Chapter 0100: Enchantment

Chapter 100: Enchantment

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Chapter 100: Enchantment

Casualties in battles were inevitable, and yet, it was the only way to make the team grow stronger rapidly. After cleaning up the spoils of battle, Yun Tu led everyone from the pipeline under the bridge and headed toward the Northern District.

As they returned back to the small courtyard where they had a battle back then, Gui Jiaosan and Li Xin had come back and had been lived there since yesterday. They had long heard about the internal mutiny and changes that happened inside the Jiangnan Family. They were finally able to heave a sigh of relief, feeling that they were temporarily out of danger. Upon the return of Yun Tu and everyone else, they also brought the news that Qing Yi was missing, Li Xin cried again. Nevertheless, it did not change the fact that they could not find Qing Yi’s body, hence there was still a glimmer of hope that she would return alive.

After the sadness subsided, Gui Jiaosan and Li Xin immediately boiled some water for the injured Yun Tu and everyone else so as to take out the shrapnel, disinfecting their wounds and dressing it up. After which they took turns to report their activities of these days in detail.

It turned out that they also actively participated in harassing the zombie tide that occurred today by hovering around its periphery, hence they were also able to obtain a lot of harvests. Although those dozens small Blood Crystals were paled in comparison with the harvest obtained by Yun Tu and everyone else, the amount of harvest obtained by the two first level Awakened with their children fully showed that they had done their best.

Gui Jiaosan himself had spent a couple of days to specifically gather information about the current state of the distribution of power and potential recruitment in the Northern District. It could be said that he understood about the situation in this district, albeit just the surface of it.

At present, there were at least 20 big guilds with over 40 Awakened members in Northern District; two other Guilds, excluding Heavenly Seal Guild, with more than 200 Awakeneds; and a lot of small guilds like Dark Night Guild with around 10 members.

Yun Tu himself had already heard the names of those big Guilds in his past incarnation. After listening to the report about major and medium Guilds from Gui Jiaosan, he asked, “Is there any particular need to discuss the medium and small guilds here?”

“The number of small guilds is way too many and the information channel is not necessarily accurate either while we probably have no way to figure it out accurately. However, when I bypassed a small guild, I bumped into a middle-aged man with three children who got caught by this guild due to some internal friction. I asked around and it turned out that his guild did not want to give his children rations, hence he had a fall out with some of his brothers!” Gui Jiaosan drank his water, disguising his way of speaking by mystifying his tone.

Yun Tu already knew Gui Jiaosan inside out. This fella always loved to show off, so he asked with a smile, “That’s not a special case either, don’t you think? Besides, food is scarce right now and most of the Guilds won’t give children rations. Since you already mentioned it, that man should be someone with a very special Secondary Job, right?”

“Damn, Boss. You’re so damn good. You already guessed it even before I told you about him!”

Gui Jiaosan stared with eyes opened wide, unable to believe it a bit. Even though he had joined the Guild, he had just associated with Yun Tu and interacted over some trivial social interactions for a couple of days. Little did he think that Yun Tu was able to guess his thoughts.

“Why wouldn’t I be able to guess it? It’s not like I became your Boss for nothing. Anyways, what is that man’s Secondary Job, exactly? And what is special from his profession?” Yun Tu grinned.

Seeing that Yun Tu asked the profession of this particular person, Gui Jiaosan looked satisfied and said, “He’s a Material Disassembler. I bet you haven’t heard about it, no?”

“Nope, I really haven’t heard about this one!” Yun Tu smiled.

As a matter of fact, when Gui Jiaosan said that the profession was a Material Disassembler, Yun Tu was able to guess who the person was. An expert with Material Disassembler profession was very rare, to begin with, and Yun Tu who had been living in the Apocalypse for so many years had never heard of another person. It was obvious that Gui Jiaosan had yet to finish his words, so he would listen as for how he would continue playing.

“If anything, this profession is really a wonder. A marvel. Other professions may never be able to do it, but this profession gives the ability to decompose any finished products and equipment by other professions into raw materials!”

“I heard that these brothers got some good luck in their first time entering the Secret Area. They obtained two Job Scrolls there, one of which was the Main Job Scroll. However, nobody had ever thought that this man tested his profession skill by turning the main weapon of his buddy into iron scraps, causing him to go crazy and vomit blood!”

Gu9 Jiaosan’s expression when narrating the story was really good. He turned a simple happening of the event dramatically as though he witnessed it with his own eyes. However, after seeing that Yun Tu did not even budge and responding, he asked with a restless expression, “Now tell me Boss, is this Material Disassembler a kind of waste or a treasure to you?”

“Of course, it’s a treasure! Any profession in the Apocalypse has its own specialty and function after all. That man you told me, his name should be Luo Gang, right?” Yun Tu asked again.

“My God, Boss! You really got me completely! You know everything I was going to tell you!”

The reason why Yun Tu told him that he had never heard of Material Disassembler profession from the very start, and then finally spurted out the name of the man was actually for wanting to give some spanking to the usual show-off Gui Jiaosan. As expected, the latter’s face was finally witted and turned purple like autumn eggplants.

