have a plan to give a significant reward so soon. But our Dark Night Guild has a few people as of now so I’ll reward you this second-order Blood Crystal first. I hope you will perform well in the future!”

It was something Luo Gang never dreamed of. He had just entered the guild and just had one field assignment, yet he was able to get a second-order Blood Crystal. He hastily vowed that he would go all out for the interest of the Dark Night Guild.

After Luo Gang’s report of the Western District’s situation had completed, Gui Jiaosan began narrating his report of the Southern District.

Soon, Yun Tu’s conjecture was immediately confirmed. The Triple Kills Gate really appeared in the Southern District!

It was first activated about three in the morning, which was the same with his previous life. It only allowed the three-man team to enter with 2 second-order plus 10 first-order Blood Crystals as entrance fee—the same as the Arcane Cloud Temple.

Because there was aforementioned news about such Secret Area from the Northern and Western Districts, the guilds in the Southern District such as the Jiangnan Family, Dragon Slayer, and Outstanding Heroes Guilds then joined forces to control the site before it fully opened.

Ever since the mutiny and transformation of the Jiangnan Family Guild, their relationship with the Dragon Slayer Guild had eased, more so that the event of a huge zombie tide occurred in the Southern District led to the awareness of the guilds there to unite against zombies budded the earliest.

In order to promote the establishment of a common stronghold for the survival of humanity, Wang Peng of the Dragon Slayer Guild had run all around and had two conferences with all the brains of all other guilds in the Southern District. So now, even if the Recurring Secret Area had been opened, even though top three guilds controlled the site entrance, they did not adopt the strategy of the guilds in the Northern District which sent a team to compete in the Secret Area. In short, they eventually formed a joint battle team of the three major guilds, each of whom entered the Secret Area.

After listening to Gui Jiaosan’s explanation, Yun Tu realized that since the major guilds in the Southern District could temporarily cooperate in the face of interest, it seemed that Wang Peng’s plan to build a stronghold for human survival would not be far off.

With the Three Kills Gate appeared in the Southern District and jointly protected by the Dragon Slayer Guild and other two major guilds, it was practically bad news for Yun Tu. Such a case would force him to face against three major guilds in the Southern District if he were to forcibly lead his team to the site. Even if the Dragon Slayer Guild could agree to his request, the other two guilds would not.

The world and human affairs now were like a new chess game. He himself had never expected that they would be the first to the complete the first kill mission of the Arcane Cloud Palace whereas he was eventually unable to finish the first kill mission of the Three Kills Gate he was most familiar with in his past life.

Yun Tu sighed. He could only wait and put down the first kill mission of the Three Kills Gate to the back of his mind.

There was no news of the Recurring Secret Area in the Eastern District yet because the area had been nearly deserted. It could be said that only the reborn old bird Yun Tu who knew about this Secret Area in the Eastern District, plus maybe some very few people.

Of course, if the Secret Area was activated, the light column would streak up to the sky, hence all the guilds in various districts would still send their teams regardless of the dangers as its location was within the scope of zombie control.

This would mean that they only had limited time to rest. Even though everyone was very tired, Yun Tu ordered them to make the best use of time to rest for 2 hours and immediately gathered to him for new tasks.

“Feng Ling, Baozi, and Chengzi go with me!”

The Secret Area of the Eastern District only allowed a four-man team, so it was unnecessary to bring more people. However, just as Yun Tu’s team was about to leave, a lot of ruckuses happened outside.

As it was known that the time for the next entry of the Arcane Cloud Temple was getting closer and closer, a lot of people gathered around Bright-street Square. It turned out that everyone thought that this Secret Area was only a one-time-entry. Now that they found out it could be repeatedly entered, some guilds that had returned to their bases now came back to encircle it.

The Heavenly Seal Guild had suffered a big loss in their first attempt to enter this Secret Area, hence Zhao Yinwen decided to monopolize the fight to enter this Secret Area the second time.

Knowing that the Heavenly Seal Guild’s cooperation with the Iron Spire Guild did not end well, even though the Heavenly Seal Guild did have a great power, various of hundreds of guilds in the Northern District began to unite against him, making him a bit powerless with his desire to swallow all the rights to enter the Secret Area. Even some small forces that could not produce second-order Blood Crystals came together to join in the fun, creating chaotic scenes around the site.

Seeing such a situation, Yun Tu suddenly recalled the business of selling the maps and guides in his past life. As the Dark Night Guild was the only guild succeeded on breaking this Secret Area, meaning that if he drew a sketch of the map, selling it wouldn’t be a problem as long as the price was right. Moreover, with the sale of such a map, the confidence of the small and medium guilds after entering the Secret Area would be increased greatly, and thus sending greater pressure to the Heavenly Seal Guild.

