Chapter 0103: Luo Gang (Part 3)

Chapter 103: Luo Gang (Part 3)

Translator: Udeze

Pock Face Zhang Feng might be very fast, but he was too late in realizing his mistake. He chased after those two men with his fastest speed and finally caught up with them a few hundred meters away from the Heavenly Seal Guild’s base. At that time, the two men also found that Zhang Feng was up to no good and quickly accelerated their pace.

Because it was too close to the enemy’s base, Zhang Feng eventually decided to not take any action and left while cursing and warning. “You had better learn to be a man in society and keep your fucking mouth shut. Else, you’ll reap what you sow the next time we meet!”

Whether or not his warning had any use, it was still unknown.

When he went back and caught up with Yun Tu and everyone else, he reported it to Yun Tu. But the latter was not concerned about it. Yun Tu had practically turned the Jiangnan Family Guild upside down then, and he believed that this Guild Master, Zhao Yinwen, would not act if he thought it over and was well aware of who his opponent was. Not to mention that the Recurring Secret Area  will open this evening, which was another important event for the human Awakeneds.

At that time, the attention of all the guilds in the Northern District would be pulled by the opening event of this Secret Area. It was already estimated that all the major guilds would focus their priority  on seizing these Secret Areas under their control so as to obtain the treasures within. This was also the issue Yun Tu was most concerned about at present.

Jiangnan City only had four Recurring Secret Areas which were located at four directions, each of which was distributed to the Eastern, Southern, Western, and Northern District. Each of them had the first quest of killing a high-level Boss which gave the richest rewards and often dropped the rarest gears and artifacts.

In his past incarnation, Yun Tu was just a civilian when the Recurring Secret Area opened. It was naturally impossible for him to enter and to accomplish the first kill. However, after he joined a certain guild, he once entered this type of Secret Area in the Northern District, so he was determined to have the Dark Night Guild to accomplish this first kill.

As they returned back to the base, Li Xin, Feng Ling, and the rest had already finished cooking and served full hot meals for everyone, including the children. Upon seeing the members of the Dark Night Guild gathered around the table to eat like a big family and Gui Jiaosan and Li Xin’s kids playing around in the around them in the dining room, Luo Gang, who was just driven out of the guild by his own closest friends, couldn’t help but be moved to tears.

“Our situation is still good indeed. You are our newly joined member, so you’ll have your first meal to the full now. But after some time, we’ll also face a period where food is tight. The children who can’t directly participate in the battles will only have half the ration, as will the new members!” Yun Tu stressed his words with all seriousness!

Tightening first and then loosening up later were effective tools to be used in management. If one promised to let all new recruits receive a full ration from the very start, they would only take it for granted. At present, there were still many resources as Yun Tu could recall from his memory after his transmigration. It would be not difficult for him to ensure the full members have enough meals. However, Luo Gang could only be considered as an ordinary member now. For him to obtain the trust from Yun Tu as well as earned his right as a full member would depend on his performance.

“For a guild that is able to provide meals for my children, it will be my home and family. I will perform well!” Answered Luo Gang wholeheartedly.

Luo Gang was a Material Disassembler and Yun Tu had heard his name in his previous life. However, he had never met him nor witnessed his skills then. After the meal, Yun Tu then took out some gears he obtained from the Secret Area and asked Luo Gang to demonstrate the ability of his profession.

“I don’t want to do it. I will only destroy the gears while the equipment from the Secret Area is too precious!”

Although Luo Gang knew that the Dark Night Guild sought him out because he had a rare profession as a Material Disassembler, he could not help but hesitate when asked to demonstrate his profession’s ability. Those who had been interested in his profession’s ability ultimately lost their interest every time they found out that the ability of his profession turned out to result in losses.

Even Luo Gang himself was really clueless whether the ability of his profession was valuable or not. However, Yun Tu had heard about his skills even though he had never seen him in his previous life; while the value of each profession itself differed from one another at different levels.

Putting it bluntly, the Material Disassembler was not the type of supporting profession that was directly related to the manufacturing or refining equipment to strengthen it, but rather the pre-process for the works of most sub-professions.

Using the analogy from the industrial system of the peace age, he could be said as a material processing factory as he could actually provide materials of high-purity for other sub-professions even though he did not produce finished products. The disassembled materials were much easier to work with than the raw, original materials, while the higher the quality of the materials, the better the quality of the finished products.

“Brother, just do it. You don’t need to hesitate since we are the ones who asks you to do so. Weapons from Secret Area may be really precious to other guilds, but our Dark Night Guild has a lot of them! At present, everyone in our guild owns such weapons. It’s not a problem to have one or two of them destroyed for the crucial thing is to really comprehend the ability of your profession and what it can do!”

As always, Gui Jiaosan really liked to boast. Luo Gang was the first person he found and recruited, to begin with. He was like his junior, so naturally, he needed to show off and in a grand manner at that.

“Alright then!”

Seeing that everyone’s eyes were fixated on him with the anticipation to see his ability, Luo Gang hardened his heart as he directed the disassembling power in his body to the saber in his palm. It wasn’t long before the saber then transformed into two piles of metal powder with different colors.

“It’s really destroyed!”

Although he had expected this result, seeing how a good weapon from the Secret Area was gone like that made him and everyone else except Gui Jiaosan and Yun Tu to feel pity.

Luo Gang reluctantly looked at Yun Tu with a bit of helpless expression. His expression was like portraying his mind: “I already told you that the ability of my profession will produce such a result, yet you still asked me to demonstrate it. Don’t blame me for it now!”

