Chapter 0102: Luo Gang Part 2

Chapter 102: Luo Gang Part 2

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As the fight between both sides was about to erupt, Luo Gang’s youngest daughter suddenly came down the stairs.

“Little Ke, go back upstairs!”

Luo Gang was now completely terrified when his youngest daughter came out!

If these three guys did not see that Luo Gang was ridden with injury and burdened with three children, they wouldn’t have dared to have any thoughts of robbing an Awakened at all. When they stalked Luo Gang, they still discussed it in a whisper about what to do if they were not able to take him down in the fight.

Evidently, knowing that he now had children became a significant boost of courage for them. As long as they caught one of his children, it would be enough to snatch the initiative in the fight.

At the downstairs a moment ago, Luo Gang abruptly stopped and did not run upstairs. This gave a problem for the three brothers since they did not know on which floor he lived, and thus, preventing to take action towards his children. Being forced into a situation where they had to face an awakened in combat was not something they really wanted.

It was unexpected that even though Luo Gang was very vigilant, yet his daughter was, after all, still too young. It was perhaps that she had seen her father return and thus hurriedly came downstairs driven by her hunger, giving them such a great opportunity.

“Well, well. Your daughters look really fresh and pretty, eh?”

The man’s face looked smug as he turned and moved toward Luo Gang’s daughter.

However, his smile froze the next instant because Gui Jiaosan appeared behind Luo Gang’s youngest daughter. The latter calmly walked from the corridor and gently hugged and picked her up.

“Who the fuck are you?” Asked the man with a vexed face.

“Get fucking lost to where you come from. Spit out another word and your dog life will be gone!” A ferocious glint flashed in Gui Jiaosan’s eyes. It was faint but the killing intent within it was real!

The successive fast pace of changes made it impossible for these people to figure out the situation at once. The man was a step slower in catching the little girl, and they could tell that Gui Jiaosan who suddenly showed up was Luo Gang’s friend, and judging from the way he walked that was a bit lame, the man was 80% sure that Gui Jiaosan was just a regular man. But things had already gotten to this point, and they had already offended them in any case.

“Brothers, act now!”

Right as the man shouted, he slashed the peeling knife toward Gui Jiaosan all of sudden.

But Gui Jiaosan’s reaction speed was much faster than average person’s after he swallowed a second-order Blood Crystal. The aggressive and threatening man in front just looked very ordinary in his eyes. Even though both his legs had different length, it didn’t affect his attack speed. Even if there were ten more of this kind of thug, they would never be able to do anything to him.

Fighting while hugging a little girl with one hand and using the other to fight was inconvenient, so Gui Jiaosan took a step back and let the trajectory of the knife slant. He then sent a sweeping kick and send the man upside down to the floor.

“WOW! You’re very powerful, Uncle Gui! Let’s go! Hit him again. They’re all bad guys!”

The hugged girl was shouting over and over. She had met Gui Jiaosan two days ago, and that time, he gave the three of them a small piece of instant noodles.

And today, when her father—Luo Gang went out, this Uncle Gui came again. Upon finding that Luo Gang was not home, Gui Jiaosan with the man with pockmark, Zhang Feng waited in their home for half a day, hence she and her siblings already felt intimate to Gui Jiaosan and Zhang Feng.

While holding the little girl, Gui Jiaosan delivered another strike and then turned around to face another one. The other two men swung their knives in vain before they turned away and ran away. But their leader who was just hit by Gui Jiaosan had to run behind them tumbling and crawling.

“It’s very fortunate that you’re here, Brother Gui. Else my family would have been doomed. Thank you so much!”

As the crisis ended in such an unexpected way and after watching the three fellas supported each other and limped as they ran, Luo Gang immediately came over to thank and bow repeatedly.

“No need for the ceremony, brother. Besides, we’ll be brothers in the future! I did not come here by chance, but specifically to find you, to begin with!”

Gui Jiaosan himself felt happy inside for being able to help Luo Gang’s family solve their crisis.

“Did you specifically come here for me, Brother?”

For a while, Luo Gang really could not understand Gui Jiaosan’s words. After he came to his flat and found Gui Jiaosan’s colleague, only then did he realize it was true.

“I told you last time that our guild is also recruiting people, so when Boss came today, I told him about you. Boss immediately ordered me to take you to see him!” Gui Jiaosan’s nature sparked up again, as he patted his chest and answered.

“But you didn’t tell your Boss I have three children, did you?”

Luo Gang was naturally happy when he heard that someone was willing to let him join a guild. Yet he was still worried that Gui Jiaosan’s report was not clear. If by that time they found that they must also provide shelter and food for three children and then changed their mind, it could be determined that he would just run there for naught.