It was just a given that you would do something beneficial for yourself and harmful to your enemy, to begin with.

“Zhang Feng, you should have attended a field military exercise, right? Have you seen or learned that kind of hand-drawn map?” Asked Yun Tu.

“Yeah, I’ve attended once!” Replied Zhang Feng with a puzzled look.

“If so, recall all we did when we were inside the Secret Area. Draw the map out of it and add some simple text descriptions, but do not reveal most of the condition to make the mission Boss appear!” Ordered Yun Tu.

“But… I’m not good at painting!”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at it. You can draw a rough map, or draw a sketch with the help from Lingling. Also, copy more than a dozen copies.”

“Ah, you mean… you want to…”

Even though Zhang Feng didn’t talk much, he immediately guessed the Yun Tu’s idea since the Boss conveyed his idea very clearly.

“After you’re done drawing the map, give them to Gui Jiaosan and the children. They will sell them and the price must not be too high. This thing is just the beginning and it will take time for everyone to accept it, to begin with.”

With Zhang Feng’s character, marketing and selling the map was unlikely to be done by this guy. Yun Tu believed that no one was more suitable than Gui Jiaosan to take the job.

“The profit is small but the turnover will be quick. More so that this will increase the pressure for those Heavenly Seal Guild’s bastards!”

Gui Jiaosan was truly a kind of marvel. He could immediately understand the main point of the idea the moment he heard Yun Tu’s instruction.

“Less words, but this will be your call!”

Some things were best left unsaid, but Yun Tu knew that it was hardly that people’s nature could change. He also knew that Gui Jiaosan had some reputations to boost in the eyes of outsiders.

Hence, he only criticized the guy moderately before leading the new team, Feng Ling, Pock Face, and Chengzi to the Eastern District.

The evolution speed of zombies had been much faster than that of humans in the Apocalypse. Shortly after he entered the Eastern District again, he quickly encountered second-order Green Zombies.

Yun Tu’s team of four decided to fight a quick battle only in the case that such circumstance permitted them. They even killed a Green Zombie on one occasion, but he also ordered the party to give up their target and keep up with his pace.

“Our goal to visit the Eastern District this time is not to hunt for second-order Blood Crystals, but just kill and run? It’s really a pity.” Asked Feng Ling, looking puzzled.

“I have my own plan, so less nonsense, will you?” Yun Tu replied with a vague answer, yet serious face.

As for why they visited the Eastern District this time, Yun Tu did not explain to the three of them since time was very urgent. More so that he didn’t want too many people to know that he had the foresight ability. If that was the case, everyone would be very dependent on him in the future, hence would lead to a very disadvantageous development for the entire team.

Even though the Secret Area of the Eastern District had not yet been opened, the light curtain appeared once it was activated would never turn off and would surely attract a large number of zombies, and it wouldn’t be easy to enter it by then.

Yun Tu’s goal was to first reach the place not far from the Secret Area and then doing some hunts in the surrounding area. Once the Secret Area was activated, he would lead his team directly and they would naturally be the first party to enter it.

And yet, man proposed and God disposed. The number of Green Zombies here was now several times more than a few days ago. Even if they tried to avoid the fight, they were still forced to fight on some occasions. When Yun Tu’s group of four arrived at a place about a kilometer to the entrance of the Secret Area, a bright beam of light suddenly fell down from the sky. The Recurring Secret Area of the Eastern District which was located in the backyard of Garden Hotel in Dongzong Road was finally opened.

A kilometer was a distance Second-Level Experts could traverse very quickly with sprinting, but the four people were now being surrounded by 4 Green Zombies with more than 20 Black ones.

Time never waited for anyone. The light beam of the Secret Area’s entrance was too conspicuous. Not only had it attracted the zombies in the surrounding, but it also could be seen by anyone as long one stood on a high-rise building without a cover, anyone could also see something unusual happening there regardless of whether it was in the Northern or Southern District.

Yun Tu was sure that dozens of Green Zombies would encircle this Secret Area’s gate within minutes. And if there was a Purple Zombie was around, even their safety would be unknown let alone whether they could enter the Secret Area safely by then.

“There’s another Secret Area here. It seems to be in located in the Garden Hotel. Everyone, I’ll take the rear guard and you’ll break through the lines and rush to the Secret Area’s light screen as fast as possible!”

Yun Tu shouted as he blocked the claws of the Green Zombie with the dagger in his right hand while shooting out the boomerang dart in his left hand simultaneously, slamming it to the ground; whereas he dashed to attack the Green Zombie that was fighting with Feng Ling.