Chapter 0104: Arcane Cloud Temple Part 1

Chapter 104: Arcane Cloud Temple (Part 1)

Translator: Udeze

Editor: HSB


The second day of the third week of the apocalypse.

In the evening, a dazzling beam of light suddenly descended from the sky and landed at Brightstreet Square in the Northern District of Jiangnan City. It just happened to be falling on the same spot where the splashed broken rainbow fell previously. But the pillar of light that fell this time was much brighter than the fallen rainbow on the third day of the apocalypse.

The light pillar itself disappeared the instant it fell on the ground, as brilliant rays of light flashed upward from the ground in the next moment.

“What happened?”

“Is it a Secret Area that is being opened?”

The first who found the situation and rushed to the site was, of course, those refugees who had been staying or lying at the foot of the surrounding wall. Although they were ordinary people, the light pillar just abruptly fell down without any sign or omen, so they rushed toward the light’s falling spot as though they had found a treasure.

The small building being occupied by the Dark Night Guild was right next to the Brightstreet Square, about 100 meters away from the position where the light pillar just fell. The flashing rays of light dazzlingly shone outside the window that made everyone instantly notice such abnormality at the same time.

Feng Ling, Pock Face, and Gui Jiaosan glanced at Yun Tu before rushing out, followed by Xiao Bao, Baozi, and the other two children.

Luo Gang was almost rushing out to follow them. But then he remembered that he was a newcomer, the lowest-ranking member in the Dark Night Guild. He didn’t want to show his impulsiveness since the Boss, Yun Tu, had yet to permit him, neither was there a summon from other members!

“If you wanna have a look, just go. I’m also curious about what happened!” Said Yun Tu lightly. He could tell what Luo Gang had in mind. The latter turned and went out to the courtyard with his limp legs.

After Luo Gang left, only Li Xin was left in the building. With a curious look on her face, she asked, “Boss, you seem to know what happened, am I wrong?”

“It’s a very unusual thing to happen. But I’m pretty sure it must be a Secret Area that has never been opened and then suddenly activated. I believe tons of human Awakeneds will flock to this small square in no time!” Yun Tu smiled as a reply and just asked back to Li Xin, “Why don’t you go out and see, then? Aren’t you also curious and wanting to know what happened?”

“Someone has to stay at home. We have many children here,” replied Li Xin with a smile.

Her temper was the opposite of Feng Ling’s who had always been anxious. Although she was curious inside, she was able to comprehend the overall situation; and for Yun Tu, the most important trait she had was her ability to stay composed all the time.

“It turns out to be a Secret Area that is not yet opened. It has unexpectedly opened automatically now. Also, it has a name. We must form a team to enter and the passage cost is actually 2 second-order Blood Crystals plus 10 first-order Blood Crystals!”

A few minutes later, Feng Ling rushed back and reported to Yun Tu the latest situation she had found.

The Recurring Secret Area was entirely different from the previous one-time ones. First of all, it had a name displayed above the entrance light screen where Blood Crystals needed to be inserted. There were also several humanoid icons that represented the maximum number of people and the teams entering the Secret Area at a time.

“Its name is Arcane Cloud Temple and can be entered with a max five-man team? Are you sure you didn’t read it wrong?”

“Yeah. The name looks like the inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t wrong in recognizing the word ‘cloud’ in the middle, whereas the front and last words were gotten from the refugees next to me. In addition, there were five hollow humanoid icons under the name and it turned vivid and solid the moment I stood there while the other four were still. Hence, I think my conjecture is highly likely correct that the same party can only have five people at max to enter it!”

Right as Feng Ling finished her report, Gui Jiaosan and Pock Face returned. They verified and confirmed that her news was all correct.

Yun Tu’s brain was a bit short-circuited after hearing their report and description.

He had once entered the Secret Area in this district in his past incarnation. The name of this Secret Area in his past life was the Gate of Triple Kills that allowed a three-man team at max to enter. Even though he had never been into the other Secret Areas in Jiangnan City, he still remembered their names and the Arcane Cloud Temple was a Secret Area in the Southern District then.