“Am I such an unreliable man? Man, how could I not tell my Boss such an important piece clearly? I have a child myself, you know. Back when I was in the Southern District, I also applied several times to join some guilds, yet was rejected because of that. If you don’t believe me, just ask him!”

Gui Jiaosan’s words and manners were rather sonorous, so Luo Gang looked at Pock Face Zhang Feng to verify it. The latter then confirmed it.

‘Could such a good thing like this happen?’

Yet, Luo Gang still couldn’t believe it. He had been running around, applying to join a guild and yet nobody was willing to accept him with his children. But now, there was a guild who took the initiative to find and recruit him. It was like a pie falling from heaven, unrealistic.

“Anyways, c’mon go pack your stuff and bring your kids now. I’ve been with your kids for half a day already. I could have straightly tied your kids if I wanted to trick you without doing much, no? Besides, you don’t seem to have anything valuable to cheat on either, do you?”

Finally, Gui Jiaosan tried his best to persuade Luo Gang and it didn’t take long for him to convince the latter.

The family did a simple pack up. Right as they were about to head out for the Dark Night Guild along with Gui Jiaosan and Zhang Feng, the flat’s door was knocked, “Hello, does Luo Gang live here?”

“May I ask who you are?” After opening the door, Luo Gang politely asked in a low voice.

“We are from Heavenly Seal Guild. The Guild Master has seen your details so he ordered us to come to inform you to register to our guild immediately!”

The visitors were two evolved men, Awakened, one of whom was the one who asked Luo Gang to fill in his bio in the form this morning.

“Registering my application now?!” Luo Gang asked, wanting to verify it.

Seeing doubts all over Luo Guang’s face, the man then explained again, “It’s not really a registration for the application. It’s more appropriate as a kind of a second test. Our Guild Master wants to see what ability your occupation has. If he likes it, he will definitely agree to let you join the guild. Of course, if he deems your skill to be useless, you may still be rejected. After all, you’re in a more complicated situation, so you must be mentally prepared for it.”

After listening to the conversation between them, Gui Jiaosan approximately grasped the circumstances immediately. He then came over while smiling, patting the man’s shoulder and said, “Hey dude, you’re a bit late! Mr. Luo Gang has already decided to join our guild!”

“What the hell are you up to? Do you wanna pick a fight or something? What’s your guild’s name? To think you even dare to fight over applicants with our Heavenly Seal Guild. Fuck off! Don’t monkey around here!”

These two men were under the Guild Master’s order to visit Luo Gang’s place according to the address Luo Gang filled in the form this morning. Little did they think that someone would intercept them in the middle of the errand. Heavenly Seal Guild had the largest number of members in the Northern District. They had a big influence here and regardless of who it was, everyone had to give them some face, hence what gave its member some fuel to be arrogant.

“I apologize. I did just promise Brother Gui Jiaosan just now that I would join his Guild. I’d like to ask you to explain it to your Guild Master, and please convey my gratitude to him!”

So as to avoid trouble as much as possible, Luo Gang immediately explained with very polite manners and words.

He had never heard the name of Gui Jiaosan’s Dark Night Guild, but at least his attitude in inviting and recruiting people was much better than those of the Heavenly Seal Guild. More so that the guy himself had helped him a lot. As of now, even if the Heavenly Seal Guild insisted in their efforts to recruit him, he would still choose Dark Night Guild. More so that these people from the Heavenly Seal Guild also stated that whether or not he could join had yet to be decided at all.

Yet, who would have thought these men did not even leave after hearing Luo Gang’s explanation? They even hurled up another strike again, “What do you mean by that? Do you really think our Heavenly Seal Guild is just some kind of ruined monastery that you can come and leave whenever you want?”

“What the hell is up with your Heavenly Seal Guild, huh? You didn’t want him to join you, but when he joins another guild, now you want to rob him? Do you think I don’t dare to tear you to shreds?”

At first, when they heard these cocky men were from the Heavenly Seal Guild, Gui Jiaosan did not have any ill thoughts whatsoever, but it was Pock Face Zhang Feng who flared up instead.

It was because the enemies he fought in the bridgehead this morning were from the Heavenly Seal Guild and the rocket they launched nearly wiped out the Dark Night Guild. And now, these two small shrimps from this guild yet dared showing off in front him? It was enough to make him flare up as he slapped the entrance wall, creating vivid five finger marks carved on the limestone wall.

“It’s you! You’re Pock Face Zhang Feng from the Company II of Battalion II, their close combat champion. You have joined other guilds?”

