Chapter 0110: The Arcane-cloud Temple Part 7

Chapter 110: The Arcane Cloud Temple Part 7

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What treasures would this Secret Area’s light beam bring down with it?

As the light column fell, seven mission rewards fell down. Everyone looked at them all at once. Even though the Iron Spire’s party was 100 meters away, Yun Tu did not want outsiders to know what he had obtained so he directly took and stored them inside his interspatial ring.

Though he was also curious how good the first kill mission rewards from the Arcane Cloud Temple were, it was not yet the time to study them!

The Recurring Secret Areas had the same rules as the one-time ones, that was, it only had 10 minutes time window after the mission Boss was killed. At that time, all the human Awakeneds who entered the Secret Area would be ejected. In these ten minutes, they must completely dissect and clean up this valuable third-rank Centaur corpse of this Secret Area. The time was too tight, so he growled, “Get to work and dissect the body. FAST!”

After Yun Tu’s order, the five people quickly gathered around the Centaur corpse and immediately busied themselves!

The Centaur’s corpse was too big, while its energy core crystal, fur, teeth, iron hooves, tendons, viscera, and even bones and its horsewhip held nearly the same value and preciousness.

As an Enchanter, Li Xin was rushing to take out its gallbladder, anxiously calling out for help to cut that off for her.

The similar scene also happened 100 meters away. The Iron Spire Guild’s members were also harvesting the bodies of the two other second-rank beasts, including the injured members. The corpses of these two second-rank beasts were much smaller than the Centaur’s. Under Zhou Xiongbing’s order so as not to waste anything, they worked fast to dissect one beast’s corpse and cut the other one into two sections and forcefully stuffed it into the interspatial ring.

10 minutes time window passed very quickly. While Yun Tu and the others were busy in the Secret Area, those from the Heavenly Seal and Iron Spire guilds outside the Secret Area had been waiting in a battle formation.

The mission to the Secret Area started last night and now had been nearly ten hours while the people inside had not yet come out. Zhao Yinwen, who used to be composed was also a bit unsettled at this time.

“This final Secret Area seems quite different. Should our two guilds send another joint team, in case…”

“While this is the last one, it’s also automatically activated. Even if no one is at the entrance to enter this Secret Area, yet its gate is always active. The most important thing is that this one has a name, so I think it’s not as simple as we have thought it would be. Maybe this Secret Area is one that we can enter at any time in the future, and since they have yet come out, I think we need to wait for a while!”

There were a lot of people with a brain in the world, and Zhou Tong of the Iron Spire Guild was obviously one of them.

“I also hope so since I heard that there was another big tide of Demon Beasts in the suburbs after the tide of zombies yesterday. If humanity can’t become much stronger as fast as possible, we will eventually be destroyed by zombies and demon beasts!”

Zhou Tong could only sigh since Zhou Tong was still able to compose his mind. Yet, he couldn’t help but keep thinking to kill himself since the thought of having spent the entrance fee and the possibility of the two elite teams of the Heavenly Seal and Iron Spire guilds were completely annihilated in this Secret Area was really vexing.

Similar to those of the Heavenly Seal and Iron Spire guilds, Feng Ling had not slept all night either, with restlessness and worry growing bigger. Those two parties were collaborating, so Yun Tu’s team was relatively weaker than them.

Given that it had been lasting for 10 hours, she believed that both the Heavenly Seal and Iron Spire guilds should have realized there was another party that had entered the Secret Area. Even they had probably known the identity of those who entered the Secret Area.

Therefore, even if Yun Tu and the rest had completed the mission of this Secret Area and successfully came out, it was unknown whether these two guilds would jointly suppress his team or not.

Ten hours had passed and the day gradually dispersed the dark night. The sky had already turned bright, yet worries filled the hearts of ordinary people that the creatures of the Secret Area would burst out and escape once it shattered. The Awakeneds, on the other hand, were unable to enter the vicinity, deterred by the two guilds. There were only two or three of them gathered in some spots at the distance, looking at the venue, whereas the number of people around the vicinity was obviously much less than when the Secret Area was activated.

