Chapter 0109: Arcane-cloud Temple Part 6

Chapter 109: Arcane Cloud Temple Part 6

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Editor: HSB

What a play to watch! Spectating two tigers fight and effortlessly snatch the prize!

Every facet of the situation was now under Yun Tu’s control. He did not even mince, nor did he try to control the volume of his voice when he was answering Li Xin’s question, even Zhou Xiongbing in the battle could clearly hear it.

But the Centaur was now fixated on gnawing them, shifting its aggro to Yun Tu was practically impossible. They also tried a few times to fight and lure the enemy back toward the position of Yun Tu’s team, trying to pull them into the fray. But Yun Tu’s team was not that foolish so as to get dragged into the battle and kept maintaining a safe distance of 50 meters from them.

The combat power of the third-rank Centaur was comparable to that of five or six Second Level Awakeneds. A while ago, Zhou Xiongbing had injured the Centaur in the front hall, seizing the opportunity when it was stunned. Now that the battle had been moved to the open space in the courtyard, it wasn’t impossible a task for the five-man party of Iron Spire Guild to beat it, at least theoretically. But Yun Tu’s team was here, and though they were also humans, it was obvious that they were not allies.

This gave Zhou Xiongbing most of the headache he had now.

If the battle kept going on in this way, even though the Iron Spire Guild may be able to slay the mission Boss Centaur, Zhou Xiongbing was perfectly aware of what would the final outcome be. Hence, he shouted to Yun Tu’s team while fighting, “Brothers, I don’t know from which guild you are. But as long as some of you can lend a hand today, the Iron Spire will be deeply grateful!”

“Grateful? Nah, I can’t fathom the meaning of this word. What I love to hear is some clear words, not interested in guessing what you have in mind!” Yun Tu chuckled.

At this time, joining the battle was not an opportunity for Yun Tu’s team. They may not wish the Iron Spire to be an enemy, but sapping their strength before they took action was a must. It was pretty much the most basic common sense since the right to decide the allocation of the booty would belong to the party that could save their strength the most, hence he was not in a hurry.

The battle was always changing rapidly. Right as Zhou Xiongbing just spoke, a slightly weaker First Level Awakened had been knocked over by the Centaur, injuring him seriously and forcing him to withdraw from the battle. Time was now becoming tighter. The more the fight was prolonged, the bigger the losses Zhou Xiongbing’s party would suffer.

“Cooperate with us to kill this centaur and your party can pick the booty first!” Zhou Xiongbing gritted his teeth as he had to lower the price clearly.

“Are you joking us, Brother Zhou? Besides, I don’t see whether you can settle this situation. To cooperate with you will involve the consideration of how many experts any party can offer, no? But in my eyes, this mission reward has long been in our bag. It’s not like you still have room to bargain, Brother Zhou.” Yun Tu still spoke with a rather light tone.

The battle was still raging intensely. The Centaur had several more scars during the exchange between Zhou Xiongbing and Yun Tu, but another two members of Iron Spire party were also a spent force. At the end of the day, the party would be wiped out if they kept fighting. As Unwilling as he might be, Zhou Xiongbing was fully aware of the overall situation, so he could only grit his teeth, “Fine! You win, Brother! Let’s kill it together and we won’t take anything!”

Yun Tu still chuckled and added, “I’ll take your word and remember that I didn’t force you to. Also, we, brothers, never do anything half-assedly. I want Brother Zhou’s words that you won’t chase us down once we come out of this Secret Area!”

“Just get in here quickly! This Zhou Xiongbing may not be a hero, but never has I swallowed back my words!” Zhou Xiongbing could only weep in tears as he had to lower his stature again.

“Zhang Feng, go and take a look at the situation at the forest of stupas. Baozi, assist me!” Yun Tu issued an order as the gun in his hand shone again.

When Baozi dashed in front of the Centaur, the gun in Yun Tu’s hand barked again, as the Centaur was hit by a bullet and stunned again.

