Chapter 0108: Arcane-cloud Temple Part 5

Chapter 108: The Arcane-cloud Temple Part 5

Translator: Udeze

Editor: HSB


Apart from the Heavenly Seal Guild’s party led by Du Haibo, both parties, Yun Tu’s team and the Iron Spire’s party led by Zhou Xiongbing,  were well aware of the current situation at the Arcane-cloud temple, as well as knew the presence of the other parties.

The key issue now lied on which party Du Haibo’s three-man squad would encountered first. However, judging from the course of the action, Yun Tu’s team was the closest to being spotted first. After combing inside and around the temple, based on normal circumstance, Du Haibo’s party would definitely head to the forest of stupas in the temple’s backyard, and they would be immediately discovered should there be no accidents.

The best situation for Yun Tu was naturally to see the Heavenly Seal Guild discover and fight the Iron Spire Guild first. However, the Iron Spire Guild who was in the most advantageous position at present was obviously not that stupid either. Not to mention that both parties might not be engaged in a fight since both guilds already had an agreement signed outside the Secret Area.

As of now, there was nothing Yun Tu could do. Each and every individual here was an expert and they were also fully alert. A slight noise would expose them, so Yun Tu did not dare move carelessly.

Not long after, the Heavenly Seal Guild’s three-man party led by Du Haibo had finished searching the rear of the temple and still could not find Zhou Xiongbing’s team, nor had they spotted the Mission Boss. As expected, they were now entering the forest of stupas in the temple’s backyard.

Although the dark night only provided dim sight, any human must still breathe, and the other party would discover their presence as long as the distance was close enough.

‘Should the five of us directly attack first to strike these three people by surprise?’

A fierce glint flashed in Pock Face Zhang Feng’s eyes!

‘No rush!’

Yun Tu sent him a shushing gesture in silence! At this moment, the odds of success to strike the Heavenly-Seal Guild by surprise attack was undoubtedly great. But if blood were to spill out, it would invite the Big Boss of the Arcane Cloud Temple to appear. More so that the Iron Spire’s Zhou Xiongbing’s party who had been staying at the side would ultimately reap the profit should the battle had yet to conclude at that time.

And for Yun Tu, letting others reap the profit that cheaply was never his habit!

Meanwhile, Du Haibo and his men from the Heavenly Seal Guild were now getting closer and closer to their hiding location, about 30 meters from them.

‘What should we do? I must take action immediately!’

Yun Tu activated his Stealth Movement skill and quietly rushed to the other party. As he was only a few meters away from them, he resolutely pulled the dagger and cut a small wound on his arm. To accelerate the rate of his blood flowing out, he still silently forced it out as the stream of blood trickled on his arm got bigger.

As he felt that the amount of blood flowing out was enough, he immediately retreated back quietly and hid again since the active time of his stealth skill was running out.

Even though he did everything very carefully and under the stealth mode, it was still inevitable to make a small noise.

“Don’t you fucking hide, Zhou Xiongbing! We know you’re hiding behind that stupa!”

Du Haibo who was in full alert and stayed silent for a long time immediately discovered Yun Tu’s hiding spot and shouted after hearing the sound.

“Captain, we’ve been calling them so many times, and yet they are not willing to come out. I’m sure they have planned to play dirty, or he has made up his mind to ambush us!” One of Du Haibo’s comrades reminded.

But at this point, of course, nothing was important anymore. It would not take long before the Big Boss suddenly appeared after it smelt blood. At that time, nobody would still be able to stay hidden in this forest of stupas.

Even though Du Haibo had locked the location of Yun Tu and everyone else in mind, the other party did not come out on their own accord, so Du Haibo did not dare to move around for fear that they would be ambushed.

“The Mission Boss has yet to appear, so let’s just wait here!”

Thinking that he had locked the position of Zhou Xiongbing’s team, Du Haibo stopped searching around and gave a sign to his comrades to sit down and lean on a stupa.

Right as Du Haibo’s group of three just sat down and their bottom had not yet warmed enough, a red light suddenly flashed through in the forest of stupas, as a ten-feet-high strange monster with a lower body and legs of a horse and upper body of a human appeared. It then roared along with six other smaller monsters that appeared at the same time.


As expected, the Mission Boss had truly appeared!

Seeing the Boss had come out, Yun Tu gave a gesture and instead of rushing out to attack, the team just fled directly toward the temple.

Yun Tu himself had never seen nor encountered this Centaur fierce beast in his previous life. But he had heard rumors about it. From the looks of it, its strength was equal to the Secret Area’s third-rank beast. Even though their five-man party was likely able to kill it by risking their lives, yet it was better to leave the task to the Heavenly Seal Guild first, so the people from the Iron Spire Guild would also be dragged into the water as well.

Only resorting to this could they guarantee that they wouldn’t fall into a weaker position in this competition, while they also had the chance to effortlessly reap the spoils of a contest fought by others.

Since Yun Tu’s team fled too fast and without any hesitation at all, the three members of the Heavenly Seal Guild had not yet figured out the situation at hand, and then were quickly surrounded by these small beasts.

Smaller in size these beasts may be, it was just a relative measurement in size since their strength was equal to Second Level Awakened while there was also the Big Boss joining in their ranks.

“Zhou Xiongbing! What the hell are you fucking coward running from? The Mission Boss has come out so let’s kill it together! We can still share the booty later at the worst!”

Even at this moment, Du Haibo was still unaware of the current situation they were in, and he was still calling Zhou Xiongbing to come out while fighting along with his comrades.