Yet now, never did he expect that his plan of deliberately setting up the base here would deviate like this. He planned to guarantee the completion of the first killing quest of the Gate of Triple Kills here, but it unexpectedly changed to the Arcane Cloud Temple that was supposed to be in the Southern District! Whether the Gate of Triple Kills was transferred to the Southern District or not, the only way to find out about it was just waiting until the other Secret Area of the other districts had been activated.

The last time he entered a Secret Area was when he teamed up with Feng Ling and Qing Yi. The environment inside it was exactly the same as the one he entered in his previous life, yet the strength and the level of the quest’s Boss had greatly changed. And now, the Secret Area in the Northern District unexpectedly changed as well, including its name. It was like there was someone or some being who pulled the strings and controlled everything in the dark.

Who could this ‘person’ be? Was he a kind of Deity, God, or… a Demon?

This was the answer Yun Tu wanted to figure out the most ever since his rebirth. However, now that the Secret Area had already shown up here, he still had to make a choice whether they would enter or not.

The first killing quest for the Recurring Secret Areas gave an extremely handsome reward yet was comparable to its level of difficulty as well. Yun Tu had once entered the Gate of Triple Kills in his past life, so he believed to have much bigger assurance if he entered it now. But the site had now turned into the Arcane Cloud Temple that allowed a party of a five-man team at max. Even if the Dark Night Guild could form up a five-man team composed of five Second Level experts, he didn’t have full assurance that they would not suffer any casualties at all.

What was inside Yun Tu’s mind right now was a calculation whether to lead his team into this Secret Area directly or wait for the Gate of Triple Kills Secret Area to open before venturing inside.

In his past life, after the Recurring Secret Area had been repeatedly cleared up, a new business then surfaced, which was, selling the maps of each Secret Area along with the strategy to clear it. However, general teams would not spend money to buy the maps and guides before deciding to enter the Secret Area at all.

But later on, after more and more teams went into the Secret Area and successfully cleared the quest, some things were no longer secrets, so even though he had never been into the Arcane Cloud Temple and neither had he bought the maps and guides to clear it, he also learned some of them in his previous life.

Since the Arcane Cloud Temple was now right in front of his eyes, there was no reason to give up on it for the fear of having casualties!

“Feng Ling, you are to stay at the base to keep watch here; Gui Jiaosan, you will go to the Southern District; whereas Zhang Feng, Baozi, Xiao Bao, and Li Xin, you all will follow me into the Arcane Cloud Temple Secret Area!”

Having made up his mind to enter the Secret Area, Yun Tu began to assign the team roles and tasks for everyone.

“Why am I being left here to stay on guard at the base? I’m already a Second Level with a battle-oriented Main Job. I’m much stronger and more effective than Sis Li Xin in battles. I can’t take care of the children without her!” Feng Ling immediately asked after hearing Yun Tu’s arrangement.

“You tell me, who can find new materials for enchantments if the Enchanter isn’t included in the team to the battlefield then?”

It was indeed a hard fact that Feng Ling’s combat strength would increase the team’s combat efficiency. But some issues must be calculated after a thorough consideration based on the overall situation. Hence, Yun Tu straightly vetoed Feng Ling’s opinion.

“Then what about me?”

All the adults had already been assigned with each had their own respective task. Although Luo Gang was still at the First Level, he also brought three children who lived off the guild, so he needed to take the initiative to do any tasks, else he would be in for straight dismissal at any time.

“Take Lingling with you and go to the Western District!”

Yun Tu intentionally did not assign any task for Luo Gang previously. It was to test him whether he would take the initiative to ask, so now he felt satisfied after seeing a worried expression on his face. He also assigned the other two teenagers from the orphanage to team up with Lingling and Luo Gang to the Western District.