The cooperation between Baozi and Yun Tu was getting much better as the former had long been prepared the moment Yun Tu took out his gun. Right as the gunshot sounded, he instantly activated his Main Job’s skill—Swift Thrust. With his 24-points strength, plus 29-points agility stats, and together with the powerful bonus effect of his skill, he instantly stabbed the Centaur’s lower jaw when it was stunned, tearing open a terrible wound.

The second bullet with the same enchantment effect was then shot again. This time, its effect was significantly shorter from the first one as the Centaur quickly recovered from dizziness.

Fortunately, Baozi did not keep engaging it much longer and immediately retreated backward from the battle!

Even though the wound from the sword slash was not that fatal, the Centaur’s throat had been torn open and seriously affected its breath. Realizing its vital point was injured, it stampeded and raged, and then rushed its way through the crowd toward the forest of stupas in the monastery’s backyard.

‘If it’s allowed to escape back to the forest of stupa with its injuries, it’s highly likely that it will suddenly vanish and then appears again all of a sudden as it did when it came. It will appear again 6 hours later.’

Yun Tu suddenly remembered this hearsay from his past life after seeing the Centaur tried to turn and flee, so he dashed forward straight to the door of the front hall.

Seeing its path was blocked by Yun Tu, the Centaur raised its head and roared, but the wound on its throat made it so that its neigh was much weaker than it used to be.

Meanwhile, the battle in the forest of stupas was close to a conclusion. Du Haibo’s group of three was proved to be very formidable as three of them faced against six beasts with each of it had strength equal to one of theirs. In the end, they forcefully smashed the six of them, and yet at the cost of a heavy price of two member’s deaths and the last one injured.

At the end of the battle, it was only Du Haibo, the team leader, who survived, but there were still two other wounded beasts left to fight against.

Nearing the last minute, Du Haibo put a large Blood Crystal into his mouth once again, preparing to fight the final battle. Suddenly, a weak and hoarse neigh came from the hall. The two wounded beasts suddenly left Du Haibo after the summon of its Boss, turned around and ran toward the front hall.

Such a turn of event at the last minute and being saved from death made Du Haibo overjoyed. However, it was too early for him to be overjoyed as a black shadow suddenly appeared in the forest of stupas.

“Brother of the Iron Spire, don’t act so shady!”

He couldn’t see the man’s face in the darkness. In his mind, those who were inside this Secret Area should only be from the Heavenly Seal Guild and Iron Spire Guild. But then, his voice was shaking after sensing a murderous intent from that man.

The two parties did have a prior agreement. But his Guild Master, Zhao Yinwen, had warned him to guard against the Iron Spire’s people. He thus naturally understood that he could also eat them, on the support of his Guild, should the circumstances permit.

He was also a shrewd man. If the Heavenly Seal Guild had such an idea, then the Iron Spire Guild naturally had a similar thought.

Now that his party had completely collapsed, he guessed that the Iron Spire people had the situation under control after hearing the neigh of the mission Boss. That meant his life would depend on the other party’s action, the feeling of his life being now completely in the hands of others was really vexing.

Du Haibo actually thought that he was a member of Iron Spire!

Even though Pock Face Zhang Feng was a man of a few words, he was not a fool. The blood enmity between the Dark Night Guild and the Heavenly Seal Guild had been set in place already, hence it would be a good thing if he could give them another formidable enemy.

“The collaboration between both sides was just a mask and you also know we are against each other. Do you think I don’t know what your Heavenly Seal Guild has in mind?”

After stating that ambiguous line, Zhang Feng’s blade hacked away.

Even knowing that he was going to die, Du Haibo did not want to succumb to it without a fight. He barely dodged the slash, but the serious wounds he had completely made him out of Zhang Feng’s league. After three strokes, Zhang Feng’s blade landed on his hand and also hacked off his left leg.

It was decided that he did not need to kill the man, but he must rob his interspatial ring. After Du Haibo completely lost his combat power, Zhang Feng hacked off his left hand again that had the interspatial ring.

With wasted leg and hand, Du Haibo was practically abolished completely even if his injuries were healed.

Zhang Feng took the interspatial ring from his hacked off hand, picking up the weapons of the other two men, removing their armors and other equipment returned to the front courtyard again.

