Chapter 0111: Bountiful Harvest Part-1

Chapter 111: Bountiful Harvest Part 1

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They went back home, took a hot bath and had some hot meals. After that Yun Tu gathered everyone around the table.

Yun Tu knew that everyone, including himself, was curious about what treasures they had obtained in the Secret Area. So, he slowly took it out of his interspatial ring. But the first thing he took out was not the mission reward, but the interspatial ring Pock Face Zhang Feng had snatched from Du Haibo.

“Hey, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? Everyone wants to see the mission reward, yet you intentionally took this broken thing out to raise everyone’s appetite, right?”

Seeing Yun Tu taking a long time to take those good things out, Feng Ling cried out since everyone was not interested in Du Haibo’s ring.

“What’s with the shouting? Even the mosquito’s legs are still meat, no? Besides, maybe there is some pleasant surprise inside since this man was also a core member of the Heavenly Seal Guild!”

It was a leisure time now for them, so Yun Tu didn’t want to be too strict as he smilingly teased Feng Ling. Only after her face was red did he stop talking.

He dumped out everything from Du Haibo’s interspatial ring. He cleaned up the clothes and some other junks and threw them aside. There were indeed some useful things inside the ring.

Needless to mention there were a few pounds of dry rations, five first-order large Blood Crystals, more than a dozen small ones that he stowed again, and also one sword produced by the Secret Area that had been strengthened. It had been chipped but it was still barely of some use.

“Basic Flesh Injury Liquid!”

“Basic Internal Injury Pill!”

“Basic Essence Strengthening Pill!”

There were unexpectedly three bottles of medicines produced by Pharmacist. Even though half of them had been used, they were still good things and really lifted Yun Tu’s good mood.

Never look down at the basic label of each bottle, since they were, after all, the products of the profession after the apocalypse and its effect couldn’t be compared to the drugs of peacetime at all.

Seeing Yun Tu’s shining eyes, everyone who had never seen any Pharmacist’s products also realized that these things were life-saving treasures. After Qing Yi went missing, what the Dark Night Guild most needed was a Priest or Pharmacist. Before they found some people with these two professions, having one of these top medicines was very important.

The labels of the first two drugs were easy to understand, but the third one was rather ambiguous. Feng Ling who instinctively felt that it was a kind of drug to strengthen man’s essence commented, “Those Heavenly Seal Guild’s chaps really have something messed up with their heads. To think they spent the apocalypse’s precious materials just to refine this junk!”

“Hey, that’s only a difference of only a single word, you know. The good effect is actually entirely different. Don’t spit out anything that will disgrace yourself, lest you expose your education!” Yun Tu criticized Feng Ling half-jokingly after giving a brief explanation of the Essence Strengthening Pill’s function.

After cleaning up Du Haibo’s interspatial ring, Yun Tu finally took out the first kill mission reward of the Arcane Cloud Temple Secret Area.

When a bracelet engraved with the same mysterious rune on the interspatial ring appeared in front of everyone, Feng Ling was pleasantly surprised and took it out, “This should be an interspatial bracelet. Let me see how much bigger space inside is compared to the interspatial ring!”

The interspatial ring had a meter cubic of storage space. Everyone was sure that this bracelet’s space was definitely much bigger than the interspatial ring.

“It should be at least 5 meters cubic of storage space. It’s comparable to 5 interspatial rings. We’ve gotta enter the Arcane Cloud Temple often later!” When Feng Ling spoke about it, the rest around also followed suit.

“Well, even though the Arcane Cloud Temple is in front of our base, it’s not our Dark Night’s private property. Do you think you can enter at any time you will it?”

Watching Feng Ling seemed like she didn’t want to put it down given that she looked it over and over, Yun Tu knew that it wouldn’t be easy to take it back from her on her own initiative, so he forcibly took it back from her hand while speaking.

The measure of space storage size was sometimes incorrect in terms of volume. Like today, if Yun Tu were to take it out in the Secret Area and used this interspatial bracelet instead, he could have stowed the entire Centaur corpse inside, and wouldn’t have wasted so many valuable treasures for no reason. After seeing this treasure, he couldn’t help but have a bit of regret. But there were no what-ifs in the apocalypse. What was done was done, it was useless to brood over it.

“What a little devil!”

Feng Ling glared at Yun Tu. She was the only one in the guild who dared to slightly pick up a fight and talked back to Yun Tu. Yun Tu himself didn’t want to make the life in the guild too strict and boring and let her pick a fight once in a while.

The first item taken out was extraordinary. Yun Tu knew that the number of a large capacity interspatial equipment was very low, but even so, such items would regularly come out of the Recurring Secret Area later. It would indeed make the long journey home more convenient, but these items didn’t have much effect for the overall combat effectiveness of the team while their value was far less than the much better job scrolls.

“Arabesque Bow and Pet Ranger Job Scroll!”

When he took out these two sets of reward, it could be said that the Dark Night Guild had its own Archer or Ranger, while the last issue remaining would be the person who would take up this profession.

With the growing strength of zombies at present, bullets were no longer able to play its then significant role while the long-range attack capability of humanity would gradually rely on those who had Archer or Ranger professions.

“This Arcane Cloud Temple is really a blessed land! To think that we can obtain such treasures for archery-based profession there.”

