Chapter 0112: Bountiful Harvest Part-2

Chapter 112: Bountiful Harvest Part 2

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Gui Jiaosan’s action was seemingly intentional, but Yun Tu had long known that this guy had a crush on Li Xin. These two had their partners passedl away, so they were really just a good couple to be paired up.

Yun Tu himself didn’t bother about stats parameter when giving the Ranger job scroll to Gui Jiaosan. But not for this Armored Guard scroll as it had strict stats prerequisite. He then hinted Pock Face Zhang Feng to bring Lingling and Chengzi to ask their stats.

“You’re all still very young but already 1.7 meters high. With us now living in the apocalypse, you can no longer treat yourselves as childs if you want to survive. Do you know the significance of this scroll?” Asked Yun Tu.

“I know that I can become an Awakened with a profession with it. Just like Big Brother Pock Face, Baozi, and Xiao Bao who always rush to the forefront of the battle!” The girl, Lingling, replied loudly as Chengzi at her side followed. “Yeah. I want to be one too!”

“Very good!” Yun Tu nodded.

However, picking up a profession was not actually relying only on one’s stats so Yun Tu asked again, “Anyhow, what did you do best when you were in the welfare house back then? What I mean what you can do the best is the aspect why everyone praised you. Tell me!”

“I loved doing paper-cut handicrafts back then, even Grandma Yang said that my paper-cut works were auctioned and sold for $1,000 in the last international charity convention!”

The thoughts of children were pure and simple, so Lingling immediately reported one of the things she was most proud of in the past.

Before she evolved and became an Awakened, she was a patient of congenital heart illness. The reason why she was able to survive back in the Eastern District was because her illness flared up several times all of a sudden. She fainted and was always carried on the back by Zhang Feng. Hence, it could be said that she was a very lucky girl to a certain extent. More so that her congenital heart disease was healed after she became an Awakened and much better now.

“Then what about you?” Asked Yun Tu upon seeing that Chengzi didn’t speak at all.

“I like eating oranges, so they call me Chengzi, oranges!” Chengzi embarrassedly replied while scratching his head. His look was simple and honest.

“He had some problems in the head before. It turned out that it was only Grandma Yang Suyan and the other children who can communicate with him. However, after he successfully became an Awakened, I think he’s much better than before. Sometimes he now understands all the jokes we are making now!”

At the side, Li Xin interjected as she pushed Gui Jiaosan who was leaning on her body, while her finger pointed to her own head and answered Yun Tu.

All the fights and battles in the apocalypse were all fights between life and death. Strategy wise considered, one would need high intellect, but the most important aspect in the course of battle was one’s potential and talent in combat. Everything could happen within minutes or seconds and having a brain wouldn’t be enough to process everything in a fight. Oftentimes those who had low intellect turned out to have a very formidable combat power.

After analyzing and comparing their stats, gender, and personality, Yun Tu finally decided to pick Chengzi to become the Armored Guard.

“Thank you! I’ll definitely be the one to stand at the forefront of battles in the future!” After having his words suppressed for a long while and then receiving the scroll from Yun Tu, Chengzi finally spoke.

Yun Tu didn’t regard any promise as very important, but he knew that Chengzi was the same as Baozi. They didn’t and had never lied at all.

He was always a bit concerned about how to treat these four children. The one he was the most familiar with until now was only Baozi, yet it didn’t affect the loyalty of the rest.

Perhaps the four of them were loyal to either Yun Tu alone or the whole Dark Night Guild, but it was all the better in any case, regardless!

After assigning the Armored Guard job scroll to Chengzi, only the last one, this Lingling girl who had yet to learn any profession.

Given that she was a coronary heart patient and was also an orphan, yet could survive in the apocalypse and even had a chance to be a Second Level Awakened meant something, that was that she was lucky enough. However, the little girl’s mind was really pure and simple. Seeing the other three companions of hers had learned a profession, the feeling of loss was still visible on her face even though she tried hard to pretend not to.

“It’s alright. You’ll have another opportunity later!” Li Xin hugged her shoulder and comforted.

“As for you, you’re not going to do any paper-cut handicraft anymore. I’ll give you a secondary profession but it’s still related to paper-cutting, mind you!” Yun Tu pinched her nose and smilingly said.

“Eh? There’s a profession related to paper-cutting?” Lingling looked a bit incredulous, even everyone else was also the same.

The number of secondary professions in the apocalypse that were able to manufacture tools were all but a few, but leather Armor Crafter was one of them. Even though everyone at present also wore some piece of protective gears made of leather, from where did they obtain these leather armors and how they were made? No one among them had ever seen it before. If it was taken for granted, theirs were just a sheet of high-quality skin taken from the creatures of the Secret Area, and then handed it over to Yun Tu to process.

In fact, that was not really the case as every profession in the apocalypse was a different race altogether. Alchemist Refiners were only able to add some new element composition to weapons and equipment without taking the form and shape into consideration. However, the Leather Armor Crafter profession had the power to fuse some of their powers into the refined leather. However, the leather material must be cut before shaping the final product. It was a bit like the manufacturing of clothing and shoes in peacetime, where the leather material had to be cut first with each piece and slice must be in accordance with the shape of the product.

The leather protective gears everyone was wearing at present was still at its thickest given that they were made as many and as fast as possible. Had it not for its role to strengthen their defense, they wouldn’t have put them on as it was very uncomfortable. These gears looked appalling and had no sense of aesthetic at all.