At this time, the battle in the open space of the front yard had been settled.

The two badly injured beasts had now joined the fray but were still unable to affect the big course of the battle. Li Xin and Xiao Bao immediately faced and killed them quickly, whereas the Centaur Boss that had its throat broken and couldn’t breathe well was getting weaker and finally fell.

Originally, Zhou Xiongbing was rather vexed and unwilling for requesting aid from Yun Tu’s party but then gave in after witnessing their strength. Yun Tu and Baozi’s teamwork when facing the mission Boss was close to perfect as that slash that torn open the Centaur’s throat was the evidence that convinced everyone, whereas the other members of the party were also able to deal with the other beasts that came later in a neat and clean fashion.

More so that all the five members of Yun Tu’s team were Second Level expert, and their strength was far above his team, hence their losses could be said to not hold any meaning.

Everything had been settled now, leaving only the last mission Boss. Seeing that Yun Tu’s party did not seem in a hurry to kill it if his team stayed here any longer, they would be in a danger given that they could see the reward treasure from the mission.

They may have spent great efforts to kill this Centaur, yet he had already given his word that the other party could take the mission reward if they acted to save his party, hence cut the rights of his Iron Spire Guild over it. Even if he still wanted to divide the reward, it must be supported by enough strength to do so. But now, these five Second Level experts still preserved their strength, whereas his Iron Spire party only consisted of three Second Level and two First Level experts, while most of them had been injured. The gap of strength between them was more than one and a half.

Agreed to gamble then you must accept and pay the stake if you lose. Of the three forces contending for this Secret Area, the Heavenly Seal Guild was almost annihilated, whereas his Iron Spire Guild only suffered some losses without casualties. The injured would be fully healed after a few days of recuperation. Such a result was still acceptable compared to the Heavenly Seal Guild.

“Take care of your business first. We’ll take some rest for a while!”

After thinking about it over and over again, Zhou Xiongbing finally didn’t speak about dividing the reward and tactfully took his wounded members to a hundred meters away from them.

For Yun Tu to not kill this Centaur Boss was indeed to see the reaction of the Iron Spire Guild’s party. If they still dared to demand some of the rewards in their situation, not only would he not give them a share, but also would immediately decimate them completely in this Secret Area.

This meant that these people were unable to comprehend their own overall situation, refusing to be grateful and let their own greed prevail over reasons. Letting them out from this Secret Area alive would only add more enemies, thus directly solving them inside was naturally the best option.

Now that the other party knew restraint, meaning that they also could be friends.

There were still too many things to deal with later, nonetheless; and he also did not want to keep staying here for too long. While there was a time window of only 10 minutes once they killed this mission Boss, the time was not enough for the Dark Night Guild’s members to work on these two smaller beasts, hence he might as well gift them to the Iron Spire Guild. Even if they didn’t take it as a favor, Yun Tu did not feel that it was a loss for him either.

Having many friends would also mean that one could have a lot of ways out. Seeing that the other party took the initiative to retreat to the side, Yun Tu could also be generous once in a while, so he turned to Xiaobao and Baozi, “Take the corpses of these two small beasts to the Iron Spire friends!”

Zhou Xiongbing immediately cupped his fists to express his thanks to Yun Tu from the distance after seeing Xiao Bao and Baozi dragged two small beasts’ corpses toward his party, “Thanks for the good intentions, Friend. This Zhou will remember it. I’ll try my best to convince our Guild Master once we get out of this Secret Area so we can be friends later!”

“Since we are not enemy, this can be said that we have cooperated, so I will reimburse the Secret Area entrance fee for Brother Zhou later. Also, you’re welcome!”

Helping them would benefit his cause as well, while Yun Tu could also see their sincerity and politeness, so he cupped his fists to return the courtesy.

Immediately after everything was properly arranged, he beckoned at Zhang Feng then immediately rushed to the already weakened Centaur Boss and brandished his sword. Blood was splashed and then a light beam descended from the Secret Area’s sky.

The first kill mission of the Arcane Cloud Temple had finally been settled by Yun Tu’s Dark Night Guild.