Feng Ling now began regretting why she learned her profession much earlier. Had she known that such this profession existed, she would’ve opted to wait for ten days more to learn another job and skills, so she would be able to own this treasure and fight with the others in the apocalypse.

Certainly, such an assumption was incorrect given that continuous promotion of one’s strength was of the utmost importance in the apocalypse. Waiting was never an option, more so that some prerequisites must be met before ones were able to obtain a Pet Ranger profession.

After seeing this set of rewards, Yun Tu suddenly remembered the time he was in the second Secret Area when he ran into Li Jian, one of the Black-White Demon Couple. Back then, he reluctantly gave the same Ranger job scroll to that man.

It had been quite some time and Yun Tu didn’t know whether the man succeeded in saving his wife. At the very least, he had not yet heard these two powerhouses from his previous life appear in the guilds in Northern and Southern District, nor did he believe the possibility that Li Jian had died silently.

“What happened?”

Seeing that Yun Tu was lost in thought for a while, Feng Ling moved closer to his side and asked with a concerned face.

“It’s just I remembered someone. I also obtained this set of reward on the fourth day of the apocalypse. But I gave them to someone who I presumed to be more suitable for this profession then. So that man suddenly came to my mind when I saw this set of rewards again!” Yun Tu replied casually and slightly explained the story when he was in that secret area that day.

Human’s heart was an unpredictable subject after the advent of the apocalypse, to begin with. Even at the moment, Yun Tu was still uncertain whether he would become friends with Li Jian when he met him again in the future.

From Yun Tu’s explanation, everyone could guess his mood. Archers and Rangers had a Marking skill that was the bane, or precisely the nemesis of his Shadow Assassin’s Stealth skill, hence was obvious that he could only give this Ranger job scroll to those he fully trusted. Everyone was also wondering who the person could be.

After this second set of mission reward, Yun Tu took out three more items again.

It was a set of Battlesword, shield, and matched with the necessary job scroll, Armored Guard.

“Three pieces of a set! This is really great!”

“Damn! This Armored Guard must be the most awesome profession!”

Everyone in the room began to noisily chirp when the set of items were taken out.

Duan Hongyu of the Jiangnan Family Guild had such a profession. Although he was already dead, the fact that he could usurp the leader position in Jiangnan Family Guild was due to having such a formidable occupation could not be denied.

Yun Tu recalled a saying in his previous life that the Armored Guard was King. It was the most popular profession among the Ninth Level powerhouses he knew of back then.

Of course, whether it was really a King or not was the most important as only a few of all these ‘Kings’ survived after having gone through countless perils and life and death situation. All in all, it meant that getting yourself a great profession didn’t equal that it would straightly make you a Ninth Level expert or a King.

The death of Duan Hongyu was a good example. In Yun Tu’s previous life, this man was finally raised up to the Eighth Level under the support of innumerable resources of his Jiangnan Family Guild.

And yet, the massive resources had been unable to propel him to break through the key step to the Ninth Level. The most fundamental reason was that he chose this profession only to take advantage of its boosted high defense in order to protect and save his life from the very start. Duan Hongyu was unable to comprehend the essence of this profession, that was, to keep charging forward ahead no matter what.

Even though Yun Tu only reached the Sixth Level in his previous life before he died, he was just a small pawn in his medium-sized guild. It was unknown how many times he was involved in the most dangerous front line of the battles, hence why he could understand some deeper essences in some respects compared to Duan Hongyu, who was then one of the high-ranked experts and the leader of Jiangnan Family Guild.

As for the current Dark Night Guild, full members without profession were Gui Jiaosan and the two orphans, Lingling, and Chengzi. Even though Yun Tu had his past life’s emotional burden gradually eased down, Gui Jiaosan’s importance in his eyes was still relatively higher than these two orphans.

Yet, the most powerful profession was also the most dangerous one, and Gui Jiaosan’s leg was rather inconvenient for this profession. With this reason in mind, Yun Tu could only give this formidable yet dangerous profession to the two orphans, either Lingling or Chengzi.

When he just thought about this issue, Luo Gang came back with Lingling, followed by Gui Jiaosan who was half a step behind.

The newly arrived people had their eyes opened wide upon seeing such good items lined up in rows. All the members had now arrived. With Gui Jiaosan and Feng Ling turning noisemakers, followed by the echoes of the rest who followed Feng Ling, the scene was somewhat out of control for a while.

“Alright, Gui Jiaosan, no monkeying around. Tell me the report again.”

For Yun Tu, promoting and improving the combat effectiveness of the team was always the first priority. He felt that everyone’s interest was rather excessive so he shouted with a stern expression, causing everyone to quiet down instantly.

In fact, Yun Tu himself had fully understood all the contents of Gui Jiaosan’s report last time, yet he wanted this guy to know what it really meant with his job, hence asked him to report again.

As he rarely had to report his job in a serious manner, the usually flattering Gui Jiaosan immediately turned coat and flattered again, “Uh, Boss. You know that you’re the ancestor who bestowed me my rebirth. You’re my progenitor, so I’ll never balk and go wherever you point me to, be it to the East or West. Even if you want me to show my ass in public, never will I hesitate to do it!!”

“Just cut it out and get lost, will you?”

Yun Tu threw the Ranger Job Scroll to him while kicking his buttock. Gui Jiaosan himself took the advantage to throw himself onto the sofa and fell into Li Xin’s hug.