But at this time, nobody would spare their attention to him. They had been surrounded by the group of small beasts and were already doomed to become the first cannon fodder and stepping stone for the quest to clear this Secret Area.

The Centaur mission Boss obviously did not have any interest in fighting the three weak beings whose strength only reached Second Level. It just roared to command its underlings to kill Du Haibo and his men before galloping to chase after Yun Tu’s team who just rushed out of the backyard’s forest of stupas.

But at this time, Yun Tu did not even think to stop at all. He straightly led his team to blast through the passage and dash toward the temple!

As for the Iron Spire Guild’s party, they were still hiding behind a big bodhisattva statue in the front hall and stayed motionless even though Yun Tu’s team was now directly rushing out through the vestibule toward the courtyard outside. Yet, Yun Tu still sent a warning and reminder to prevent the other party from ambushing his team, even though they would not ambush them under normal circumstance.


Yun Tu chuckled and spoke as he waited for a few seconds in the empty open space between the main hall and the vestibule. After seeing the centaur was chasing behind him, only then did he accelerate forward to dash again into the front hall.

The machination he had in mind was very obvious. He planned to run toward the open space in front of the temple, leaving those people from the Iron Spire and Heavenly Seal guilds to sap their strength and then going back to kill this third-rank Centaur.

However, it was impossible for him to simply run away in order to execute and achieve this plan because the Centaur was now targeting them and not the Iron Spire’s party, hence he could no longer run after rushing to the front hall.

Immediately after, the ten-feet high Centaur had galloped into the front hall.

“Boss, the mission Boss is coming. Shall we move now?” The woman under Zhou Xiongbing’s command asked in a whisper.


Zhou Xiongbing was not foolish. It was a good situation for them if this big monster kept chasing and gnawing Yun Tu’s team. When these monsters had sufficiently nipped Yun Tue’s team, it still wouldn’t be too late for them to come out by then.


After rushing to the front hall, Yun Tu issued an order as the five individuals then attacked at the same time, instantly brandishing their swords to hack the Centaur.

Seeing ant-like humans unexpectedly dare attack it, the Centaur raised its front hoof and suddenly sent out a wide sweep attack, sweeping most of the Bodhisattva and Arhat statues in the front hall to pieces.

When the battle began to commence in the spacious front hall, the Iron Spire’s party was unable to hide even if they wanted to, Zhou Xiongbing could not stay calm anymore and shouted loudly, “KILL! LET’S UNITE AND KILL IT EVERYONE!”

The instant he roared, the four individuals behind him also rushed out at once!

Ganging up on a third-rank Centaur and completing the first kill should have been an easy task with 10 people besieging it. But it could only happen if they were truly united and sincere. However, Zhou Xiongbing’s team was originally hiding at first, only coming out to kill the Centaur at the last minute because their hiding spot was destroyed. Hoping the two teams to sincerely join hands and fight together was simply unfounded.

On the other hand, if it wasn’t because Zhou Xiongbing’s team had been hiding in the front hall, while Yun Tu also did not know much about how powerful the mission Boss was, they could have long rushed out of the front hall. Now that Yun Tu had successfully dragged them into the fray, and at this time, whoever could run away faster would be the final winner.

Seeing the Centaur’s forefoot suddenly stomped at him, Yun Tu hastily retreated back a few steps at a crucial time. He then put away the dagger and took out a gun.

Frankly speaking, shooting the bullet to deal with the third-rank Centaur would not even able to cut its hair at all, yet Yun Tu still resolutely pulled the trigger.


The bullet was shot out but was ignored by the Centaur. However, its movements  then halted. Even though the bullet was unable to harm it, the enchantment on it instantly paralyzed the Centaur for a fraction of a second.


Seizing the chance while the Centaur was stunned, Yun Tu suddenly turned around and ran out of the temple, whereas the other four followed suit after seeing their Boss flee.

Zhou Xiongbing who saw the Centaur got paralyzed all of a sudden thought that it was a good opportunity to kill it. He quickly activated his profession’s skill and went all out to dash forward to hack his blade at the Centaur.

Although his saber did stab its flesh and inflict serious damage to the Centaur, the moment this creature recovered from its stunned state, its body swayed and kicked Zhou Xiongbing flying a few meters away as he heavily hit the big pillar in the front hall.

At this time, Yun Tu’s team had all escaped from the front hall and came to the open space outside. Some members of the Iron Spire’s team member also managed to escape, especially that woman who was the fastest to react and run away.

Seeing that woman was behind him, Yun Tu then reminded casually, “Hey, isn’t it rather out of place for you to run away while your leader is still fighting?”

Only at this moment did that Iron Spire’s female member suddenly realize that her leader and some of her comrades had yet to come out. She then rushed back and joined the team again.

Yun Tu brewed this plan as a temporary strategy, but the result was still very good as the Centaur was now fixated at Zhou Xiongbing’s team as its target. Although some of them had eventually managed to run away from the front hall, it would not be easy for them to shake off the Centaur’s pursuit.


After rushing out of the front hall to the open space in the courtyard, Zhou Xiongbing’s team circled around the area for a few laps, yet the Centaur was still able to bite some of them. Zhou Xiongbing had no choice but to issue an order to go all out to kill it.

Upon hearing their leader’s order, the other four individuals instantly dashed to the four directions, brandishing their weapons and unleashed their magical powers all of a sudden. The five-men party of the Iron Spire Guild had now fallen into a grueling hard battle!

“Are we going to stand here and just watch them like watching a movie like this?” Asked Li Xin in a whisper.

“Nope. It’s not like watching a movie, but rather watching two tigers fight until they’re exhausted,” replied Yun Tu with a relaxed face, all smiling.