Lingling herself had yet to level up to the Second Level, but her height and weight were no different from a grown woman and was even a bit taller than Li Xin. However, she was still 12-years-old. Killing enemies might not be a problem for her, but there was a high possibility she could be deceived by cunning and deceitful people. Therefore, it was best to assign Luo Gang to take her with him. Even though they were both new recruits, the present circumstances were rather extraordinary, so the combination of the team with the newcomer, Luo Gang, at the helm was a temporary decision given the special case and circumstances.

“Then, for the main objective of me going to the Western District is…”

“Ask Gui Jiaosan!”

Yun Tu interrupted Luo Gang’s words even before he finished speaking! Then, Yun Tu strode outside.

Time was of the essence for the Secret Area would be opened within a few minutes. The entrance to the Arcane Cloud Temple Secret Area had been completely surrounded by people. It was estimated that all the major guilds would rush to this location the moment they obtained the news. For the time being, Yun Tu did not wish to have unnecessary friction with any guilds before entering the Secret Area.

“Brother Gui, what exactly is my main objective in the Western District?”

Everyone was now standing on the balcony, watching Yun Tu’s team of five people step into the entrance of the Secret Area and disappear. Luo Gang then approached Gui Jiaosan to ask about his main objective and roles.

“I’m not clear about it either. Boss just told me to go to the Southern District but he didn’t tell me the specific objective at all. But since the Arcane Cloud Temple appeared in the Northern District, our mission to the Southern and Western District is definitely to gather news about similar Secret Areas. But we have to be very careful in doing this task. If similar Secret Area is really opened, we must obtain and record what guild and whoever goes inside in full details. Else, Boss Yun will definitely criticize us when he comes back!”

Gui Jiaosan truly did not disappoint Yun Tu. He understood the specific objective of what Yun Tu wanted them to do. If everything in the team must be fully explained by the leader, then the team members could be said as worthless.

A short while after Yun Tu led his team into the Arcane Cloud Temple, Gui Jiaosan and Luo Gang separated and headed to the Southern and Western District respectively. Feng Ling did not stay idle either. Her staying to keep watch meant that she needed to pay attention to the situation around this Secret Area. It was also another objective she finally realized from Gui Jiaosan’s explanation.

Everyone was now doing each of their respective tasks, while her task was to take care of the children at home. Even if she did have a vague relationship with the Boss and also had gained his recognition, the current feeling she had for Yun Tu was both affection of love as well as fear.

Dingding, Gui Jiaosan’s son, was as quick-witted in nature as his father, whereas the other orphan, Chengzi, was also dependable, so Feng Ling assigned them some tasks before going outside, “Alright, guys. You are responsible for keeping a watch and the safety of our base. I’ll be at the square outside. Do call me immediately if there’s something up!”

Not long after Feng Ling came to the small square the second time, the scene changed as a large force led by Zhao Yinwen, the Guild Master of the Heavenly Seal Guild, as they came and killed a lot of people.

“Clear the area immediately and take control of the surroundings!”

As the Guild Master, Zhao Yinwen sent out his order, dozens of ferocious looking soldiers Awakened immediately scattered and roared.


“Why the hell are you civilians surrounding this place? Are you all tired of living?”

“This venue is now under the control of the Heavenly Seal Guild. Leave now if you don’t want to die!”


… …

The number of onlookers surrounding the venue might be numbered to more than 1,000. But most of them were just civilian refugees and now being driven out by fiendish looking members of the Heavenly Seal Guild. A large clearance area quickly opened around the light screen at the entrance to the Secret Area.

Feng Ling was watching everything, itching to act to fight against the hateful people of the Heavenly Seal Guild. However, she was now alone at the base with a group of children, hence she refrained herself from inciting any troubles. In order to get more information, Feng Ling also squeezed into the crowd of refugees that retreated to the surrounding street 100 meters from the area and then began to attentively watch the Heavenly Seal Guild’s movements and actions, while at the same listening to the opinions of the crowd in the surroundings.