“Well, don’t look so desolate like that, will you? It’s not like your news is unimportant. But don’t tell me you don’t know where he lives now!” Yun Tu praised while scrutinizing his face.

The number of various types of professions in the Apocalypse was as many as dozens and each had their own specialties and characteristics. It was very difficult to distinguish every detail or the strong and weak points for each separately. However, there was a saying that something rare would prove very valuable and precious later. And when it came to knowledge in regard to these professions, it could be said that it was only Yun Tu, the seasoned veteran of the Apocalypse in the city, who knew perfectly well how precious a Material Disassembler expert was at this time.

Hearing the praise from Yun Tu, Gui Jiaosan’s spirit sparked again, “Did you see me as someone who only does half of his homework, Boss? I already realized the value of this man, so I immediately got in touch with him at once!”

Gui Jiaosan then vividly narrated the story about him spending half a cigarette and a small piece of expired instant noodles, mixing it into the story of how he befriended Luo Gang.

Yet, his story did not finish here so Yun Tu had to finally interrupt him, “Alright, alright. This man is very important, I know. But what you just told me are things from yesterday, while a zombie tide just happened in the Northern District. I’m afraid somethings have changed, so now, you are going to get him over together with Zhang Feng!”

‘Recruiting him? HOW?’

Gui Jiaosan was baffled for a moment, but soon responded, “Huh? Ah, fine, roger that! We’ll get it done!”

Seeing Gui Jiaosan’s resourcefulness as well as his comprehension and degree of cleverness, Yun Tu smiled with satisfaction. From the very beginning, the reason why he searched for this fella was a knot in his heart that he had brought from his past life. He indeed had some worries that this guy would be a burden for the Guild, but now, sometimes such a nobody in the market like him would also be able to shine as long as he was given the right opportunity.

After finishing his report, Gui Jiaosan then left with Zhang Feng to execute his new task from Yun Tu. And now was Li Xin’s turn who then reported her tasks in the past few days in a soft voice.

Ever since she became an Enchanter, she had never manufactured any formula for a complete enchantment at all, for which, she felt disturbed and restless inside. She heard that there were mutated plants in the public park, while previously, she also had her share of analyzing some mutated vegetations. She then came to the conclusion that those mutated plants could also be used as materials for enchantment. Therefore, she went there with the two children.

Little did she think that she would find a type of vine from a new type of mutated plant in the public park. This vine had a neurotoxin with a paralyzing effect after it mutated. She extracted a small amount of its paralyzing essence from its leaves and then refined it. Although the paralyzing effect from the vine was not strong, mixing it with other materials gathered by Yun Tu and everyone else, adding with her efforts to comprehend its attributes by sensing it herself, she was finally able to create her first enchantment formula.

It was a Basic Stun!

The materials needed were some powder of Energy Core from the creatures of Secret Area; a small amount of paralyzing toxin from that particular plant; a tiny part of poisonous bile of second-order zombie’s corpse, and one first-order Blood Crystal.

As for its effect after the first enchantment process, the said weapon would stun or make the opponent fall into dizziness for one second, while the longest time was two seconds.

“This is my first work!”

She then took out her knife and presented it to Yun Tu. It was the first weapon enchanted by her.

At a glance, the knife did not look different before it had its first enchantment. But after a closer, careful look or smelling it, one would be able to distinguish that this knife was somewhat different from its original state. There was a layer of special energy like a vague mist around its blade, which was exactly a layer of enchantment magic imbued by someone with Enchanter profession.

The enchantment itself could be activated by killing intent and it would not be expired after using it, at least, theoretically. However, her formula was still very basic and not perfect as it would consume 90% of its magical energy after the first activation, hence could only be used once.

The other consumption that she did not calculate was the enchantment effect would be practically expired while a large Blood Crystal was also needed for it. Seeing on this point, the cost was indeed quite high, which was why Li Xin’s heart began to drum up when she saw Yun Tu carefully examining her first work after she explained it.

A large Blood Crystal was enough to make someone evolve and become an Awakened. But in her hands, it was only enough to imbue a weapon with the lowest level of enchantment. She herself was a bit skeptical whether the enchantment would even work and play its role.

Every problem always had two sides on the same coin. In combat sequences, being able to stun your opponents or made them fall into dizziness for even half a second was enough to affect the course of life and death. The worth of a large Blood Crystal in this regard actually depended on how to use it. If this basic enchantment was used to kill an ordinary Black Zombie, even a fool would know that it was worthless. But if it were to be used in the combat against a Green Zombie and led to the success of hunting, let alone spending one large Blood Crystal, even two or three of them would be worth it.

“Since you have successfully done the enchantment once, how much experience did you get with your enchantment skill?”

Only after a long time passed did Yun Tu ask. The reason why he did not speak for a long while was that he did not just think about this issue, but also some deeper ones related to it.

“My enchantment skill’s experience only raised up to 1%. If I still use this formula, it would need 100 enchantment process for me to level up.”