Although the Heavenly Seal Guild’s members were no longer stipulated to wear a military uniform, half of the members originally came from the army. Even though they were not from the same company then, they were familiar with each other. The other party was also taken aback after recognizing Pock Face Zhang Feng.

Still, with a vexed and irritated face, Pock Face growled bluntly, “Fuck your cozy shit talk! As long as you are a member of Heavenly Seal Guild, you will be my enemy one day. SCRAM!”

“Fine. We’ll go!”

The two men exchanged glances and shot a look at the new carving on the wall. Even though they may be berated by the Guild Master, they were obviously not a match for the other party at all. Not to mention that there were three of them while they only had two men. Smart people must know how to act when the odds were against them. After the duo thought for a moment, they finally turned around and reluctantly left.

“Wouldn’t it bring some problem for us offending the Heavenly Seal Guild like this?” After the two men left, Luo Gang asked. There was a concern both in his tone and his face.

“Nah, nevermind it. Our Dark Night Guild already has a blood feud with the Heavenly Seal Guild, to begin with. You’ll know about it later!” Zhang Feng answered, seemingly not caring about it even a bit.

In any case, enmity had already been set in place between both parties. Worrying too much for many things in the Apocalypse was useless. Since he already joined the Dark Night Guild, then he already had a foothold for the time being. At the very least, his children would not starve to death. Luo Gang no longer asked any questions and packed up with his three children to the Dark Night Guild along with Gui Jiaosan and Zhang Feng.

But as they just walked out of the entrance, they unexpectedly bumped into Yun Tu.

“Hey, Boss. Why are you here?!” Gui Jiaosan and Pock Face Zhang Feng were a bit surprised.

“It’s because the two of you are gone for a long time and haven’t returned. I was afraid you bumped into an accident, so I decided to come and sweep the location you told me. Anyways, is this the man you told me, Luo Gang?” Yun Tu asked with a smile.

“I am Luo Gang. Thanks for inviting me, and please take care of me later, Boss!”

Luo Gang was also a man with a brain. Although the other party was still young, the fella had an extraordinary aura. Plus, since Gui Jiaosan and Zhang Feng called him Boss, he immediately followed suit and called him Boss and told his children to call Yun Tu uncle.

“I meant what I said! As long as everyone is doing their best for the guild’s interest, I will never treat anyone unjustly. But if anyone had a branching heart, wanting to be somewhere else while they are with us, the guild also has the rules and policy to fix that even though we have to level a high mountain. If anything, Gui Jiaosan will explain it to you later!”

Recruiting Luo Gang was a long-term investment for the Dark Night Guild and Yun Tu was very happy to get him over. However, even if the person really had a rare profession yet his heart was not there, it would not make sense of an investment at all. He wanted to build a guild where firm loyalty and the sense of belonging were at its finest. He did not wish to have a member with a character like Liu Wei appear in the guild anymore. Hence, why he stated the bitter reality words first.

“You can rest assured about that, Boss. For you to have valued this Luo Gang highly, I will do my best for the guild’s interest. Besides, Brother Gui Jiaosan also just rescued my family’s life before!” Luo Gang immediately took his stance.

Words coming from people’s mouth were useless. Yun Tu couldn’t care less how good words could be weaved coming from anyone’s mouth. What he wanted to see was their actions in the future. The group then continued chatting while walking. But when Yun Tu finally heard some people from the Heavenly Seal Guild came to snatch their applicant, he couldn’t help but frown.

“Boss… Did I do something wrong with what I did?”

Seeing Yun Tu’s expression, Pock Face Zhang Feng immediately realized that he had made a mistake.

Back when they were on the East Bridge, they did not completely wipe out the people from Heavenly Seal Guild. A few of them were able to run away. Zhang Feng himself came out of the army and even a close combat champion of the regiment. It could be said the majority of soldiers knew who he was and what he was capable of. If these two men who just bumped into him met those few injured soldiers who ran away from the bridge this morning by chance, the Heavenly Seal Guild would immediately figure out who the enemy they faced on the bridge was.

Some matters could be said as big or small depended on how one viewed it. Yet, if they wanted to set up a foothold in the Northern District, dealing with the Heavenly Seal Guild would be inevitable. At the moment, they only have a few Level 2 members, but seven of them were able to face the Purple Zombie. Even though those who fled from them did not know Zhang Feng, sooner or later the Heavenly Seal Guild would find out those who fought them today.

From another perspective, however, for the Dark Night Guild being able to block off such news as long as possible was an admirable feat in and of itself.

“After them as fast as possible! Do your best to silence those two you just met!”

Yun Tu had yet to finish his words, but Pock Face Zhang Feng had already turned around and dashed toward the direction of the Heavenly Seal Guild.