Chapter 0106: Arcane-cloud Temple Part 3

Chapter 106: Arcane-cloud Temple Part 3

“Everyone, be careful! Xiao Bao, blast out the Ring of Flame!”

Along with Yun Tu’s reminder, a few of them who had never entered the Secret Area suddenly found that the ground where everyone had landed was fully covered with small fey insects.

Upon hearing Yun Tu’s order, Xiao Bao immediately cast a spell to launch his wide area attack skill as rings of flame blasted out from his staff.

A few others rushed out to battle, slashing their swords to kill the fey insects that came close to their bodies. After a while, a clearance was finally created with them in the middle.

“Do not engage in a fight. Follow me to rush to the small mound next to me!”

These fey insects were really too many to count and it would be extremely difficult to fully exterminate them. After leaving the dangers around them, Yun Tu quickly picked the next location that could be reached on foot.

The insects could be organisms mutated from ants and some other mutated insects. Even though they were just as small as a thumb, the biting power they possessed were amazingly powerful and even poisonous. Fighting these things did not make sense even if they were able to kill them. Their number was too many to count and getting injured was an inevitable possibility if they chose to fight them any longer, so the best option was to shake them off.

There was no need to waste energy on such fey worms and insects either, so Yun Tu quickly took the lead after issuing an order.

Seeing that their Boss was rushing out, the other four also followed behind him regardless of the dangers under their feet. After everyone had approximately dashed for 300 meters and shook off the horde of fey insects behind, only then did Xiao Bao turn around and unleashed his Ring of Flame skill again. Those fey insects seemed to realize that their target was too fast and no longer chased. They were jumping right into dangers and crisis the moment they entered this Secret Area.

“I want to collect some of these fey insects’ corpses!”

After rushing out from the siege of these things, Li Xin suddenly rushed back because she sensed that this creature could possibly be useful for enchantments later.

“How many do you need? I will collect them for you!”

Xiao Bao grabbed her hand. His Flame manipulation skill was a nemesis of these bugs, so it was relatively safe for him to do the task.

“No. The insects you burned with fire will affect the effect it brings!” Replied Li Xin.

“There’s no need to go back. There’s a lot of these things in this Secret Area. Also, be more careful and kill them with your blade if you encounter one!”

Yun Tu’s decision silenced the two individual’ argument.

The first issue one had to solve after entering the Secret Area was to estimate their position in the overall map of the realm while removing all the immediate dangers around them. After calming himself down, Yun Tu carefully observed the surroundings. Eventually, he discovered that their current position was actually in a huge valley, whereas the small slope they were at was just a small high ground in the valley.

In conjunction with some of the rumors he had heard in his previous life, it was easy to infer by connecting the dots that the center of the map should be a monastery or at least an artificial building and located on some higher ground.

Although the vision was so dimmed that he could only vaguely see anything around them, after traversing through the shadowy surroundings of the forested mountain, Yun Tu led the team after a careful judgment to pace forward to the highest peak in front.

Along the way there, Yun Tu’s calculation was proved correct. Quickly, they encountered a throng of similar bugs though the number was only one-tenth of the previous horde. At this time, Baozi did not need to unleash his profession’s skill again and just used his sword to hack them like everyone else. It wasn’t long for everyone to help Li Xin collect a bag of enchantment materials.

With limited sight to see anything in the darkness, Yun Tu still did not allow anyone to create any form of fire so as to not attract new dangers. More so that there were vines everywhere that could bar regular people from advancing. Fortunately, everyone was a Second Level expert and tanked forward through the darkness by opening the path with their swords. After spending three-plus hours traversing for about five kilometers before they finally arrived at the mountain foot on foot.

“If it goes as Boss has conjectured that the Arcane-cloud Temple should be on the summit, the path to the mountain’s peak will be very difficult!”

It was the idea everyone shared after coming to the foot of the mountain.

“We are not advancing up to the mountain but taking a detour along the mountain foot. Take a look around whether there’s a ready-made road here!”

A path to the mountain must have been created since construction was built on top of the mountain. Yun Tu did not entertain the thought that they must keep hacking the vines all the way up to the mountain.

As guessed, the team finally found a small cobblestone road leading to the mountain after traversing about two kilometers around the mountain foot. At this position, they now could faintly see a majestic building on the summit.