He just met Yun Tu and interacted with him today. He had yet to understand his character. Hence, at this time, his heart was pounding hard, for fear that his new boss was unhappy or concluded that his ability was useless, which then led to him getting driven out once again.


Yun Tu grinned ear to ear. There was no look of disappointment on his face whatsoever. The others did not know the value of these two piles of powder at all, but as an Alchemist Refiner himself, he could immediately see the characteristics of these two piles of powder, which was refining materials of high purity. Using these materials to refine and strengthen other gears would produce much better equipment compared to using fangs or claws of those second-order Green Zombies.

“Take some bottles and store these powders separately. Anyways, try these raw materials. Can you break them down?”

Yun Tu took out the fangs, claws, and leathers of some zombies, or the beasts from the Secret Area from his interspatial ring, and then orderly arranged them in rows on the table.

Luo Gang inspected the items on the table one by one. He had already tested the materials from the first-order Black Zombie long ago so he skipped them, including the materials that either had too many impurities, couldn’t be disassembled or those that could occasionally be broken down but produced a pitiful amount of materials. However, he had never tested the materials from second-order Green Zombies, so he took it and felt that it could be broken down further.

The materials taken from the creatures of the Secret Area were roughly similar. The lower quality materials couldn’t be disassembled, and only those from the draconic fey in the last Secret Area they entered could be further disassembled.

“Very well. Anyways, how many times have you used your disassembling ability, and how much experience have you earned and would be needed to level up your skill?” Asked Yun Tu after listening to Luo Gang’s introduction.

Luo Gang replied in a weak voice, “This ability straightly destroys things at once, so I have only used it five times in total ever since the first time I practiced it. As for the experience I have earned, it’s only less than 3%. I don’t know how many good things I have to destroy before I can level up!”

“If anything, your skill probably would have a more advanced feature or effect after it levels up. But for now, first disassemble all these materials that can be disassembled. Don’t mix up all the pure substance you’ve obtained be it liquid or powder, and store them separately. Also, write a label for each along with the number, amounts, and sources, and then classify them into different categories!”

Yun Tu gave another instruction so Luo Gang started working again while everyone else immediately scrambled, running upstairs and downstairs to look for bottles and paper for labels. After working for a while, the originally piled up materials on the table quickly reduced and turned into dozens of bottles filled with powders or liquids of various colors. At the same time, a strong scent of burnt odor also filled the air.

Apparently, the Material Disassembler expert was truly not at fault, because most of the items contained a lot of impurities and useless substances, to begin with. Those useless substances were chemically decomposed by the disassembling power during the decomposition process. This decomposition itself could be roughly understood as a kind of invisible combustion so that the air in the room had a burnt odor.

To level up the skill would need 200 times of decomposition process, but the power bestowed by any profession itself was not infinite. Even with enough materials, flying up to the second level at one go was an impossible task to achieve in a short time. After a long time and having decomposed more than a dozen or so second-order materials, Luo Gang was also spent and tired as beads of sweat began to profusely flow out of his forehead.

“Alright, guys. Even a fat man won’t be able to eat if he’s already full. Let’s call it a day!”

Yun Tu instructed everyone to open the window while at the same time, he also took out a few large Blood Crystals. Upgrading the strength of the team in the apocalypse was always a matter of urgency.

Of all members of the team, Gui Jiaosan and Li Xin were still at the first level while battlefields had been set in place for them to enter shortly, so they needed to level up to the second level.

“Thanks a bunch, Boss. You are just simply an inherent benefactor, the blessing the Heaven bestowed to me! We both will follow you for the rest of our lives until we’re old, we’ll even burn incenses on your ancestral tombs. Just order us and we will never balk even if we have to cross the mountain of swords and the sea of flame. Even if we die, it will be worth it!”

Seeing Yun Tu took out such a treasure, Gui Jiaosan knew that all the core members had already advanced to the second-level except for him and Li Xin. These second-order Blood Crystals were definitely for them each, so they fawned over Yun Tu repeatedly.

“Thank you, Boss!”

Li Xin did not have a face and skin as thick as Gui Jiaosan’s. She knew that her opportunity had come but the simple words she said contained endless gratitude, regardless!

“Everyone, leave all the pretentious manners. It’s needless to say that we all have gone through life and death, but the greater your ability, the greater your responsibility will be. Hence, do your things well and your life will be great as well. Let’s fight for the successful future of the Dark Night Guild.”

Yun Tu did not speak more but quickly gave them the Blood Crystals.

Second-order Blood Crystals were something yearned by everyone to swallow for it would be able to promote them to a second-level being. However, Luo Gang knew that he had yet to earn the right to have it at present. But seeing Boss Yun Tu seemed to have everything, only then did he finally realize why the Boss had the courage to confront such a large force as the Heavenly Seal Guild.

He was a founder of a guild himself. He also had his own aspiration and was unwilling to be ordinary. The chief reason why he was willing to join the Dark Night Guild was mainly being forced by circumstances. As a matter of fact, he still entertained the idea of roaming the heaven unhindered deep down inside. But seeing the strength of Yun Tu as well as the Dark Night Guild truly shocked him, and he began to gradually strengthen his resolve to develop himself together with the guild.

Yun Tu could guess some of the ideas Luo Gang had deep inside by looking at his expression. He then patted his shoulder and said, “Just do your role well. Don’t think too much about anything!”

This time, Luo Gang did no utter any word and just nodded will all seriousness!