Just when everyone’s patience in the wait was running out, the light curtain of the entrance to the Secret Area suddenly changed, the originally green light curtain turned red all of a sudden and there was a countdown time displayed.

How could this happen?

Did the mission fail and nobody survived?

Right as Zhao Yinwen and Zhou Tong were shocked, a beam of light flashed out instantly, and the thirteen people who were still alive inside were finally ejected outside in the ten-meter area around the gate of the Secret Area.

It was similar to back when they entered inside. The three different parties were still grouped with their respective team members, standing close to each other.

Regardless of how the mission outcome was, Zhou Tong finally breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing the five members of Iron Spire pop out.

But at the same time, Zhao Yinwen’s face was ashen after seeing that only three out of the five members of his guild popped out of the Secret Area, all wounded.

“How was the result, and what exactly was going on with the mission?”

After confirming that there were so Secret Area’s creatures bursting out in the surroundings, Zhou Tong immediately rushed to Zhou Xiongbing and asked urgently.

“We failed to snatch the mission boss, but we were a bit luckier than those from the Heavenly Seal Guild. It was fortunate that the Brothers from the Dark Night Guild showed mercy, so we don’t have any casualties.”

Zhou Xiongbing only stated out simple lines with a small amount of information, but as a leader, Zhou Tong was able to comprehend the ambiguous meaning.

While Zhou Tong and Zhou Xiongbing had some exchanges, Zhao Yinwen also quickly brought Du Haibo’s group of three.

The three men were the worst of three parties, but he still held the thought that they were still lucky enough to kill the mission boss since all of them had particularly gravely injured.

However, he had yet to speak as Du Haibo, who lost a leg and an arm screamed out and complained, “Guild Master Zhou, you have to demand justice for our brothers! It’s him, it’s because of them…”

The simple line of the report, yet Zhao Yinwen’s heart was falling into an ice hole. They had evidently failed the mission. They had spent 2 second-order Blood Crystals plus 15 first-order Blood Crystals to send an elite team that he thought would prevail. Never did he expect that not only did they not obtain any benefits, but also had his team abolished when they came out.

“You’ve finally come back! I’ve been worried sick that you’ve all died there!”

Seeing that Yun Tu’s team had popped out of the Secret Area safe and sound, Feng Ling darted with the other orphan, Chengzi, but they were quickly stopped by the members of the Heavenly Seal and Iron Spire guilds 30 meters away from the Secret Area’s entrance.

“Nothing to worry about. Just doing our own task!”

Yun Tu spoke without being tense as he walked toward Feng Ling while observing and paying attention to the situation in the surroundings!

“Hey, young man. You got the benefit, yet you want to leave like this without giving me any account at all?”

Du Haibo’s report didn’t tell anything clearly. He didn’t know there was a third party in the Arcane Cloud Temple from the beginning to the end, nor was he aware of it until he was ejected from the Secret Area. Zhao Yinwen could only feel helpless about that, and now that he saw those from the Iron Spire Guild were neither happy nor sorrowful, yet there was only one party who looked in high spirit and they were going to leave without saying anything, it was something that he could not accept.

“What a joke! Whether I got some benefits from the Secret Area or not, why should I explain anything to you? Do you think this Arcane Cloud Temple is the back garden of your Heavenly Seal Guild?” Yun Tu sneered.

“That’s not what I meant. This Arcane Cloud Temple is indeed not the back garden of my Heavenly Seal Guild, but our Guild members were injured and killed inside. If you just walk away without us understanding anything at all, how can my Heavenly Seal Guild stand in the future, huh?!”

While saying that, Zhao Yinwen seemed to give a signal as more than 20 Awakened people standing around the tens of meters in the surrounding instantly encircled the five people.