It went without saying that the closer one was to the core of the Secret Area, the greater the danger it posed. The mountain path could only accommodate two people at the same time. Zhang Feng took the vanguard position while Baozi took the rearguard, whereas Yun Tu, Li Xin, and Xiao Bao squeezed in the middle. After five of them lined up in a row, the climb began.

The mountain path was very steep from the very start and took them a while to arrive at the hillside. The slope began to ease as they walked further and finally came to the clearance on the hillside.

“How about taking a break and rest here?”

Although all of them were Second Level experts, but continuously trekking amid the darkness of the night had tired them enough, so Li Xin suggested the idea.

“Keep moving fast! We can’t rest here!”

Yun Tu also thought the team had to rest, but they had not yet encountered any other dangers apart from the horde of fey insects the moment they entered the Secret Area. It was not in line with the nature of Secret Areas at all.

After the order from Yun Tu, the five people kept moving at the fastest speed to cross the ten-acre clearance. As they looked back, everyone had to admire the judgment made by their leader, Yun Tu, again.

On the seemingly spacious lawn they just left, dozens of ferocious mutant beasts of the Secret Area appeared all of a sudden. Although they could not clearly see the appearance of these beasts, the dim light provided by starlight gave off the sight of huge fangs and sparkling green eyes of these creatures, indicating that this was a pack of ferocious creatures with bloodthirst as their second nature. Coupled with their bison-sized body, a build that far exceeded the lions and tigers on Earth, they were undoubtedly lethal monsters.

Had they been a bit slower to leave, they would have been surrounded by this pack of ferocious beasts. Even though they were all Second Level powerhouses and saying that they would completely be decimated was a bit exaggerating, there was no doubt that they would definitely fall into an unnecessary bitter struggle.

“Leave quickly, don’t daze around!”

Yun Tu growled as everyone ran back to the formation and immediately sped up and ran away!”

These divergent beasts had probably just spawned given that they suddenly appeared out of the blue and were unable to respond to the situation. When they finally spotted Yun Tu and his team, the latter had already run for more than 100 meters to the top of the mountain. But even so, this pack of beasts still chased after them after roaring!

These ferocious beasts were seemingly more adapted to the dark environment as the dark night did not seem to have much effect on them. They only needed a few leaps to cover the 100 meters of distance and catch up.

“Block them and finish it quickly!”

Yun Tu led the team to keep running while giving an order to Baozi to guard the rear.

The rearguard Baozi executed the order at once and unleashed his profession’s ‘Sword Thrust’ skill out of reflex, stabbing directly at the beast’s front leg.

Children did learn ability very fast. After teaming up with Yun Tu on several occasions, Baozi already ingrained some experience in the battle and it was reflected in his attacking position that was in line with the Boss’s order.

The strength of each beast here was nearly at the level of Second Level human expert. Without having some fighting experience, it would be hard to tell who would win or lose.

After successfully hacking it with the sword, Baozi then saw that everyone had escaped for some distance, thus he immediately turned away and fled.

The mountain path was too narrow and the size of its big body denied the rest from traversing the path at the same time. The beast in front had its front leg injured and hampered its speed greatly, affecting the rest of the pack as well. At this time, the other beasts behind it roared in dissatisfaction and those that already caught up were finally forced to jump over their companion’s body to continue the pursuit.

Yet, this small delay gave time to Yun Tu’s team to run away 200-300 meters ahead.

Another beast at the front that continued the pursuit roared and rushed upward again. At this time, Yun Tu joined hands with Baozi and injured the second beast.

Maybe due to the long pursuit, there were only two beasts from the pack that jumped over the second injured beast. Most of them had given up because they felt that their target had escaped too far, hence trailed back toward that open space.

After running for another 200 meters forward while also estimating that the sound of the fight would not attract the rest of beasts behind, Yun Tu growled again, “Surround the last two beasts. We’ll kill them!”

The changes in the battle’s objective would also require changes in strategy. Yun Tu activated his Stealth Movement skill and vanished directly, whereas the rest squatted on both sides of the road. Baozi immediately caught up with the plan and immediately retreated for dozens of meters. At this time, the ferocious beast behind him rushed straight past the invisible Yun Tu, attempting to kill Baozi.