Precisely because of the guild did not lack leather armor that Yun Tu decided to not assign the Leather Armor Crafter job scroll to anyone after he snatched Duan Hongyu’s interspatial ring. The first reason was that he didn’t know if there was anyone who was suitable for the profession, the second being was that he wanted to observe the loyalty everyone had. It seemed like his decision was proved correct. If he were to assign it back then, it was estimated this Leather Armor Crafter job scroll could have been given to Liu Wei back then. Their losses would have been much greater given that Liu Wei had already betrayed them.

“Leather Armor Crafter job scroll!”

After listening to Yun Tu’s explanation and seeing him take out a scroll, everyone finally understood in that instant.

“I think this will really suit her. Since you last gave her the protective gear, boots, and that broken armor, she has been saying that if she could could become a Leather Armor Crafter, she would definitely not make it that ugly and rough!”

Feng Ling commented and immediately grabbed the scroll to give it to Lingling’s hand and said, “When you’ve become the Leather Armor Crafting, the first thing you must do is helping me tailor a customized vest that fits me the most. It must be the prettiest and the most comfortable to wear too!”

Yun Tu shot a glance at the peak and the ridge of Feng Ling’s towering chest. He realized that he didn’t consider the measurement of Feng Ling’s bust the last time he gave her that protective gear vest, so it might have given her uncomfortable time; that was indeed a crime.

“Hey, what are you looking at? Managing girls’ clothes is not your business!”

Feng Ling felt the focus of Yun Tu’s vision was not in the right position, and deliberately teased him by puffing up her chest.

Manufacturing protective gears and making clothes indeed had the same concept and process. However, everyone liked to look pretty and loved beauty, to begin with. The same look could also be seen in Li Xin’s eyes. It could easily be guessed that she also wanted to have one tailored set for herself.

“In any case, everything should be based on the premise of saving materials yet ensuring its defensive effect. Even so, we still must ensure the production efficiency before the overall situation is determined. The protective gear doesn’t worth manufacturing if it takes a few days to produce, let alone that each protective gear must be designed and arranged first. You can’t just make something as you want it to be on a whim since we must consider everything to maximize its value per ratio of our already limited resources!” Yun Tu emphasized.

“Damn, so we, three women will have to ensure everyone’s clothes and meals, then!” Feng Ling straightly took the big job into their hands.

She didn’t know that Yun Tu had a bigger plan in mind already since the time would come when the guild had more members, hence managing the production protective gears wouldn’t be a simple work anymore.

Actually, Yun Tu had been thinking that he wouldn’t be able to manage too many things in detail by himself. He believed that Feng Ling and Li Xin would be able to handle this issue well, so he had no objection that Feng Ling took this big responsibility.

However, Yun Tu, who was a seasoned bird of the apocalypse, couldn’t help but be surprised since the first kill reward from the Recurring Secret Area which their five-man party obtained was not only these six items that had just been taken out. His heart pounded crazily when he saw the last thing he took out from the interspatial ring.

“Rotary Dart!”

It was a four-edged dart with a small X like shape!

Yun Tu wouldn’t have been this excited had it been just a regular dart weapon. There had been a lot of people who mastered the use of darts as a weapon. He used to play darts in his previous life as well. Even though he couldn’t be called a master in it, he was still able to shoot a target with darts accurately from 20-30 meters without deviating much from the pinpointed target.

But the precious thing about this Rotary Dart he just obtained from the first kill mission in the Secret Area was because it had another feature called maneuvering force.

Most of the profession’s skill in the apocalypse were generally systematic with each profession only had two skill at the time of its acquisition. Along with continuous utilization of the skills in the future, one would also comprehend more advanced skills to be used in battle. For example, was Yun Tu’s Shadow Assassin profession. If there was no accident, it wouldn’t take long that he would have the third skill to appear the more frequent he utilized his skills.

In this sense, the existence of another single skill outside the skill tree might seem far less valuable from job scroll, however, each and every person who already learned a battle-oriented Main Job could only learn one type of skill tree, whereas this single skill was an independent skill that was not affiliated with any profession, nor was it within the limit of the already set skill tree. Adding this reason with the rarity and its scarcity, it was not difficult to imagine its value and preciousness.

“Isn’t there still a good treasure left? Just take it out for us to see!” Seeing Yun Tu’s look changed, Feng Ling came over and asked.

“You can have a look at it, but stay still and don’t move!”

Yun Tu first ordered and then took X-shaped dart out with a solemn expression.

Everyone was surprised upon seeing the dart with the Maneuvering Force skill as it was surrounded by a faint mist.

Yun Tu poked his fingertip with a dagger as a drop of red blood dripped on it. The mist covered dart suddenly shimmered and finally entered into Yun Tu’s left hand.

“What was that just now…”

“You all will see more and more things that are beyond your imagination in this apocalypse. This dart is a boomerang-type weapon. The mist you saw just now has a kind of maneuvering force. After that drop of my blood, it has recognized me as its master, so after I shoot dart out, I can order it back into my hands if it’s within a certain range.”

While explaining, Yun Tu threw the boomerang dart as it turned into a rotating shape as the dart then flew in the living room for several circles before it finally fell into his left hand.

Back when the light column fell inside the Arcane Cloud Temple, it brought along a total of eight treasures. Apart from the seven items Yun Tu had been taken out, there was actually another semi-arc shaped item. However, it was not a finished product, nor a piece of junk either.

But Yun Tu knew that he could finally know what it was as well as its value and uses after finding the other pieces and pieced them together. Since everyone didn’t see clearly what treasures he had collected back then, he did not take this piece out.