Yun Tu’s brows pressed down as the situation was all down to the showdown and the breakout was imminent.

He knew that Zhao Yinwen had long wanted to act; and now that they had sent more than 20 regular Awakened people to besiege his five Second Level experts, he believed that they would not be at the weaker side even if they did not use any stratagem.

“Be patient, brothers from the Dark Night Guild!”

Right as the two parties were about to draw daggers against each other, Zhou Xiongbing shouted and smilingly walked over.

“My Heavenly Seal Guild suffered heavy losses in the Secret Area. We demand fairness and justice on this matter. Regardless of what it is, Brother Zhou Xiongbing must give me an explanation and I don’t think the Brothers of Dark Night Guild are free from the responsibility either.”

Seeing that Zhou Xiongbing was in the middle, Zhao Yinwen felt that it wouldn’t be good to order the attack since the person Du Haibo first pointed to was Zhou Xiongbing of the Iron Spire Guild, hence the reason why he suddenly turned to Yun Tu’s party. Regardless of who it was, Zhao Yinwen immediately realized something that even though Du Haibo was injured, the man himself couldn’t figure out who the black hand was.

However, everything was no longer important now. Even if he knew the Iron Spire people did do some sinister play in the Secret Area, what could he do if the strength of both parties was not much different?

Let alone that, from the looks of Yun Tu’s party, he knew that these people had taken away the rewards from the Secret Area, so he could only use this excuse to snatch some rewards from them since the Iron Spire didn’t get it. Only by doing this could he barely appease the vexed anger inside his heart for never once there was any precedence that his Heavenly Seal Guild suffered such losses both inside or outside the Secret Area, nor had they ever had others kill his guild members and rob treasures from them.

“What a great tone Guild Master Zhao said, huh? Do you think I, Zhou Xiongbing, will be afraid? Just because your men died and injured in the Secret Area made you lose your face, so you want to take on the other small and medium guild outside the Secret Area to vent your anger? It’s really a feat to save face nobody can do but an old fox scoundrel like you!”

Just a short time ago, Zhou Xiongbing had already told the most fundamental of the story inside the Secret Area to Zhou Tong in the simplest report. The current situation was very obvious that there were some frictions with the cooperation of both parties, to begin with. With the failure of their collaboration today, the possibility for the Iron Spire Guild to shake hands with the Heavenly Seal Guild later was likely close to zero, so they decided to simply turn the favor to Yun Tu, thus why Zhou Xiongbing sent such a bad tone toward the Heavenly Seal Guild.

In the sense of status and capacity, Zhou Xiongbing was not an equal to Zhao Yinwen as a Guild Master. However, since he dared to speak in this tone, it was evident that his attitude represented the Iron Spire and Zhou Tong as a whole as well; and Zhao Yinwen naturally was well aware of this.

“Fine! I admit that our Heavenly Seal Guild has been planted today! Since all of us are based in the Northern District, the future is still very long for everyone to deal with each other. Let us wait and see for then!”

Zhao Yinwen beckoned after spitting out his threats, as dozens of people who surrounded Yun Tu’s party quickly dispersed and once again encircled the entrance of the Secret Area in the middle of the square.

The light screen of the entrance had just changed color, giving off a clear sign above it that it would be reopened again six hours later, while the Heavenly Seal Guild had decided to take everything under their control at all cost.

As for Yun Tu, his party had won the first kill of the Arcane Cloud Temple. Even though he didn’t know what the prizes were, if his knowledge from the previous life was correct, he believed that the rewards for the first kill would be very rare or special items, whereas the reward for the next mission couldn’t be compared to the first kill mission’s.

Knowing that the Arcane Cloud Temple could be repeatedly entered while the Heavenly Seal Guild was also now guarding the venue, the Iron Spire Guild did not want to force their hands to take hard action. Since Yun Tu’s party needed to rest, both parties exchanged greetings, cupping their fists at each other and bid farewell.