A few seconds after, Yun Tu suddenly appeared right behind the fierce beast. At this time, Baozi quickly attacked to engage the beast. Even though it could feel that danger was approaching from behind and tried to turn back, it was forced to reverse again since Baozi’s long sword already came, forcing it to sweep out its paw over.

Seizing this rare half-second time chance, Yun Tu brandished his 35cm dagger and stabbed the anus of this beast without using any skill, and then twisted his dagger ruthlessly.

Not only did this beast suffer severe injuries in its internal organs, but it also had its anus practically blasted, being pulled out by Yun Tu’s violent force and created a horrible one-foot wide bleeding wound.

Yun Tu believed this seriously wounded beast was no longer a match for Baozi, so he did not target it again but instead confronted the second beast that was about to catch up.

Since there was no other beast behind it, Yun Tu did not hurry to finish it and just engaged in a dogfight on the narrow mountain road. Shortly after, Baozi, Pock Face, and the others caught up after solving the first wounded beast.

“Take this over!”

The energy Yun Tu had spent was quite big, so after Zhang Feng and the others killed the first fierce beast and caught up, he immediately withdrew from the fight.

Powerful beasts that reached Second Level strength were treasures. Their fangs and claws could be used to temper weapons, while its skin was also a good material for leather armor. Even though he had backed away from the fight, he did not stay idle and immediately cleaned up the dead body of the first fierce beast with Li Xin.

“This is useful, and so is this one!”

It was too big a carcass and taking everything was rather impossible. Li Xin carefully sensed it and was quite happy afterward. The beast had energy core, gallbladder, and pancreas that she felt would become good materials for enchantments. Finally, she did not even miss to take out its testicles.

Skinning and harvesting the carcass was meticulous work, and Yun Tu was a bit surprised when he saw the efficiency of Baozi and Zhang Feng that was much faster than he had imagined. He had just backed away from the fight for two minutes, but these guys had already finished dealing with the second beast.

In any case, everyone still needed to rest, so Yun Tu did not remind them to quickly work on something. The five people then worked together and sped up the work of dissecting the beast carcass much faster. In just about 20 minutes, the two beasts had been completely skinned and the most useful materials that could be taken from its corpses had already been harvested as well.

“The meat of these beasts looks even better and tenderer that pork and beef. Yet, we can’t really eat it?” While harvesting useful materials from the beasts’ carcass, some asked with a rather unwilling expression to waste the rest.

“We can’t consume it for the time being but maybe sometime later in the future! Besides, we still need to go through the adaptation process to the new environment as humans!” Yun Tu did not wish some of his team to experiment about it.

Yun Tu himself knew which was edible and which was not in his previous life, but he was not sure that it was already the time to try it.

It was because everything needed to go through an adaptation process, while time was a very important parameter in this process. The meat of living organisms in this type of Secret Area had  very complicated and complex structures both in essence and substance. In Yun Tu’s past life, only after six months after the advent of the apocalypse were human Awakened powerhouses able to consume these meats. Consuming the meat of the beasts from the Secret Area in the first few weeks of the apocalypse randomly was just simply suicidal.

“It’s really a pity, though. If this meat is edible, we could at least harvest a few thousand pounds of meat from the body of this Secret Area’s beast. If we brought this back, we would be able to support a lot of people with it!”

After done collecting useful materials for enchantments, Li Xin, driven by her woman nature, began to sigh with emotion.

“Don’t think too much or feel guilty about it. The weak will eventually be starved to death and there’s nothing we can do about it as of now. The food itself is not the most urgent thing we need now. Our strength is what is more important, else you won’t be able to protect what you have even if you can get a lot of food! At the end of the day, everything in the world belongs to the powerful!”

Yun Tu did not wish for everyone to be enveloped by their emotions. Too much emotion would affect the teams’ battle prowess as well as their combat effectiveness, hence why he needed to speak about it so as to prevent them from doing so. They then took a break and rested on the mountain road as several gunshots could be heard from the distance all of a sudden!

Some people were coming!

He had estimated about this before entering the Secret Area. There were a lot of Awakened guilds in the Northern District and he had guessed that there were at least 5 guilds that could produce two second-order Blood Crystals.

The sound of gunshots here just verified his guesses.


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