Li Xin’s face was red when she replied. She was previously overjoyed upon realizing that she had created a useful formula, yet the thought that this kind of formula would spend a huge amount of materials made her restless regardless.

100 times?!

Yun Tu was startled after hearing the number. He was an Alchemist Refiner himself, yet he only needed to apply strengthening skill for 20 times before leveling up his alchemist level from level 1 to level 2. But Li Xin’s enchantment skill actually needed her to apply enchantment for 100 times to level up! The disparity between these two professions was really unusually vast!

It was no wonder that the guilds in his past incarnation neglected their members with Enchanter as their Secondary Job in the early days! It turned out that the cost of cultivating a high-level Enchanter was not something a Guild’s power was able to afford.

“Based on your experience, how many times can you do enchantment a day if you have enough materials?” Asked Yun Tu again.

“I can do 10 times a day at the most! Boss, you couldn’t be thinking to spend 100 large Blood Crystals just to help me level up to level 2!” Li Xin looked a bit incredulous as she asked.

“Well, let’s see how it goes while you’re at it!”

In fact, Yun Tu had long had his own answer already. Main Jobs were different compared to Secondary Jobs, but more difficult it was for one to level up, the more valuable the profession was. However, the cost of needing 100 large Blood Crystals to level up was not something small either. It could be said that it was terrifying. Hence, enchanting any type of weapons and when to use it up was something worth researching for.

“Anyways, I do have some other thoughts in mind about this. In any case, this formula is one-time use, so if we were to enchant cold weapons and encounter some lesser or Black Zombies, using the enchanted weapon to kill them is obviously not worth it. Hence, it’s not cost-effective to apply such one-time use enchantment on this type of weapons.

“But if I were to enchant it on the bullets, we would only need to use it at critical moments, so the value of its uses will be greatly increased!”

As an Enchanter herself, Li Xin had been racking her brain to analyze and understand this formula as for how it could be used for prolonged and continuous use in actual combat. Now that she saw her Boss, Yun Tu, also pondering about this issue, she naturally spoke out the idea she already had in mind.

“Enchanting it on the bullets is a great idea, I think! In the case that we face a formidable Green Zombie or some top experts, one of us can use it to launch a sneak attack while hiding. Even if it’s only one second, it will be enough for those who directly face the enemy to strike in one move and win. Beheading a Green Zombie with this method will be a cinch!” Feng Ling who was nearby immediately echoed.

“It’s indeed a good idea!” Yun Tu also sent out his praise.

The current situation of the Apocalypse had come to the point that the military had practically run out of bullets to be distributed. Yun Tu himself had repeatedly fought the Jiangnan Family several times, either fighting them in the Eastern or Western District, from which he had harvested some stuff. At this time, Dark Night Guild had a sniper rifle with six rounds of bullets while they also had at least 60 to 70 rounds of bullets for regular pistols.

Originally, after lesser zombies leveled up to second-order Green Zombies, some types of sniper rifle might possibly have some uses, but regular pistols and submachine guns were no longer a threat for them. But with the enchantment magic from Li Xin, it would make these weapons regain its former lethality.

Under normal circumstances, Green Zombies only felt a very small threat from the bullets shot at them. They would likely brace and withstand them directly by relying on its tyrannically formidable body or straightly block it with their arms or fists. Shortly put, even though the bullets did not directly harm them, as long as it did not escape, the instant stun effect delivered by the snipers would create a great opportunity for their comrades to kill them. Such an instant change in the course of battle was extremely precious. Although killing a Green Zombie was not as simple as eating some food as Feng Ling said, it was still enough to decide the result of the battle, as well as the life and death of the combatants.

“Alright. Help me enchant all the bullets in this gun, then!”

Yun Tu interjected while putting out a dozen large Blood Crystals. He had several guns at this time and he could definitely control how to fully use them at a crucial time!

“Okay. I’ll get it done now!”

For her Boss to not hesitate to provide the expense needed for such consumption, and even asked her to enchant the bullets, it was quite an unexpected bliss for Li Xin. It was also a sufficient explanation that her first enchantment formula was valuable despite being imperfect. Naturally, Li Xin was elated and immediately began working.

“I want an enchantment for my gears too!”

Seeing Yun Tu give a task to Li Xin to enchant his bullets, Feng Ling who was jealous about that also chimed in noisily, wanting some enchantment on her gears!

“Get yourself 10 large Blood Crystals and you’ll have one enchantment. Also, look for the other needed materials by yourself too. Li Xin, you are to make a list of materials you thought may be useful for enchantment and then send it to all members. I can’t let you collect all those materials by yourself!”

Yun Tu ignored the shout from Feng Ling. A system to manage each and everything in the guild must be applied. Hence, while stating it out, he also took out a portion of the poisonous bile of third-order Purple Zombie and some other materials from today’s harvest.

“You miser! We sisters will talk about it later. Hmph!” spoke Feng Ling while glaring at Yun Tu. After realizing her request to ask for enchantment was ignored, she began to hug Li Xin’s shoulder and did small calculations in her head, while intentionally putting on an exasperated face, looking at Yun Tu with sparkling but pitiful eyes.